OBL v. APB -- Murderer v. Murdered

Judie Brown
May 9, 2011
© American Life League, Inc.
Reproduced with Permission

Newscasters have been focused on a man they refer to as OBL - Osama bin Laden. Whether it's spelled Osama or Usama, the fixation on this notorious terrorist since his death has been incessant. Yet, another heinous crime with innocent victims has been perpetrated daily for nearly 40 years and the media is silent when it comes to APB - aborted preborn babies. It's obvious that these preborn children are deemed to be total nonentities to mainstream media, even when the discovery of an aborted baby's arm and leg in a trash bin is announced and confirmed!

What makes the OBL mania so compelling is clear. Osama bin Laden was a man who authorized the direct murder of only God knows how many innocent human beings. He orchestrated countless acts of cruelty - perhaps more than anyone will ever know. But in the aftermath of the heroic military maneuver that culminated in his death, it isn't surprising that we read and hear discussions about whether or not it was moral for the Navy Seals to kill this man.

In fact, the Christian Science Monitor (CSM) opined, "But if this close encounter with the most wanted man on earth had gone the other way, it was possible that America's moral capital might have gone up. And Obama might have enjoyed seeing his own high standards on nonviolence made real."

Setting aside the obvious, isn't it remarkable that the CSM defines Obama as a man holding high the standards of nonviolence when this is the same man who never heard of an abortion he did not like?

Of course, on the subject of Osama, it is obvious that in order to weigh in on the matter of killing him, one would have had to have been in the middle of the operation with the Navy Seals who risked their lives to complete a mission. But as we know, not a single talking head or editorial writer was there. Yet they all have opinions.

These are, sadly, the very same people who have no problem filling dead air space with insights on morality when it comes to terrorism, but have nothing to say when it comes to the brutal killing of the preborn. On the other hand, I could fill the dead air for the next year - at least - with facts about the American children who die at the hands of cruel abortionists and through the use of deadly chemicals. These abortionists and chemicals have one thing in common: a mission to murder. If there ever was an action of deadly force perpetrated against an innocent human being, it is the act of abortion.

Further, the recent spate of debates on the morality of killing bin Laden remind me of the arguments that persist among Catholics who somehow think that the act of abortion and the act of capital punishment are in the same moral category. Such people usually refuse to see that, while the Church clearly defines abortion as "intrinsically evil," the Church does not define the death penalty with the same moral gravity. Though the conditions are rare, it is possible, according to the Church, to carry out a death sentence, but it is never possible to carry out an intended abortion because every single act is an act of direct killing.

So while the debate rages over the moral implications of OBL's demise, it is long past time for honest commentators to spend an equal amount of thought and action on the APBs and their demise. More than 52 million preborn Americans have been willfully killed; each has died a needless and painful death under cover of law in a nation that prides itself on being open-minded and fair to one and all.

Such hypocrisy confronts pro-lifers every day and the hour for correcting this fatal flaw is late.