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New! Support Drops for Same-Sex 'Marriage'

A recent poll by the Public Religion Research Institute found that support for same-sex "marriage" dropped by at least two points last year, and support for "gay rights" anti-discrimination policies fell by four points. Also, opposition to businesses refusing certain services on religious grounds fell by five points.

Date posted: 2024-07-04

The Self-Organizing Human Embryo

Understanding the embryo is crucial in an age of unfettered reproductive technology.

Date posted: 2024-06-22

How the "Right to Marry" Became a "Right to Children"

Gay couple sues NY for infertility eligibility; ignores the role of women (mothers) needed to create life.

Date posted: 2024-06-18

Solzhenitsyn at Harvard: A Graduation Speech to Remember

Soviet dissident Nobel Prize winner had prophetic words for America.

Date posted: 2024-05-19

Familial Support Is the Antidote to Bad Therapy

The report should be used at all levels to counter the pseudoscience of altering kids' bodies in the name of mental healthcare.

Date posted: 2024-05-07

The Vatican Statement on Human Dignity

Though his statement specified that priests were not to perform such blessings during Mass and were only blessing individuals but not sanctioning the relationships as morally acceptable, progressive Catholics and observers saw the statement as a step toward acceptance of same-sex "marriage" within the Roman Catholic church. In contrast, the Vatican's latest declaration left no such ambiguity, especially about issues related to sexuality and "gender."

Date posted: 2024-05-07

Surrogacy Worst-Case Scenario Happens. Now What?

The time is now to start asking real questions about the unregulated industry of child manufacturing.

Date posted: 2024-04-19

Married People Are Happier; Religious Married People Are Happiest

What makes this data even more important is that, for at least the last 20 years now, Americans have been steadily getting less happy. What this data suggests is that the decline of marriage over the last several decades is a cause of the decline in happiness.

Date posted: 2024-04-19

A Texas Win Against Pornographers to Protect Kids

Other states are following the lead to pass age verification laws while content distributors fight for the right of "artistic freedom."

Date posted: 2024-04-19

Why Abortion Advocates No Longer Consider It "A Necessary Evil"

The White House flips the script on morality in its public support of killing babies as "healthcare" and its labeling of pro-lifers as "extremists."

Date posted: 2024-04-01

The Secular Trauma of Gen Z

Despite what oracles of a post-Christian society promised, the kids are far from happier and free.

Date posted: 2024-03-22

Alabama Supreme Court, Embryos, and the Confusing Ethics of IVF

Some moral clarity for an industry that has been an ethical Wild West.

Date posted: 2024-03-20

The Transcendent Value of Children

There's something missing from the cost-benefit analysis.

Date posted: 2024-03-16

Gender Ideology Threatens the Most Vulnerable Kids

Getting the stats right so parents can get the right kind of help.

Date posted: 2024-03-09

Is Abortion Pill Reversal Safe and Effective?

Despite progressive states trying to ban APR, the treatment is proving to be safe for moms and lifesaving for babies.

Date posted: 2024-03-06

Indiana's Child Services Takes Child From Parents

Another case of a teen taken from home over pronoun usage.

Date posted: 2024-03-05

Making the Case for Life Post-Roe

Christians can arm themselves with simple and focused points to address any pro-abortion argument.

Date posted: 2024-02-24

When Christians Are "Worse Than Infidels": Stewardship and Subsidiarity

The Lord has a simple yet powerful way for the world to thrive that starts with helping first those closest to us, not the other way around.

Date posted: 2024-02-02

Is AI Just Another Tool, or Something Else?

We must ask how the technology fits into the Creation story lest it takes away from meaningful work and connection.

Date posted: 2024-01-24

Motherhood Myth Busting

Why second and third wave feminism has caused millennial women to dread having children, and God's beautiful path to parenthood.

Date posted: 2024-01-02

Christians Shouldn't Be Rattled by the Latest Wild Claims

LGBTQ sympathizers have always wanted the Bible to say something different about homosexuality than it does.

Date posted: 2024-01-01

The LGBTQ Rewriting of History

The problem isn't just that re-writing history is wrong, or that it often misplaces blame on some people while excusing others. It's that the myth hurts everyone, including those it's supposedly trying to protect, by ignoring the problems ailing the LGBTQ community.

Date posted: 2023-12-12

The Spike in Congenital Syphilis

This cultural moment considers limiting self-expression immoral, no matter how dangerous the diseases linked to that expression are.

Date posted: 2023-11-29

Till We Have Faces: Our Digital Veils Keep Us From Being Known and Loved

A few years ago, a Philadelphia area Apple store featured a display in which a vibrant rainbow of the latest iPhones broke through a greyscale crowd of people. What was particularly striking about the advertisement wasn't the use of contrast nor that this was not some thinly veiled "Pride" month display. The multi-colored iPhones were positioned like veils, so that no face, or even part of a face, could be seen.

Date posted: 2023-10-17

Backpedaling About Gender in Britain

A recent shift in left-wing thought may mean a realignment with common sense and basic biology.

Date posted: 2023-10-13

Is Sex Assigned at Birth?

The most recent installment in the What Would You Say? video series looks at an idea that is increasingly popular, often repeated, and surprisingly believable: that sex is "assigned" at birth.

Date posted: 2023-10-05

Why There's No Such Thing as "Surrogacy Gone Wrong"

By contract, surrogacy sets children up as commodities to be bought, sold, or eliminated for convenience, which is a bad start for image bearers.

Date posted: 2023-09-01

When Parents Lead Their Children Toward Transition

In this cultural moment, the Church must help parents know and choose what is true and find hope when their children choose otherwise.

Date posted: 2023-08-30

Canada's Suicidal Slide

If it is true, as Richard Weaver famously put it, that "ideas have consequences," it is also true that bad ideas have victims. On no other contemporary issue today is the connection between a bad idea and its victims clearer than assisted suicide. In no other nation today are the bad ideas and their victims more aggressively embraced than in Canada.

Date posted: 2023-08-12

Correcting the Actual Misinformation About Gender Ideology

Transition propaganda belies the true effects on children lured into this "cure."

Date posted: 2023-08-12

How Both "Death With Dignity" and Nazi Propaganda Redefine Compassion

Holocaust-era movie eerily resembles the expansive loosening of euthanasia laws in the name of human dignity.

Date posted: 2023-07-28

Organ Donation and "Presumed Consent"

Following the lead of the province of Nova Scotia, New Brunswick became the second jurisdiction in Canada to adopt a policy of "presumed consent" for organ and tissue donation. Instead of willingly opting in to be an organ donor, residents 19 years and older, with limited exceptions, will be opted in by default.

Date posted: 2023-07-13

The Quest for Immortality

Despite our long history of failed attempts to live forever, scientific hubris remains a temptation almost impossible to avoid.

Date posted: 2023-07-12

What the Science Really Says about "Gender-Affirming" Medicine

More studies find that transitioning minors leads to less life satisfaction, higher suicidality, and real life-long medical problems.

Date posted: 2023-07-01

Girls and the Transgender "Hockey Stick"

The rate of Gen Z women identifying as men has skyrocketed to about twice that of Gen Z men identifying as women.

Date posted: 2023-06-17

Fidelity, not Pride, this June

An effort seeks to reframe next month in a way that honors God, families, and country.

Date posted: 2023-06-17

The Stubborn Facts About Saving Sex: Doing Things God's Way Works

Multiple studies confirm the "try before you buy" plan fails marriages.

Date posted: 2023-05-23

Doctor-Assisted Suicide for Anorexia?

The value of every human life is inherent, not determined by what we can do or how we feel.

Date posted: 2023-05-23

Is a "Surge of Faith" Happening With Younger Americans?

The Church has a great opportunity to offer right ideas about faith, truth, and love to a primed generation slightly askew.

Date posted: 2023-05-19

The Viral Kids Are Not OK

Recently, social psychologist Jonathan Haidt launched a Substack newsletter called After Babel to explore the cultural effects of social media which, he says, reminds him of the biblical account of the tower of Babel.

Date posted: 2023-05-19

How Redefined Marriage Legally Robs Kids of What's Best for Them

When lawmakers and politicians redefine the legal meaning of "marriage" and "family," they do not make lies true.

Date posted: 2023-04-22

Big Tech Won't Protect Our Kids: Parents Must

Earlier this month, social media behemoth TikTok announced that it would soon introduce new features designed to limit access to the app for users under 18.

