Algebra and the Defunding of Planned Parenthood

Judie Brown
March 30, 2011
Reproduced with Permission

Do you remember your first algebra lesson? I do, even though it was many years ago. We learned that algebra is the study of unknown numbers (variables) that, through the use of equations, can be discovered. Algebra is the mastery of problem solving. Our professor described this process - solving problems involving unknowns - as the first step in mastering logic. In other words, the rational thinker can, with concentration, solve even the most complex algebra problem.

It is this aspect of algebra that most reminds me of Planned Parenthood and its ongoing flimflam program. Planned Parenthood employs smoke and mirrors to dupe the public. PP's "unknown number" is truth - the one thing it avoids as it feigns honesty when defending its need for taxpayer dollars.

Here is a recent example. In a reactionary movement to a bus tour entitled, The Women Speak Out: Defund Planned Parenthood, Planned Parenthood launched a "Truth Tour" which featured a very bright pink bus with various statistics presented on the side of the vehicle. This bus tour was designed to offset what it called the efforts of "anti-women's health extremists" who, it alleged, were lying in order to deny Planned Parenthood tax dollars. The pro-lifers who fall into this infamous Planned Parenthood category are a group of level-headed pro-life women led by Lila Rose and former Colorado Representative Marilyn Musgrave. These women sent Planned Parenthood into overdrive - thus the pink monstrosity. Yet, unlike the PP bus tour, the one led by Rose and Musgrave was spreading fact, not fiction.

But don't take my word for it. Let's examine the "facts" on the side of PP's bus.

#1 - 4,000,000 STD tests

Sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) are on the rise in the United States and have been for quite some time. The most serious among the STDs is the HIV virus. The pill does not protect the user from HIV or any other STDs. The specific reasons for higher STD rates include wider use of the birth control pill and the condom for multiple partner sexual relationships outside of marriage.

Who do you suppose is promoting sexual freedom at taxpayer expense?

If you guessed Planned Parenthood, you have solved the first equation.

#2 - 1,800,000 cancer screenings

Both the birth control pill and abortion are reliably documented as being among the causes of breast cancer and other forms of cancer in women.

Which health provider do you suppose never admits to these facts when screening patients for breast cancer or talking with them about possible causes?

If you guessed Planned Parenthood, you have solved the second equation.

#3 - 2,500,000 birth control patients

Within that number, one will locate the minor children whose parents are not notified that they are being given prescription strength drugs so that they can fornicate at will. Also within that number are women who can acquire birth control without the proper investigation into past familial medical history; such investigation should be done in order to identify preexisting conditions that would rule out using the pill.

Who profits from this mass marketing of the birth control pill and abortion?

If you guessed Planned Parenthood, you have correctly solved the third equation.

#4 - 830,000 breast exams

Among those females who receive these breast exams, there are likely to be many women who will be diagnosed with some sort of lump in the breast or, sadly, breast cancer itself. However Planned Parenthood, as stated above, does not admit that, among its many goodies, are pills and even abortions that can or may have caused those very patients to ultimately be diagnosed with breast cancer. Nor is there even a warning that such a condition may exist.

Who uses these numbers without substantiating the fact that abortion and the birth control pill can lead to breast cancer?

If you guessed Planned Parenthood, you have solved the fourth equation and aced this algebra exam.

You have discovered the unknown quantity - the sobering fact that more than $300,000,000 tax dollars are poured into an organization with no integrity. Planned Parenthood will say or do anything to hang on to that money. It's time to cut off the tax dollar spigot and to end this taxpayer subsidy that results in moral havoc and death among our children and grandchildren.

Just as the answer to 2x=8 is a simple 4, so too zeroing out Planned Parenthood's x-factor equals healthier children and happier preborn babies.

While the Senate voted to continue funding Planned Parenthood, the fight is far from over. To have passed in the House and to have such a close vote in the Senate is something to be quite proud of - and shows that Planned Parenthood should be afraid. We are getting the word out that this organization is evil and that it does not deserve taxpayer funds.

Do not back down. Congress must still come to some decisions regarding the budget. Continue to tell your Congressmen to stand firm; contact your Senator and your Representatives and insist that no more tax dollars be given to Planned Parenthood.