Brian Bundy's Courage
A Pharmacist Conscience

Judie Brown
February 4, 2008
American Life League
Reproduced with Permission

Brian Bundy is a Michigan pharmacist who has refused to dispense the abortive "morning after pill." In fact he has taken his refusal so seriously that when Target fired him he chose to sue them because he believes that Target knew that his Christian faith would not permit him to dispense abortive medicines. In fact he says they knew this when they hired him.

Many in the pro-life movement are praising Bundy, claiming quite accurately that this case could bring national attention to the fact that the pills do in fact have the potential to abort children during their first days of life.

Perhaps the most interesting aspect of this current case is how the pro-aborts are handling it. A Flint, Michigan newspaper quotes Jim Richardson of Planned Parenthood of East Central Michigan:

Absolutely we should all pay very close attention to any kinds of efforts that the extremists are using to impose their religious beliefs over the beliefs of others and this is one of those cases.

Say what? Since when it is a statement of religious extremism to recognize the biological fact that a preborn child's life begins at the beginning and that chemicals that take that life are abortive? That is science, my friend, not religious extremism.

But to my mind the most dangerous statement pro-abort Richardson makes is this one:

Pharmacists should not stand in the way of a woman having access to medications that are prescribed.

Medications ... think about that word.

Medicine is defined in Webster's Dictionary as "a substance or preparation used in treating disease." The morning after pill, like its precursor, the birth control pill, is not taken to treat a disease, but rather to provide "protection" so that sexual acts will allegedly not result in babies. Such behavior is not related to disease of the physical type, but rather reflects a moral condition in need of spiritual healing. If a man and a woman are not willing to accept God's gift of a child, then they should abstain!

It is my humble opinion that in this case, as in all others like it over the past 40 years, the forces who have structured the culture of death want all persons of reproductive age to look upon pregnancy as a disease, a preborn baby as a condition worse than cancer and birth control as the panacea that, if it fails, can be followed up by an abortion! This has created the cultural attitude we see today which dismisses Christian heroes by Brian Bundy as extremists while applauding the elimination of pregnancy by any means as a wholesome goal.

Who indeed really is the extremist?

Let us pray for Brian Bundy and all those like him who refuse to deny God by accommodating the evil that we know is abortion, be it chemical, medical or surgical. May Mr. Bundy's case receive the attention and the justice it deserves.