Date posted: 2023-04-11

The Undeniable Importance of Fathers, For Now and Eternity

As it turns out, the consequences of fatherlessness are not only temporal, but eternal.

Date posted: 2023-04-05

Is Christianity Sexist?

Just as the bad behavior of Christians does not disprove the truth claims of Christianity, neither can the sexism, misogyny, or even abuse committed by some Christian men prove that Christianity itself is sexist.

Date posted: 2023-03-22

If You Give a Man a Womb, Is He a Woman?

For the most part, men who identify as women (and vice-versa) accept that no amount of cross-dressing, hormones, or surgery can allow them to play the opposite sex's role in reproduction. As Cleese rightly observed, men can't have babies because they haven't got wombs. But what if they did? What if medical science enabled "womb transplants," giving men the ability to carry and bear children within their bodies? Would that make them women?

Date posted: 2023-02-18

Putting Men in Women's Prisons: A Social Experiment That Should Never Have

The biological realities of men and women are not social constructs. By ignoring these realities, prisons in the U.S. and Canada are putting incarcerated women at increased risk of rape or violence.

Date posted: 2023-02-15

Is Social Justice Killing Science? Why We Need to Define "Truth"

We should all agree that the mission of science is to seek the truth about our world, but that requires a working definition of "truth."

Date posted: 2022-12-14

Loving Our Neighbors, Telling the Truth about Identity and Gender

There is no "silver bullet" when it comes to navigating tough conversations or helping those struggling with gender dysphoria. At the same time, to avoid the topic is to not help people at all, which is simply not an option for followers of Christ.

Date posted: 2022-12-06

Living Out God's Purpose, Married or Single

Whether married or single, the call of Christ for His people is to reject a life focused on individual self-fulfillment and instead embrace a life focused on Christ and His Kingdom.

Date posted: 2022-11-08

How Dads Change With Fatherhood

Fathers are more than just sperm donors. They have a connection with their children beyond contributing DNA. In fact, that whole myth is losing credibility in the face of scientific and medical evidence.

Date posted: 2022-11-08

Gender Transition for Minors: What Does the Research Say?

Contrary to what is consistently filling our newsfeeds, there is a disturbing lack of evidence that intervening in a child's gender development produces beneficial results of any kind. More than that, many studies are showing a strong potential for lasting harm.

Date posted: 2022-10-25

Homelessness in America: Why Many Solutions Fail

The solution to homelessness must always revolve around re-engagement with relationships in community, and all the values that spring from them: responsibility, restoration, grace, and connection.

Date posted: 2022-10-25

Family Isn't Fake

Children need their moms and their dads. Moms need their husbands, and dads need their wives. These needs aren't fake, socially constructed or culturally conditioned.

Date posted: 2022-10-25

Yes, Men's and Women's Sports Should Be Separated

Recently in The Atlantic, Maggie Mertens declared that "separating sports by sex doesn't make sense." As long as equality means sameness and exceptions disprove created norms, we can expect headlines to only become more and more absurd, reflecting even more creative mental gymnastics.

Date posted: 2022-10-25

Why Are Men in Crisis?

Young men aren't forming social bonds with real, live people, even the kinds of bonds that have historically captured their attention.

Date posted: 2022-10-09

Planned Parenthood's New Revenue Stream Is Not a New Direction

The Planned Parenthood organization has been built, from its founding, on destruction of lives, especially preborn ones. Now, even as legalities and access shift in the wake of the Dobbs decision, America's largest provider and promoter of abortion has added another revenue stream. This one also promises to destroy lives, albeit in a new and subtler way. This one also promises to help women but is, in actuality, built on ideas that deny the existence of women.

Date posted: 2022-10-07

Answering Pro-Abortion Misinformation

Increasingly, three common myths are touted by abortion advocates and pro-abortion media sources: (1) that abortion is healthcare, (2) that ectopic pregnancies and miscarriages will be treated as abortion in a post-Roe society, and (3) that the abortion pill is safe.

Date posted: 2022-09-25

Science Never Just "Says"...

Increasingly, the theory that science is a neutral arbiter or source of truth looks shaky, especially when scientific publications openly announce their commitment to ideology over evidence.

Date posted: 2022-09-19

The Teen Mental Health Crisis: How Do We Respond?

Mere decades ago, the major threats to the health and well-being of young people in the West were nearly all external, such as illness, car accidents, risky sexual behavior, alcohol, or smoking. Today, the greatest threats to the health and well-being of young people are internal.

Date posted: 2022-09-19

Creating Organs Cannot Be at the Expense of Human Embryos

Science is a process of trial and error, but we should never employ "trial and error" with the lives of thousands of human beings, in particular human beings who cannot consent to our actions.

Date posted: 2022-09-13

Survey Says: You Can't Replace Dad

Last month, new research from the Institute for Family Studies demonstrated, once again, how important fathers are, especially for boys. For example, boys growing up without their dads are only half as likely to graduate from college as their peers who live with dad at home.

Date posted: 2022-07-23

Chastity Is Part of Marriage Too

When a fire is in the fireplace, it brings light, warmth, and ambience. It can even preserve life. When, however, a fire jumps out of the fireplace onto the curtains, it brings destruction, even death. A similar analogy compares sex to water.

Date posted: 2022-07-23

Augmented Reality Babies?

Now, in the age of the Metaverse, something else is here ... and it is even creepier. "Augmented reality babies" offer users the virtual experience of "parenting" an algorithm designed to behave like a real baby.

Date posted: 2022-07-23

New Documentary Asks "What Is a Woman?"

Matt Walsh's new documentary, What Is a Woman? is built on a very simple premise: Ask the academics, pediatricians, and politicians who promote trans ideology to define their terms. The result is a documentary that is engaging, depressing, and infuriating all at the same time.

Date posted: 2022-07-05

Why Pro-Abortion Activists Are So Committed

Our job as Christians is to build a culture that promotes life. When we do, we promote life not just for each individual child but for an entire culture that sits now on the brink.

Date posted: 2022-06-22

Is Abortion Healthcare?

We know the preborn child is a human person, that abortion kills that human person, and that healthcare is about maintaining health and restoring a sick body to a healthy state. Abortion is not healthcare.

Date posted: 2022-06-06

Does Abortion Save Women's Lives?

The great tragedy of abortion is not just that it destroys the body of a baby, but that it destroys the very nature of a woman.

Date posted: 2022-05-21

'Medical Assistance in Dying' Expands and Expands

Euthanasia in any form is a misguided answer to a real, human problem.

Date posted: 2022-05-20

How Population Control Theory Led to Abortion

Fifty years ago last week, a government report lived up to the old adage that the road to hell is paved with good intentions. As terrible as the consequences of the Rockefeller Commission report have been, they were the result of a fundamental misunderstanding of the value and nature of human beings.

Date posted: 2022-04-28

Maryland's Bill Allowing for Infanticide

If a preborn baby isn't a human person with rights, when does it become one? Some abortion advocates have drawn that line at the second trimester, while very few others point to fetal heartbeat or detectable brain activity. Harder-line activists reject any abortion restrictions and insist it's okay to kill a baby at any point right up until or even during birth. Planned Parenthood's official stance is still to the point of viability, when the baby's experience of pain during abortion is excruciating.

Date posted: 2022-04-26

The "Declaration on a New American Future" Challenges Abortion as a "Population Solution"

Most government reports come and go unnoticed... this one had deadly consequences.

Date posted: 2022-04-11

The Primary Calling of Women

Christians must insist that men and women are real. We must also insist that fact doesn't compel a competition. There is no hierarchy of human dignity.

Date posted: 2022-04-11

Praying All of the Psalms Over Russia

Imprecatory psalms affirm our sense that there's real wrong with the world, that we are right to be angry about it. They speak of the psalmist's pain in their realness and rawness.

Date posted: 2022-03-27

There's No Christian Case for Abortion

Liberal clergy may call the sacrilege of abortion "sacred," but the evidence from Church history that Christianity was pro-life from the beginning is as clear as the scientific evidence today that babies in the womb are human beings.

Date posted: 2022-03-11

Research Says Marry Early, but Don't Live Together First

Given the relevant data, the idea that one should not get married "too early" emphasizes the wrong factors. Wisdom should always be exercised with commitments this big, but at the same time, age matters far less than the commitment itself. Limitless sexual experience, self-actualization, and the freedom to leave don't actually produce relational happiness in the long term. In fact, they damage it.

