It's My Body and I'll Lie If I Want To

Judie Brown
May 6, 2011
© American Life League, Inc.
Reproduced with Permission

Certain recent reports have led me to recall the famous rock and roll lyric, "It's my party and I'll cry if I want to." That particular pop hit was a bit strange with its message that a person could actually conduct a pity party during a celebration. So, too, it would appear in our own time that individuals are convinced that they can pretend to feel good about themselves while intellectually excusing things they know are dangerous - and even deadly - to their very status as human persons.

Take for example the expectant mothers who continually walk through the portals of Planned Parenthood agencies across this country, pretending that they have a right to control their own bodies even though they are carrying a child and are, in fact, mothers. Such women have freely chosen to deceive themselves into believing that their child is merely a problem, a condition in need of treatment or a life-threatening disease that requires radical measures. No matter how she looks at it, this expectant mother is lying to herself on several levels.

She is denying that her action will result in the death of a baby; she is refusing to accept the well-known fact that the abortion she pays for may maim or kill her; and she is refusing to accept responsibility for the initial action that caused her now identifiable pregnancy. In her own mind, and perhaps with the encouragement of others - including those who will profit from her decision to abort - she is attempting to convince herself by stating, "It's my body and I'll abort if I want to."

And in our day it does not stop with expectant mothers between the ages of 13 and 40 or beyond. It also includes the baby boomers. In an interesting report from Canadian Broadcasting we learn that Planned Parenthood is spreading the word that folks over 55 need its help to avoid the possibility of acquiring a sexually transmitted disease. In fact, according to the report, Planned Parenthood claims that seniors are getting STDs at a higher rate than any other segment of the population. It wants us to believe that we know nothing about how to avoid STDs because we didn't have the benefit of the education younger people have had. In fact, according to Planned Parenthood's Costas Kasimos, executive director of Planned Parenthood's Sexual Health Centre in St. John's, "[There are] higher divorce rates, people are living longer, they're starting to go out on the dating scene and a lot of older people haven't been exposed to sexual health education."

But as Stop Planned Parenthood International's director, Rita Diller, explained in a recent e-mail, this is merely another way for Planned Parenthood to get into taxpayer wallets so it can "educate the old folks about keeping communications open, because otherwise our partners won't know what we need or want. And that, my friends, will stop the deadly pandemic of Senior STDs. Just like it has stopped the pandemic among the youth."

While this is truly a sad commentary on our culture, not to mention the state of self respect in our world today, it is also proof positive that Planned Parenthood will stop at nothing in its quest to get into the pockets of the very people who abhor all that the organization stands for! When will enough be enough?

When will the theme song change? It is my opinion that this will happen the day we make sure that not a single tax dollar ever gets into Planned Parenthood's grimy hands again.

It's my money and I'll deny it to the death peddlers if I want to! Join us today in cutting off Planned Parenthood's tax dollar money hose.