Catholic mother reflects on Gosnell case; Michigan: several abortion clinics have closed in last 18 months

Matt C. Abbott
April 19, 2013 © Matt C. Abbott
Reproduced with Permission

Kermit Gosnell is a moral monster.

The terrorist-abortionist, currently on trial, "faces 43 criminal counts, including eight counts of murder in the death of one patient, Karnamaya Monger, and seven newborn infants. Additional charges include conspiracy, drug delivery resulting in death, infanticide, corruption of minors, evidence tampering, theft by deception, abuse of corpse, and corruption." (Source)

Detailed coverage of the trial can be found at,,, and

I've asked Mary Ann Parks, married mother of four and executive director of Project Rachel of San Antonio - who has a bachelor's and master's degree in theology from the University of Dallas and St. Mary's University, respectively - to comment on the Gosnell case.

Mrs. Parks' comments are as follows:

Of course there should be more publicity about Gosnell's crimes. And we should react to them as horrific crimes, not as political or media issues. Crimes of this nature call for a response of horror, mourning, and prayer for all. If we pro-lifers immediately use them for an agenda, no matter how worthy, we demean and insult the mothers and children who were abused and killed.

The testimony of witnesses in this case shows what can happen to the mind and soul when exposed to horror. We are easily desensitized. People are captured by what they have seen and done, and need our prayers to escape from the prison of detachment and denial. I heard one abortionist say that the first one makes you throw up, the second one makes you queasy, the third one is clinical, and then you no longer see the child.

Statistically, all of us have lost someone, and we all live in denial. Denial is powerful, and the media blackout is evidence. Trying to punch holes in denial only increases it. We should be careful what we wish for: massive tabloid publicity can disrespect persons and desensitize the public. Only truth-in-love, respectful of all persons, can rescue people from the lie.

Some good news from the Michigan-based Citizens for a Pro-Life Society:

The American Family Planning abortion center, owned and operated by 73-year-old Korean-born abortionist Noon-Nahm Ann - open for over 20 years - has finally closed its doors forever. The clinic's last day was April 12, 2013. The storefront clinic was located in a run-down section of East Dearborn, Michigan, and primarily attracted women from impoverished minority groups desperate enough to seek its 'services.' Your CPLS director [Monica Migliorino Miller] called AFP on April 11 and was told by a clinic staff member that Ann was retiring and the clinic was closing.

The AFP clinic was the constant focus of pro-life opposition, particularly from pro-life activist Chris Coatney, who literally stood outside this clinic every day it was open for the last 11 years, attempting to talk women out of abortions as they arrived for their appointments.

Members of Guadalupe Partners, headed by Edmund Miller, talked women out of abortions at AFP for six years. This group saved many babies who otherwise would have been aborted by Ann.

Members of a local Catholic group prayed the rosary outside the clinic for many years and, more recently, a 40 Days for Life campaign was conducted there, the last event in February and March.

The closing of AFP marks the sixth abortion center to close its doors in Michigan since September 2012, and the ninth abortion center to close, or be kept from opening, in Michigan in the last 18 months! In addition, the retirement of Ann means that three major Michigan abortionists have retired this year, including the notorious Alberto Hodari as well as Enrique Gerbi.

We may be able to add a fourth abortionist who appears to have left the abortion practice: Robert Alexander. In a phone call your CPLS director made to Alexander four weeks ago, he confirmed that he was no longer doing abortions.

In the course of our conversation, Alexander said to me: 'Monica, you were mad at me, weren't you?' I responded: 'Robert, I wasn't mad at you; I was mad that you were killing babies,' after which he stated, 'Monica, I wasn't killing babies. I was murdering them.'

Yes, I kid you not - that's what he said!

At one time, Alexander owned four abortion clinics in Michigan. His last clinic was shut down in December 2012 by order of the Muskegon fire marshal due to unsafe and unsanitary conditions.

The Michigan abortion centers that have closed in the last seven months are:

Add to these the closings, by order of the Michigan Attorney General, due to efforts of CPLS, Right to Life of Michigan, and activist Chris Veneklase:

And finally: The successful efforts of CPLS kept Planned Parenthood from opening its mega-mill in Auburn Hills, Mich., now an empty building up for sale since May 2012.

Bravo, Monica and company! Incidentally, you can read about Monica Migliorino Miller's many years of pro-life activism in her 2012 book Abandoned; click here for more information.

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