Date posted: 2022-02-24

Transgender Surgeries and the Weight of Reality

In this cultural moment, faithfulness to Christ involves not just preaching how men and women can be saved but that men and women exist. Any culture that denies what our bodies reveal about who we are must work hard to suppress the overwhelming evidence of reality. At times, like beach balls pushed below the water, this evidence re-emerges.

Date posted: 2022-02-17

Doctor Assisted Suicide is No Slippery Slope, It's a Moral Cliff

Once death is a treatment option, patients can no longer trust their doctors, their insurance companies, or even their families to have their best interests at heart.

Date posted: 2022-02-16

The Art of Dying Well

We live at a rather unusual time in history, not least of which when it comes to death. Death is inescapable in every age, of course. Still, until fairly recently, death was a much more present reality in people's lives. Infant mortality was high; women died in childbirth at much higher rates; different kinds of accidents claimed the lives of men, women, and children, not to mention infections, parasites, and diseases.

Date posted: 2022-01-24

Divorce is not Marriage

Marriage is a real thing. God created it to last, by love and in mutual submission, until death. God created it to protect children and the good of the world. Christians should define and approach marriage as the Maker of marriage intended it to be, not as a speed limit that changes from one cultural moment to the next.

Date posted: 2022-01-24

God Continues to Work Behind Bars

God has a long history of working inside prisons. The very first book of the Bible describes how God granted Joseph favor with a prison warden, something that eventually led to the saving of his family, the saving of Egypt, and the preservation of God's promises to establish the nation of Israel.

Date posted: 2022-01-08

"Technoshamanism": Why a Post-christian Future is Still Religious

More than a few folks, from theologian John Calvin to philosopher William James to French theologian and historian Louis Auguste Sabatier, have noted that humans are "incurably religious" creatures. In other words, religion is native to the human heart.

Date posted: 2021-12-29

"Social Infertility" and the Denial of Reality

One of the features of the sexual revolution, especially in these latter days, is the steady stream of new words invented in the wake of increasingly incoherent ideas.

Date posted: 2021-12-15

New Study Reveals The Startling Rise of Gen Z'ers Identifying as LGBTQ

Even granting that polling data should always be carefully studied and, often taken with a grain of salt, that's a shockingly high number. And, in addition to challenging Christians about how much the culture around them has changed, these numbers also challenge the way people have been taught to think about sexuality and, specifically, cultural assumptions about sexuality.

Date posted: 2021-12-11

The Blurred Lines of the Sexual Revolution

There's been a transformation in how our culture talks about sex. Since the 1960s, under the banner of so-called "sexual liberation," the dominant message in movies, television, politics, and even advertising was that sex needed to be set free from traditional and repressive rules. The symbols of this liberated sexuality were naked or nearly naked bodies - usually female ones.

Date posted: 2021-12-04

Worldview and Haiti: Ideas Have Consequences

By choosing a life of patience and forgiveness over major league baseball, Buster Posey's kids, community, and soul will be better because of it.

Date posted: 2021-12-01

Kids Are Given to Parents, not the State

Authority belongs to God, Who assigns it to parents, along with the responsibility to educate children. If we believe that, we should also trust Him to equip us to rise to the occasion of raising our children.

Date posted: 2021-11-21

Experts are Challenging the Transgender Craze

Increasingly, when confronted with a person who experiences gender dysphoria, doctors and psychologists are allowed to offer only one diagnosis: the patient is transgender. As recently as a few years ago, this was a mental disorder diagnosis, and steps would be taken to align the mind with the body. Today, it's just the opposite. Gender dysphoria means being born in the wrong body, and treatment aims to align the body with the mind.

Date posted: 2021-10-23

What's the Cost of Digital Addictions?

Technology is designed to be addictive. With every tap, click, and like, our brain chemistry, which is supposed to spur us on to action, is instead keeping us on our phones. As Lembke writes, "The quantity, variety, and potency of [these highly addicting] behaviors has never been greater."

Date posted: 2021-10-09

Pronouns Matter with God: "He" not "They"

Christianity is fundamentally a revealed religion. If God exists, our knowledge of Him is wholly dependent on the knowledge provided by Him. To refrain from calling Him "Him" because of some kind of culturally conditioned mood we're in is to speak of Him in a way other than what He has revealed.

Date posted: 2021-10-09

College and the Decline of American Men

In yet another indicator that they are not ok, men in America are abandoning higher education in record numbers. According to the Wall Street Journal, at the end of the 2020 academic year, the percentage of male college students dropped to just over 40 percent.

Date posted: 2021-09-20

Decorated Mom Gives Life to Olympic Athletes

There is one protest, a quiet one, that demands our respect from the 2021 Olympics. Female athletes who are mothers earned well-deserved attention. Not merely with social media statements or corporate endorsements, but for winning medals and advocating for life. This Olympic narrative is not only heroic but counter-cultural in women's sports.

Date posted: 2021-08-18

The Misguided Effort to Tame Pornography

Earlier this year, a prestigious Manhattan prep school fired its longtime director of health and wellness, Justine Fonte for teaching at another institution. It wasn't that she taught somewhere else. It's what she taught: "porn literacy" - to high schoolers.

Date posted: 2021-08-17

Journal of Medical Ethics Says Parents Don't Have Rights Over Children

The Journal of Medical Ethics recently released a formal paper in which they argued that parents should lose their rights to care for their children. The paper referenced an article by Dr. Lauren Notini showing a supposed benefit in treating minors with so-called gender-affirming surgeries.

Date posted: 2021-08-03

Help in the Midst of the Pornography Plague

A few years ago, a woman spotted her teenage son's laptop on the kitchen counter. She opened the lid and what she saw horrified her - a series of pornographic pictures. She clicked on an image and a sexually explicit video began playing. She checked her son's browser history which revealed this was not the first time her son had accessed pornography.

Date posted: 2021-07-24

Why Wokeness is a Christian Heresy

In the end, wokeness is built on a worldview without salvation and offers an eschatology with no real hope. Though the proclaimed goal is to end oppression, it's what the late sociologist Philip Rieff called a "deathwork," dedicated to tearing down things but unable to build, or offer, anything better.

Date posted: 2021-07-24

Beijing's Nebuchadnezzar Moment

"Marriage and conjugal love are by their nature ordained toward the begetting and educating of children. Children are really the supreme gift of marriage and contribute very substantially to the welfare of their parents."

Date posted: 2021-06-21

Kids, Covid, and Preparing for Storms

Though it will be a while before we learn the full impact of this past year on children, The American Academy of Pediatrics recently warned that the mental health of younger Americans is suffering. Suicidal ideation and suicidal attempts are on the rise, as are childhood diagnoses of eating disorders and other obsessive-compulsive behaviors.

Date posted: 2021-06-21

Should We Edit Our Genes?

More and more, we're hearing about the promises of gene editing. It's a scientific technology that literally allows us to rewrite our DNA. Still in the experimental stage, with technologies like CRISPR, we've seen how the technology can be used wrongly. It can put humanity at risk. Many Christians are not aware of the biological challenges until it's too late.

Date posted: 2021-06-08

In California, Hundreds of Men Transfer to Female Prisons

To ignore biological reality in the context of punishment and rehabilitation is not wholly different than a doctor or nurse treating a patient according to a perceived identity that conflicts with biological reality. Such medical care would not be helpful or loving. It would be malpractice.

Date posted: 2021-05-04

An Unlikely Affinity

The fundamental assumptions of a Christian worldview are straightforward. The universe is created, not eternal or random. Humans are made in God's image, not mere animals and not gods themselves. Right and wrong are grounded in eternal truths, not subject to the whims of a person or a culture. Christ's death and resurrection have cosmic implications, in direct contrast to both utopian and dystopian narratives.

Date posted: 2021-03-27

Should Singles Adopt? Redeeming Brokenness Instead of Creating It

The fundamental assumptions of a Christian worldview are straightforward. The universe is created, not eternal or random. Humans are made in God's image, not mere animals and not gods themselves. Right and wrong are grounded in eternal truths, not subject to the whims of a person or a culture. Christ's death and resurrection have cosmic implications, in direct contrast to both utopian and dystopian narratives.

Date posted: 2021-03-27

Finding Meaning in Life Is Good for Your Health

Without meaning, hope is difficult, if not impossible. At best, without meaning, we resort to a kind of detachment and resignation. At worst, we resort to self-harm, violence, or even suicide.

