Planned Parenthood Ties Itself in Knots of Deceit to Justify Population Eradication

Judie Brown
by Rita Diller
May 23, 2011
Reproduced with Permission

Move over Houdini! Planned Parenthood is without a doubt the most successful contortionist mankind has ever known.

Twisting and turning and tying itself in knots in an impossible attempt to distance itself from its well-earned reputation as a relentless eugenicist abortion machine, the abortion giant continues to claim that it saves the American people $4 for every $1 it receives in government funding. Though it can't substantiate this claim, the sentiment seems to be that it is cheaper to kill or contracept poor people out of existence than it is to help a woman in need bring her baby to term.

Besides being a despicable attempt at justifying minority-targeted abortion and contraception, that claim contains an extremely deadly dose of Planned Parenthood deception.

Basic economics dictate that the economy is driven by people - people who produce and consume products. People are our greatest resource - a blessing, not a curse.

In the light of all the shock talk by Planned Parenthood about overpopulation, you may be surprised to learn that abortion and contraception have already driven all developed nations to below population replacement levels. For example, America has a total fertility rate of 2.05 while the overall total fertility rate for all of Europe is 1.37. A total fertility rate of 2.1 is the constant rate necessary to maintain replacement levels of population.

Historically, populations have been pyramidal, with a broad base of young workers at the bottom to support the aging population at the top. When the population pyramid reverses because a society reaches below replacement level fertility, there will not be enough younger people to support the aging population or to sustain the economy - resulting in eventual economic collapse.

A UN report entitled World Population Ageing 2009 rings the alarm about the consequences of below replacement level fertility, saying that:

Rather than saving taxpayer money through its aggressive contraception and abortion programs worldwide, Planned Parenthood and its cohorts are leading the developed world into utter economic ruin.

A UN panel in April saw a United States delegate railing against "resistance to acknowledging access to family planning as a necessity," while a delegate from St. Lucia said, "How do we get our fertility rate to rise? We were told we needed to reduce our fertility rate - now we have an aging population."

According to C-Fam, "On the one side are rich countries demanding poor countries reduce their fertility rates, and on the other, the poor countries saying they need higher fertility rates for not just development, but survival. Almost half the countries in the world are facing what has come to be known as demographic winter, where fertility rates have fallen so dramatically that populations are rapidly aging."

Unless Planned Parenthood's indoctrination and population eradication is curtailed, the population pyramid will reverse itself worldwide. And when it does, it's a safe bet that PP will turn its attention to eliminating the inconvenient elderly. After all, generations that have allowed their own children to be aborted and contracepted out of this world should expect that they will be eliminated by the children they have schooled in the culture of death.

Let's shout the truth from the mountaintops! It is time to defund Planned Parenthood totally and completely now! The survival of mankind hinges on generous parents raising generous children, who will in turn be generous in giving life and love. Enough of giving our money to the organization that merrily leads the way down the slippery slope to death and to the demise of society as we know it.