White, Russ
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Russ White is a well-known voice in computer networking, where he advocates for simplicity, privacy, and the decentralized Internet. He co-hosts the Hedge and the History of Networking podcasts, serves on the Internet Architecture Board and in a leadership role in the FR Routing open-source community. Russ has co-authored many software patents, books, and hours of video training in computer networks. He holds a Ph.D. in apologetics and culture from Southeast Baptist Theological Seminary, an MACM from Shepherds Theological Seminary, and an MSIT from Capella University. Russ recently finished Unintended Dystopia, a book about social media’s impact, which is being published by Wipf & Stock in the fall of 2021.


New! To Protect Free Speech on Social Media, Reform Section 230

Social media companies don't fit into the framework of Section 230. Pushing the false dichotomy of "platform" versus "content creator" gives these companies more power. They can hide behind their status as platforms, claiming their filtering is perfectly neutral, undermining free speech all the while.

Date posted: 2021-05-03

New! From Stamps to "The Stack": Protecting Free Speech in a Digital Age

Parliament's tax on paper to control the colonists' speech through a public-private partnership has striking parallels to the public-private partnership of government and big tech today. Protecting the stack - the digital age printing presses - is not a matter of liberal or conservative politics, but of core American freedoms.

Date posted: 2021-04-26