Date posted: 2021-02-18

Is Christmas a Pagan Holiday? Jesus Is Myth Become Fact

To celebrate Christmas well, focused on Christ as opposed to "stuff," we do more than repeat old traditions. We are glorifying the King of Kings who came to save His people from darkness and make all things new.

Date posted: 2020-12-28

One Couple's Decision to Forgo IVF

Sixty-two years ago, a young Italian woman named Edi Bocelli, pregnant with her first child, was hospitalized with appendicitis. Her doctors advised her to abort the child because, they said, "the baby would be born with some disability." A devout Catholic, Edi Bocelli refused, but the doctors' prognosis was correct. Her son Andrea was born with congenital glaucoma and was completely blind by age 12.

Date posted: 2020-12-28

Andrea Bocelli's Beautiful Testimony of Life

Sixty-two years ago, a young Italian woman named Edi Bocelli, pregnant with her first child, was hospitalized with appendicitis. Her doctors advised her to abort the child because, they said, "the baby would be born with some disability." A devout Catholic, Edi Bocelli refused, but the doctors' prognosis was correct. Her son Andrea was born with congenital glaucoma and was completely blind by age 12.

Date posted: 2020-12-28

There's No Such Thing as "Safe Sex" For Kids

Teens who engage in sexual activity are more likely to be depressed than other teens. They're more likely to attempt suicide.

Date posted: 2020-11-01

How COVID Could Push Us Further Toward Euthanasia

The Dutch government has taken yet another step down the very-slippery slope of euthanasia when the national health minister proposed that doctors should be permitted to euthanize "terminally ill" children under the age of thirteen.

Date posted: 2020-11-01

Inventors of CRISPR Win Nobel Prize, but should we "rewrite the Code of Life?"

Not covered in all the press announcing the award is the danger that CRISPR poses to us all.

Date posted: 2020-11-01

Protecting Females in Sports and Just Telling the Truth

Whether men should compete with and as women isn't just a dilemma for rugby. Across the United States, female athletes in a number of sports, at the high school and college level, find themselves competing against biological males who are typically bigger, stronger, and faster because, well, they are males. The results of such "inclusion" include lost competitions, lost opportunities, and lost scholarships for female athletes.

Date posted: 2020-11-01

Trafficking Children

Traffickers aren't always the shadowy strangers nabbing girls in an airport or shopping mall. Often, they are family members or family friends, such as parents who've lost custody or guardians looking to profit.

Date posted: 2020-10-17

No Christianity, No "Human Rights"

Most Americans take the existence of human rights for granted. We see them, to borrow a phrase, as "self-evident." We can't really imagine a world without them, or we look at places like China or North Korea with incredulity, as if it's obvious that their way is clearly wrong.

Date posted: 2020-09-16

Gender-Transition Surgery Does Not Improve Mental Health after All

Perhaps more evidence that transition surgery isn't beneficial will, one day, open the eyes of educators, public health officials and legislators.

Date posted: 2020-08-22

Planned Parenthood Should Cancel More than Margaret Sanger

The women who enter a Planned Parenthood are often frightened and alone. The very last thing they need is "help" from a systemically racist corporation whose hundreds of millions of dollars in profit each year depend almost entirely on killing their babies. Whether or not the founder's name is on the door doesn't make any difference at all.

Date posted: 2020-08-21

Mexico Rejects Abortion Imperialism

Recently, Mexico's Supreme Court refused a sweeping Roe v. Wade kind of ruling on abortion. This ruling was in response to another by a lower court judge which ordered the state legislature of Vera Cruz to amend its penal code and allow abortion in the first twelve weeks of pregnancy. In a 4-1 decision, the Court ruled that the Vera Cruz judge exceeded his authority.

Date posted: 2020-08-21

Assisted Suicide for the Healthy

Physician-assisted suicide is sold to the public as a "compassionate" measure, necessary to spare those with no reasonable chance of recovery the unbearable pain and suffering of the last days of their lives. In every context in which it has been made legal, however, what might be called euthanasia-by-another-name has never remained limited to the rare instances on which it was sold.

Date posted: 2020-08-21

Genocide in China

As in the case of any other activity deemed a crime, laws against genocide will not enforce themselves. People, or in this case nations, have to be willing to use the label "genocide" when necessary, and also to take action. Tragically, since 1951, the international community is batting close to zero. Besides the genocides in Cambodia and Rwanda, there have been at least a dozen other campaigns of extermination that arguably met the Convention's definition of genocide. With the possible exception of the horrific events in former Yugoslavia, no one did anything.

Date posted: 2020-08-20

The Link Between Marijuana, Psychosis, and Suicide

In the push to legalize, America has been sold dangerous lies about marijuana – of financial windfalls with no accompanying social cost and of therapeutic benefits with no accompanying dangers. But marijuana is dangerous. In fact, for some, it's potentially lethal.

Date posted: 2020-07-30

Legalizing Polyamory

Each summer, I teach high school and college students at Summit Ministries on the topic of marriage and the family, including what marriage is, what it's for, cultural trends about the family, etc. Ever since the Supreme Court, in Obergefell v. Hodges, legalized so-called same-sex marriage, I've told them that polyamory will be legal in their lifetime.

Date posted: 2020-07-30

Fewer Humans Won't Heal the Planet

According to news reports, there's at least one bright spot amidst all the COVID-19 bad news: the planet is beginning to heal itself. With those pesky and invasive humans stuck at home, animals are reclaiming wild spaces (and even city streets) and, of course, CO2 emissions are down. The underlying message of these news reports is this: What the Earth needs to heal is fewer people.

Date posted: 2020-07-30

COVID 19 is an Opportunity to Re-Define the Human Species?

Recently, the world learned that researchers at London's Francis Crick Institute used CRISPR technology to genetically edit 18 embryos. Around half of the embryos suffered the kinds of major mutations and genetic damage that could lead to birth defects and life-shortening medical problems. The horrifying results led one gene-editing expert to call for "a restraining order for all genome editors to stay the living daylights away from embryo editing."

Date posted: 2020-07-30

Don't Forget Those Still on Lockdown: Lessons from Coronavirus Part 10

Nursing homes and long-term care facilities can be an incredible blessing. But these facilities cannot stand in for the personal care and attention we owe our elderly loved ones and neighbors. Too often, those in long-term homes are "out-of-sight, out-of-mind" for the rest us.

Date posted: 2020-07-04

More Evidence of the Dangers of CRISPR: Stop Playing God with Human Genes

When science operates independently of religion, philosophy, law, and public policy, then researchers become so preoccupied with whether or not they can do something, they never stop to think if they should.

Date posted: 2020-07-04

Planned Parenthood's Selling of Fetal Body Parts Exposed Under Oath

What we can be sure of is there will be eternal consequences. God will not hold guiltless those who take innocent life, nor those who enable it by their silence.

Date posted: 2020-07-04

COVID-19, Depression, and Suicide

From the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, experts warned of its impact on people with mental illnesses. For those with mood disorders, the pandemic packed a "one-two" punch: the depression and anxiety caused by the fear of contracting the coronavirus itself, and the depression and anxiety accelerated by measures taken to combat the spread of the coronavirus.

Date posted: 2020-07-04

What Is God Saying in This Pandemic?

A recent poll conducted by the University of Chicago and the Associated Press concluded that "the coronavirus has prompted almost two-thirds of American believers of all faiths to feel that God is telling humanity to change how it lives."

Date posted: 2020-07-04

The United Nations' Quest to Create a Genderless World

Any worldview that denies that the world is a creation of God also sees reality as more pliable than it actually is, and the world as a place we not only inhabit and steward but control. In such a world, there are no words higher than ours, and so we hear folks at the UN talk and write as if they can re-create the human person. They cannot. But, then again, the UN was never the last, best hope for peace either.

Date posted: 2020-07-04

Loving Our Neighbors During the Coronavirus

Over the past two weeks, I've been thinking a lot of how Christians throughout history understood their responsibility to care for the sick and dying, rather than running for the hills like so many of their pagan neighbors.

Date posted: 2020-04-27

New York Legalizes Commercial Surrogacy

On April 9, right in the middle of New York's epic battle against COVID-19, the state legislature passed, and Governor Cuomo signed, a bill that legalizes commercial surrogacy. As of February 15, 2021, residents of New York will be able to enter into legally enforceable surrogacy contracts.

Date posted: 2020-04-27

Transition Surgeries in a Global Crisis

A recent article in Vice described how certain "life-altering" surgeries had been deemed "non-essential" during this COVID-19 crisis.

