The Continuing Battle to End Taxpayer Funding of America's Sleaze Factory

Judie Brown
April 5, 2011
Reproduced with Permission

Friday, February 18, was a historic day. The United States House of Representatives 240-185 to cut off funding to the nation's number one promoter of thvotede culture of death - Planned Parenthood.

Despite this victory, the Senate did not vote to defund Planned Parenthood. However, the fight is not over. As Congress continues to debate the nation's budget, we must continue to focus our efforts on Congress - to make this a victory, not only for babies, but for the souls of our children as well.

To reiterate the point we've so vehemently attempted to illuminate, Planned Parenthood receives millions of our tax dollars annually. The organization uses that money to market sleaze, killing and promiscuity. It makes no apologies and, indeed, is ever at the ready to press for even more money.

And it seems as though the government is more than willing to give it. Planned Parenthood is Obama's number one fan. Its staff worked closely with Obama's team to craft a health care law which provides the organization with additional tax dollars to do more damage by establishing school-based clinics which will make it possible to do abortion referrals from the counseling office in the school!

Are you angry yet?

You should be, because each child whose mind is assaulted with such sleaze is a child whose very soul is at risk - not to mention that child's physical and psychological well-being.

The hour is late and we are making progress. While we have raised awareness in Congress, we still need to do more. Join us today to fight back the evil tentacles of Planned Parenthood by taking the following steps:

It is imperative that we all take action. We cannot sit idly by while hoping that "someone else" will call, or "someone else" will write, or "someone else" will make a difference. We are the ones who will make a difference. And we are the ones who must take the action.

Let us not hesitate!