Date posted: 2020-04-27

Abortion Isn't 'Healthcare'

One step in making abortion illegal and unthinkable is unmasking the verbal tricks that obscure reality. It's time to make abortion advocates tell the truth, and that begins with refusing to play the language game.

Date posted: 2020-03-20

The Isolation of the Elderly

A couple of years ago, I came across a strange story out of Japan in Bloomberg BusinessWeek. Dozens of elderly women, it turned out, admitted to crimes of petty theft in the hopes of going to prison. "There are always people around," one of the inmates told a reporter, "and I don't feel lonely here."

Date posted: 2020-03-20

The Coronavirus, God, and a World out of Our Control

From the beginning, proponents of the sexual revolution have wrapped themselves in the mantle of science, especially social science.

Date posted: 2020-03-07

The Dangerous "Science" Behind Gender Transitioning

From the beginning, proponents of the sexual revolution have wrapped themselves in the mantle of science, especially social science.

Date posted: 2020-03-07

Women Are More Than Wombs

Yet if activists and legislators get their way, New York it will soon welcome commercial surrogacy. By doing so, they'll be endorsing the idea that families, including children, are commodities to be bought and sold.

Date posted: 2020-03-04

Is There Still a Place for Boys?

Those of us who have watched this sad story unfold can't help but notice that the Scouts' quickening decline coincides with the group's decision to betray its founding values. In 2013, the Scouts began accepting openly gay members and then leaders. Shortly afterward, they opened their ranks to transgender members, and then - despite the organization's name - to girls.

Date posted: 2020-02-09

It's Time for Smartphone Sanity

When iPhones first hit the market in 2007, they were cool but clunky. Since then, they've gotten smaller, then sleeker, then bigger again. Then they added a camera, then a better one, now three of them. These things are always changing. They're always getting better.

Date posted: 2020-02-09

Co-Opting China's Churches

Right before the New Year, a Chinese court sentenced Early Rain Church Pastor Wang Yi to nine years in prison for "inciting subversion of state power" and "illegal business activities." In addition to prison, Wang is deprived of his "political rights" for three years and his personal property (approximately $7200 worth) will be confiscated.

Date posted: 2020-02-08

Why Young People Leave the Church

According to a study by the American Enterprise Institute, Millennials who drop out of church often end up staying away permanently. Maybe in the past, young adults who wandered away tended to become religious again when they got married and had kids. But things have changed, and there seem to be three main differences.

Date posted: 2020-02-08

Soleimani, the U. S., and Just War

For decades, Soleimani has been the mastermind behind Iran's involvement in armed conflicts and acts of terror across the Middle East, from supplying the terrorist organization Hezbollah, to attacking Saudi oil fields and international shipping, to targeting U. S. forces in the region.

Date posted: 2020-02-08

Playing God with Our Genes

A year ago, the MIT Technology Review broke the news that a Chinese scientist used the gene-editing technology known as CRISPR to genetically modify human embryos.

Date posted: 2019-12-20

Why Are We Still Funding This?

Ending this deadly and unethical research, which has brought no miracle cures, should be a cause to unite not just pro-life voters, but all who think taxpayers deserve something for our money.

Date posted: 2019-12-19

What Would You Say About Abortion and Rape?

Discussions about any controversial topic can be dangerous these days. It's almost certain someone is going to get upset and maybe lose their cool. It could even end a relationship.

Date posted: 2019-12-17

The Gift of Children

"The Gift of Children" offers the radically counter-cultural understanding of children that is needed right now. More importantly, it's a challenge to the Church, to conform ourselves to our professed beliefs - to bear witness, through welcoming new life, to the love of the God who gave us life.

Date posted: 2019-12-05

Exposing China's Cultural Genocide

In November of 1938, Nazi paramilitary forces destroyed 267 synagogues, plus thousands of Jewish-owned businesses, institutions, and homes throughout the Reich. "Kristallnacht," or "The Night of Broken Glass," made clear what awaited Jews under Nazi control.

Date posted: 2019-12-05

Is an Embryo a Person?

You should be pro-life. Everyone should be pro-life, and not only if they are Christians and see in the teachings of Holy Scripture how God defines life, or in church history that Christians have long opposed abortion.

Date posted: 2019-12-05

Affirming Rather than Treating Gender Dysphoria

Ideas have consequences. Bad ideas have victims. We need to ensure that the victims of bad gender ideology are no longer invisible. Their stories must be heard.

Date posted: 2019-11-17

Should We Abolish All Prisons?

The idea of abolishing prison is an unrealistic, and yet very real, distraction from the necessary conversations we need to be having about how to handle crime in our communities. Not to mention, it's a poster child of Utopianism.

Date posted: 2019-11-17

When "Choice" and "Disability" Collide

Once we divide human life into categories of "convenient" and "inconvenient," anyone who falls into the latter category will be vulnerable.

Date posted: 2019-11-17

Klopfer's 'Garage of Horrors'

Last month more than 50 detectives entered the Illinois home of recently deceased abortion doctor Ulrich Klopfer. What they found was sickening: the medically-preserved remains of some 2,246 babies in boxes stored in his garage.

Date posted: 2019-11-10

When Suicide is Legal and the Money Runs Out

Six years ago, Sean Tagert of British Columbia was diagnosed with ALS, better known as "Lou Gehrig's Disease." An ALS diagnosis is essentially a death sentence. There is no known cure. People with ALS eventually lose control over most of the muscles in their bodies–including the ones that enable them to breathe.

Date posted: 2019-10-10

What Would You Say About Adoption and Surrogacy?

When Christians don't know an answer to a tough question, they risk making one of two mistakes: Either staying silent or getting angry. The better approach, if you don't know how to answer the question, is to say, "What a great question. I don't know off the top of my head, but let me look into it and get back to you."

Date posted: 2019-09-21

Parental Rights and the "Pelvic Issues"

Presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren has famously compared having an abortion with getting your tonsils out. It's not a fair analogy at all. Minors always need parental consent for a tonsillectomy, but in many parts of the country, a teenage girl can notify school officials she's pregnant and walk into an abortion clinic without her parents ever knowing.

Date posted: 2019-09-07

Fighting Assisted Suicide, Jersey Style

New Jersey is the ninth state to legalize physician-assisted suicide. According to the state's Medical Aid in Dying for the Terminally Ill Act, attending physicians can "write a prescription for medication that would enable a qualified terminally ill patient to end his or her life."

Date posted: 2019-08-31

The Declining Respect for Clergy

My pastor recently told me that 25 years ago, the first person that people would contact when they faced a marriage crisis was their pastor. Ten years ago, he continued, it was their counselor or psychiatrist. Today, it's their lawyers.

Date posted: 2019-08-30

Millions of Frozen Embryos

Christians will have different answers to questions about the ethics of IVF. But in order to answer them, we first have to ask them. If we really believe that all human life is sacred, the technology behind this excess can't remain a taboo subject, especially for the church.

Date posted: 2019-08-30

The Scourge of Sex-Selection Abortion

"According to a recent report by al Jazeera, Indian officials discovered that in 132 of the district's 500 villages, not a single girl was born in the past three months.

Date posted: 2019-08-06

How Kids Change Dad

While the loudest voices in our culture continue to insist that men and women are interchangeable, science is offering more evidence than ever that the two sexes are anything but interchangeable.

Date posted: 2019-07-24

No Abortion Funds for Title X

In June of last year, the Trump Administration announced the Protect Life Rule, which prohibits fund recipients from providing abortion counseling or being "co-located" with an abortion clinic.

Date posted: 2019-07-24

China and Forced Organ Harvesting

Last week, as the world focused attention on the Hong Kong protests, a report came out that gruesomely underscored why the protesters felt led to protest. The report, issued by a London-based panel of international and medical experts, was entitled "Forced Organ Harvesting of Prisoners of Conscience in China."

Date posted: 2019-07-14

Eugenics Is Still with Us

Eugenics is a bad idea, a bad idea that, like all bad ideas, has victims. Efforts to keep those deemed inferior from reproducing or even existing were a central part of the Nazi experiment in Germany, which upended the entire world and led to the extermination of millions of so-called "lives unworthy of life."

Date posted: 2019-07-14

Abortion and the Worldview of Irresponsibility

Most people don't know this, but early feminists - including suffragette Susan B. Anthony - were deeply opposed to abortion. A surprisingly honest Saturday Night Live sketch from a couple of years ago captured the shock of a group of progressive young ladies, who when they meet Anthony are shocked to learn her less-than-progressive views on a woman's so-called right to choose.

Date posted: 2019-07-14

GLAAD Not Happy About Declining Acceptance of LGBT

For the past five years, the Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation, or GLAAD, has conducted a survey of U.S. adults measuring what it calls the "accelerating acceptance" of LGBT people. Up till now, they've used these survey results to drive home the "right side of history" narrative that seems so effective for the movement.

Date posted: 2019-07-14

Science Uprising

Imagine you're a college student, and your professor claims that science has disproved the idea of God, of the soul, of ultimate meaning, and of truth. What do you say to that professor?

Date posted: 2019-07-14

Incels, Transgenderism, and Distinctions without a Difference

A recent story in New York Magazine asked readers how many bones they would be willing to break in order to attain intimacy - or something to that effect.

Date posted: 2019-07-14

The Vatican Responds to Gender Theory

For years, LGBTQIA activists and advocates have proclaimed that their view of human sexuality and Gender Theory is historically inevitable, and that any and all who resist will be swept into the dustbin of history along with the racists.

Date posted: 2019-07-01

Abortion Extremists on the Left

Last week probably marked a milestone in American political extremism. For more than forty years, former Vice-President Joe Biden held what he called a "middle-of-the-road position on abortion." He backed bans on late-term abortions and voted more than fifty times on Capitol Hill to uphold the Hyde Amendment, which prohibits federal funding for abortion.

Date posted: 2019-07-01

Tragedy or Tissue?

If it weren't so jarring and tragic, the contradictory laws and language tolerated in our country about abortion would be laughable.

Date posted: 2019-07-01

The Hong Kong Protests

On the second Sunday in June, hundreds of thousands of people filled the streets of Hong Kong to protest a proposed law that would allow people to be extradited from the former British colony to mainland China.

Date posted: 2019-06-20

Illinois' Grotesque "Reproductive Health Act"

The Act is solely focused on making it beyond easy for Illinois women to get an abortion in that state. In fact, it's not too much of a stretch to say that the only place Illinois can go from this "Reproductive Health Act" is to make abortion mandatory

Date posted: 2019-06-20

A Climate of Death

Last week, international news outlets reported that a 17-year-old Dutch girl named Noa Pothoven legally secured a physician's help in killing herself after years of battling trauma from childhood sexual assault and rape.

Date posted: 2019-06-20

Where Have All the Women Gone?

Nearly thirty years ago, Nobel Laureate Amartya Sen wrote an essay in the New York Review of Books entitled "More than 100 Million Women are Missing."

Date posted: 2019-06-20

The Bedroom and the Pew

One of our world's most persistent myths is that religion is the enemy of good sex. The idea of Christians as repressed Puritan prudes - as historically inaccurate as that is - still exerts enormous power over our imaginations.

Date posted: 2019-06-20

What Do We Do About Demographic Decline?

According to a new report from the Centers for Disease Control, the number of births in the U. S. has dropped to a three-decade low in 2018.

Date posted: 2019-06-20

The Worst Argument for Abortion

If pro-lifers are going to oppose the killing of unborn children, we are told over and over again, then we must be willing to take care of these children and their families even after they're born.

Date posted: 2019-06-20

'Born This Way'

For example, there are zombie arguments about abortion - like the one that says the pre-born aren't really human. There are also quite a few zombie arguments in favor of same-sex relationships.

Date posted: 2019-06-20

Eros Isn't Enough

If the goal of marriage is looking out for number one rather than two becoming one, then it makes sense that calling it quits could be a success story. But, I doubt that the abandoned spouses and children of even the self-improved would agree with that new way of thinking.

Date posted: 2019-05-11

Marijuana and Psychosis

The pitfalls and perils of marijuana legalization are well-documented.

Date posted: 2019-04-26

Christians Die, Media Mum

Over the past week, Senior Colson Fellow Glenn Sunshine has taken to Facebook to do something that much of the mainstream media - to its discredit - has neglected to do: alerting people to what is happening to Christians in places like Nigeria.

Date posted: 2019-04-26

"Eroticising" Children

The Muslims in Birmingham realize that British society accepts homosexuality and there's no way their children can avoid the issue. But these parents insist that the indoctrination, especially at such a young age, must stop.

Date posted: 2019-04-26

Abortion Survivors Speak Out

Anyone who wants to truly communicate the horror of killing needs to do more than cite statistics. They have to tell stories.

Date posted: 2019-04-26

Dads, Take Your Kids to Church!

According to the best available data, the most reliable predictor of children's ongoing church attendance is how consistently their own father attends.

Date posted: 2019-04-26

CRISPR and Faux Outrage

Last autumn, a Chinese scientist named Dr. He ignited a rhetorical firestorm when he announced he'd used the technology CRISPR to genetically alter human embryos, which were implanted and brought to birth.

Date posted: 2019-03-05

The Cost of Skipping Children

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported late last year that Americans aren't having enough babies to replace themselves.

Date posted: 2019-03-05

Assisted Suicide Turned Homicide?

Officially, the Netherlands is a safer country to live in than the United States. Its gun homicide rate is about 4 percent that of the United States, and its official murder rate is less than one-fourth that of the United States.

Date posted: 2019-03-05

The Media's Terrible, Horrible, No-Good, Very Bad Week

Last week wasn't great for the American news media.

Date posted: 2019-03-05

The Dangers of Legalized Weed

On election night 2018, while most of the nation's attention was focused on the Democrats taking the House and the Republicans expanding their Senate majority, few noticed a funny smell wafting in from the Midwest.

Date posted: 2019-02-03

Make the Case for Life

On January 18, 2019, thousands of Americans will stream to the National Mall to voice their support for the sanctity of all human life - and to mark the deadliest mistake in Supreme Court history: Roe v. Wade.

Date posted: 2019-02-02

Making End-of-Life Decisions

We're all going to die one day. Are you prepared? Yes, for heaven, but also, have you made decisions about how to handle your medical care?

Date posted: 2019-02-02

How to Gain Control of Your Kids' Smartphone

The biggest pain point for many parents is - you guessed it - smartphones. Should our kids own them? If so, how do we keep them from owning our kids?

Date posted: 2019-01-19

Transgender Taboos

There are a growing number of people who transitioned from one gender to the other, only to regret it, and then try to reverse the process. Why aren't we hearing their stories?

Date posted: 2019-01-06

How to Gain Control of Your Kids' Smartphone

The biggest pain point for many parents is - you guessed it - smartphones. Should our kids own them? If so, how do we keep them from owning our kids?

Date posted: 2019-01-06

Now They're Euthanizing Asperger's Patients

Another week… another example of how physician-assisted suicide targets the vulnerable. This time: Asperger's patients.

Date posted: 2019-01-06

Are We Really "Shocked" Over Gene Editing?

In late November, the MIT Technology Review broke the news that a Chinese scientist, He Jiankui, used the gene-editing technology known as CRISPR to genetically modify human embryos.

Date posted: 2019-01-06

'This Is What I Want'

If you were a surgeon and someone asked you to perform a surgery that would not heal, would not help, would not make them feel better, and would leave the patient with a permanent wound, would you do it?

Date posted: 2019-01-06

All the Cool Girls Are Transitioning

Peer pressure almost never pushes teenagers to good places. Recently, it's been pushing them to the gender clinic.

Date posted: 2019-01-06

Christmas Eve Again

If you think our world is messed up, imagine what ancient Rome was like. And yet, Christianity triumphed.

Date posted: 2018-12-24

All the Cool Girls Are Transitioning

Peer pressure almost never pushes teenagers to good places. Recently, it's been pushing them to the gender clinic.

Date posted: 2018-10-22

The Pagan Logic of Infanticide

Among the pagan practices vanquished by early Christians was infanticide. As Christianity fades in the West, so do our defenses against infanticide in all its grisly forms.

Date posted: 2018-10-03

About Those Frozen Embryos

Frozen embryos aren't the only "byproducts" of advanced reproductive technology: moral and legal confusions are as well.

Date posted: 2018-08-30

Children Aren't Optiona

Americans are having fewer and fewer babies, and the New York Times wants to know why.

Date posted: 2018-08-30

Abortion, Bias, and Babies with Down

A pro-choice doctor just made a case for not aborting children with Down syndrome. But his case needs to be better.

Date posted: 2018-08-30

When Children "Choose" to Die

All must be sacrificed for the demon-gods "autonomy" and "choice." This is why they are killing children in Belgium.

Date posted: 2018-08-30

Having Children Transforms Women's Brains

Are men and women that different? The answer assumed by much of our culture is, "no." But any woman who's had a baby knows better.

Date posted: 2018-08-30

The Fetal Body Parts Biz to End at UNM

A big win for life in New Mexico had a small beginning: believers willing to speak out.

Date posted: 2018-08-30

Why I Believe in God

Fifty years ago, a Papal encyclical forbade the use of artificial contraception. How relevant is that document today?

Date posted: 2018-08-14

1,500 "Missing" Children

You may have heard the government has lost 1,500 kids who crossed the border illegally. That's not really the case, and it misses the real outrage.

Date posted: 2018-06-17

Human Life and Ethics in a Brave New World

Advances in technology are changing almost everything about our lives. But it must not change how we understand, and value, human life.

Date posted: 2018-06-17

Demographics Are Destiny

So just as America's fertility rate is tanking, China is waking up to the damage of its one-child policy.

Date posted: 2018-06-17

What We Lose When We Lose the Boy Scouts

The Boy Scouts have marked yet another milestone on their journey away from being the organization it once was.

Date posted: 2018-05-19

Evangelicals and Assisted Reproductive Technology

Would the woman behind the birth control brand be happy with her eugenic project today?

Date posted: 2018-05-05

Peace for Korea?

For the first time in history, the leader of communist North Korea set foot in South Korea, purportedly to negotiate peace. Here's how Christians can respond.

Date posted: 2018-05-05

Toys R Us to Close Dow

What happens when a society stops reproducing itself? Well, we're in the early stages of finding out.

Date posted: 2018-04-21

Gun Control

Americans have always had constitutional rights that allow them to exercise certain freedoms. But do we still have the moral ability to maintain those rights?

Date posted: 2018-04-14

The Mexico City Policy Works

When abortion advocates complain about a policy morning, noon, and night - that's a win!

Date posted: 2018-04-14

"When Harry Became Sally"

What was once unthinkable has become unquestionable. And so, every Christian must know how to engage this transgender moment.

Date posted: 2018-04-14

Congress Funds Planned Parenthood

Our GOP-majority Congress just forked over $500 million to Planned Parenthood. Have we been duped?

Date posted: 2018-04-14

Immigration, Families, and Jesus

Immigration and asylum are tough issues, and there is a lot of disagreement. But there are some things that all Christians should agree on.

Date posted: 2018-04-14

From Obergefell to Surrogacy

Washington State has legalized the commercial trade in babies. Think I'm kidding?

Date posted: 2018-04-14

Revisiting the Sexual Revolution

You know the sexual revolution has gotten out of hand when a "proud feminist" and a radical atheist start questioning what's going on.

Date posted: 2018-03-13

The Wrong Kind of Catholic School

Here's an outrageous proposition: Maybe Christian schools should be able to require their teachers to adhere to Christian teaching.

Date posted: 2018-02-26

America's Reversal on Gay "Marriage"

The fight over same-sex "marriage" already seems like a distant memory. But the way it was fought is the mother of all worldview lessons.

Date posted: 2018-02-26

Pro-Life, Pro-Science

One side of the political aisle likes to paint itself as pro-science. But when it comes to this most controversial social issue, science won't toe their party line

Date posted: 2018-02-26

Latin American Evangelicals vs "Gender Ideology"

Evangelicals are on the rise in Latin America. And at least one writer at the New York Times is very, very concerned.

Date posted: 2018-02-11

Sacrificing Children to Trans Ideology

Don't be fooled by the scientific-sounding jargon. Transgender ideology is just that: an ideology - and it's one that's endangering lives.

Date posted: 2018-02-10

Judge Rules for Kelvin Cochran

Another big religious freedom case in federal court. And in this case, there's a ray of hope.

Date posted: 2018-01-09

Banning Babies

We live in a world that's constantly calculating the value of people with disability, even though we know that they're priceless.

Date posted: 2017-12-23

Banning Babies

No one wants their kids to grow up to become criminals. But for some, their crime is simply existing.

Date posted: 2017-12-23

The Spirit of Adoption

Choosing love may make it easier for someone to choose life. And yet, there's a whole lot more to adoption than that.

Date posted: 2017-12-23

Prayer Shaming and the Church Shooting

Prayer, it seems, is no longer a politically acceptable response to tragedy. Instead, we're being told to put our trust in something else.

Date posted: 2017-11-19

Planned Parenthood vs. Little Girls

The worst form of discrimination against women in our time is one that is virtually ignored by feminists.

Date posted: 2017-11-19


The curtain is being lifted on sexual predation. That's good. And it reveals why we cannot abandon Christianity's liberating vision of human sexuality.

Date posted: 2017-11-19

Genocide in Burma

When we think of religious persecution, the Middle East usually comes to mind. But things have also gotten nasty in Southeast Asia.

Date posted: 2017-09-30

Iceland 'Close to Eradicating Down Syndrome Births'

One Scandinavian country's treatment of the vulnerable is a barometer for where the rest of the world is headed.

Date posted: 2017-09-23

Are Sex and Marriage Issues of Orthodoxy?

Can Christians agree to disagree about same-sex "marriage"? Or is accepting homosexuality heresy? These are big questions.

Date posted: 2017-09-23

The Genetic Arms Race

A new genetic technology is being called a weapon of mass destruction.

Date posted: 2017-08-14

A Killer Bonus

Faced with doctors' growing resistance to assisted suicide, some Canadian advocates are asking, "What if we just pay them more?"

Date posted: 2017-08-14

French President Macron and African Babies

Well, according to the French President, it's no use pouring money into Africa because Africans have too many babies. Yes, he really said that.

Date posted: 2017-08-12

Eugene Peterson and Same-Sex 'Marriage'

Last week, the well-known evangelical author Eugene Peterson appeared to embrace so-called same-sex "marriage," and then, he backtracked. There's a lot to talk about.

Date posted: 2017-08-12

Being Pro-Life at Google

Is it possible to argue effectively for the rights of the unborn to a secular audience? Just Google it!

Date posted: 2017-07-09

When Charity Is Labeled "Hate"

The culture war has a new front: philanthropic giving. That is, charity. And Christians, once again, are in the crosshairs.

Date posted: 2017-07-09

Michelle Carter and Doctor-Assisted Death

The recent, disturbing criminal trial of Michelle Carter not only tests new legal boundaries, it's a mirror held up in front of our society.

Date posted: 2017-07-05

Don't Argue the Exceptions

"But what about the . . . ?" Has a rare exception every stumped you when making the case for life or anything else? Here's how to respond with grace and truth.

Date posted: 2017-06-02

Preach Scripture, Fill the Pews

What's the number one thing we can do to fill our churches? It's probably not what you think.

Date posted: 2017-06-02

Free Speech on College Campuses - and Seminaries

Intellectual intolerance is such a plague on American universities that both conservative and liberal academics are speaking out. Even together.

Date posted: 2017-06-02

Christian Abortion Supporters

Can you claim to be "born-again" when you won't allow others to be born in the first place? Here's how abortion strikes at the heart of the Christian faith.

Date posted: 2017-06-02

Know the Truth, Know the Culture

You're a Christian. You sense God has more for you. You want to go deeper. You want to make a difference.

Date posted: 2017-06-02

BreakPoint: Forgiveness and Reconciliation for Our Times

On the 160th anniversary of one of the worst Supreme Court decisions, something beautiful and miraculous happened.

Date posted: 2017-03-30

No Federal Funding for Planned Parenthood!

Planned Parenthood sold baby parts and should be stripped of funding. So finds a select House investigative panel.

Date posted: 2017-03-30

No, We Can't 'Agree to Disagree' on Marriage

Can Christians agree to disagree on our culture's most controversial topics? Well, when it comes to certain issues, the answer is no.

Date posted: 2017-03-30

Dear Teens, Virginity Is Good for You

Teens who abstain from sex are healthier than those who don't. Once again, research backs up the life-giving moral claims of a Christian worldview.

Date posted: 2017-01-05

Religious Liberty Bestowed by God or Government?

The problem isn't just that we're losing religious freedom. It's that people no longer understand what it is.

Date posted: 2016-11-17

The Late, Great Stem Cell Debate

The biggest ethical and scientific debate of the early 2000s has all but disappeared. And we need to tell people why.

Date posted: 2016-10-13

Protecting Planned Parenthood in California

Another, yes another, disturbing bill is being proposed in the California legislature. What's going on in that state?

Date posted: 2016-10-13

'Born this Way' Is Shaky Science

"The science is settled!" we often hear on any questions surrounding the LGBT issues. But two experts replied last week, "Not so fast."

Date posted: 2016-10-13

America's Looming Demographic Winter

Is America heading for a demographic cold snap? The fertility forecast is gloomy these days.

Date posted: 2016-10-13

America's Extreme Abortion Laws

We know what the majority on the Supreme Court thinks about abortion. But increasingly, the court of public opinion is issuing a different ruling.

Date posted: 2016-10-13

The Condom Conundrum

Remember those so-called "experts" who assured us that condoms would cut rates of fertility and STDs? Well, they now face a conundrum.

Date posted: 2016-10-13

Heads Up, Pro-Lifers The last twitchings of flabby liberalish

The Supreme Court followed its decision on the Texas abortion law by refusing to hear a case on the religious freedom of pharmacists. Are you discouraged?

Date posted: 2016-07-25

Pro-Life Setback The Supremes strike down women's safety

Supreme Court ruling on Texas's abortion law was a setback for the pro-life cause. But not as big of a setback as some would have you believe.

Date posted: 2016-07-25

Premature Requiems for Religion We're not dead yet!

Is religion headed for extinction? Some experts think so. But if you ask me, the funeral planning is premature.

Date posted: 2016-07-17

Bathrooms, Biology and Federal Overreach

Was everyone who lived before 2015 an unenlightened bigot? Recent statements by this administration may give you that impression.

Date posted: 2016-07-10

New Reports on Religious Freedom

Religious liberty, a cornerstone of American life since the founding of this country, is showing some disturbing cracks in light of increasing conflicts over the definition of marriage and coerced participation in so-called "same-sex" weddings.

Date posted: 2016-07-10

European Suicide, Spiritual and Physical

We've already witnessed the spiritual demise of Europe. Can its physical demise be far behind?

Date posted: 2016-07-10

The Supremes' Ruling on Marriage

Friday's Supreme Court ruling on marriage was not surprising. But the arrogance and chronological snobbery evident in the ruling was. What's it all mean?

Date posted: 2015-08-01

Painkillers. . . Heroin. . . Epidemic

It's an epidemic of shocking proportions. And Christians aren't immune. I'm talking about the scourge of heroin.

Date posted: 2015-08-01

Bugs in the Overpopulation Theory

John Lennon was right when everyone else was wrong. And if you never expected me to say that on BreakPoint, what he was right about will surprise you even more.

Date posted: 2015-08-01

Bruce Jenner, Transgenderism and the Church

Bruce Jenner, Transgenderism and the Church

Date posted: 2015-05-27

Our Muslim Neighbors

Given the rise of Islamist terrorism, is it even possible for Christians to love our Muslim neighbors

Date posted: 2015-05-27

Demographics and 'Do It for Denmark'

Declining birthrates are a major threat for many industrialized societies. And the solution won't be found in new government policies

Date posted: 2015-05-27

Redefining Marriage Redefines Parenthood

Redefining marriage doesn't just redefine marriage. It also redefines parenthood. Just ask the kids.

Date posted: 2015-05-27

Margaret Sanger and Consequentialism

The road to Hades is paved with good intentions. And, I'd like to add, with consequentialist arguments.

Date posted: 2015-05-27

More Evidence for the Traditional Family

Christians believe children are more likely to flourish with a married mom and dad at home -- but what does science have to say about it?

Date posted: 2015-02-27

Evangelicals and Same-Sex 'Marriage'

A recent TIME article is exposing a question we should've wrestled with long before now.

Date posted: 2015-02-27

Radical Islam, Secularism and Christianity

The horrific acts of terror in France offer a reminder to Christians. Christ's kingdom advances in love, not force.

Date posted: 2015-02-27

Old Age, Happiness, and Virtue

According to new research, maybe the "golden years" can really be golden after all.

Date posted: 2014-12-24

Responding to the LGBT Movement's Southern Strategy

If the Human Rights Campaign can make it there, they can make it anywhere -- but it's not New York.

Date posted: 2014-12-24

Time for a New Sexual Revolution

With colleges soon to go on winter break, let's take a look at the carnage on these front lines of the sexual revolution.

Date posted: 2014-12-24

We Aren't Charlie

The massacre in Paris has me wondering: are cultural decadence or Islamic extremism our only two choices?

Date posted: 2014-12-24

Kids Need a Mom and a Dad

We often speak about the right to life, but children possess another right that we don't discuss often enough.

Date posted: 2014-12-24

Excuse Me, My Baby Is the Wrong Color

Our illusions of autonomy plus our technologies have turned babies into commodities, and the results are tragic.

Date posted: 2014-10-19

The Unseen Pain behind 'Gay Marriage'

To make the case for same-sex marriage, advocates tell a lot of stories. But some stories are not being told, and they're important too. I'll explain.

Date posted: 2014-10-07

Pro-Choice 2.0

Pro-choice advocates are on the ropes, which is why they're ditching their sheep's clothing and baring their fangs.

Date posted: 2014-09-22

The Pornification of the Church

In the spring of 2000, Zogby International asked more than a thousand U.S. adults whether they had ever visited a sexually-oriented web site. Only one in five had done so. Among born-again Christians, 18 percent had gone to such sites, just three percentage points less than the general public.

Date posted: 2014-09-22

Look Up

Facing an unpleasant circumstance, sometimes we just want to "get it over with." But that's no way to approach people at the end of their life.

Date posted: 2014-09-22

Getting It Over With

Facing an unpleasant circumstance, sometimes we just want to "get it over with." But that's no way to approach people at the end of their life

Date posted: 2014-09-22

Pill-Popping Morality

We recently told you about a pill designed to erase bad memories. How about a pill to erase bad behavior

Date posted: 2014-09-22

The 'Gay Marriage' Tsunami

It's past time we move from asking "What if?" to asking "What now?" And that's what Sean McDowell and I do in our new book.

Date posted: 2014-09-22

Media Hype and Same-Sex Parenting Studies

A new study claims that children in same-sex homes fare better than kids in opposite-sex homes. Really? Well, let's look a bit deeper.

Date posted: 2014-09-22

Parent Consumers, Baby Commodities

Babies are now treated as products to be ordered, manufactured, received and discarded according to our wills.

Date posted: 2014-09-22

Gambling, Drugs, and Odd Political Bedfellows

What do legalized gambling and legalized pot have in common? They fill government coffers and fuel social pathologies -- all in the name of personal freedom.

Date posted: 2014-09-22

Generation Triple X

Even the secular world is worried about pornography. But without the worldview to fight it, they're at an impasse. This is where the church can help.

Date posted: 2014-03-20

The Language of Assisted Suicide

The battle over ideas is the battle over definitions. Whoever controls the language controls the debate. Let me illustrate. What's your response - positive or negative - to the term "assisted suicide"?

Date posted: 2014-03-05

Abortion Rates and Contraception

According to a recently announced study by the Guttmacher Institute, abortion rates in the United States have dropped to their lowest rate since 1973, that's the year Roe v. Wade created a constitutional right to abortion.

Date posted: 2014-03-05

Casualties in the War on Poverty

It's been fifty years since President Johnson declared a "War on Poverty."

Date posted: 2014-03-05

Abortion and the Moral Imagination

Facts are stubborn things. And so are some people in the face of them, especially when it comes to abortion.

Date posted: 2014-03-05

Facing the Question That Never Goes Away

What should Christians say about all the suffering in the world?

Date posted: 2014-03-05

Where Are the Men?

When was the last time you heard a feminist defend masculinity?

Date posted: 2014-02-23

Do Your Kids 'Get' Christmas?

How do you explain to your kids what Christmas is all about?

Date posted: 2013-12-22

Attractions vs. Actions

Armed with good intentions, individuals, organizations and outreaches have dedicated themselves to treating homosexuality, often by promising to turn homosexuals "straight." In other words, "cure" them of their orientation.

Date posted: 2013-12-11

The ENDA of Religious Liberty?

So, says Anderson, instead of being about equal rights, "ENDA creates special rights for transgendered individuals - males who dress and act as females, and females who dress and act as males - and forbids employers from considering the consequences of such behavior in the workplace."

Date posted: 2013-11-10

Road to Designer Babies

Too often the ability to do something implies the justification to do it. But should we do everything that we can do?

Date posted: 2013-11-04

Oh, Sweet Lorraine

This love song took 75 years to write. It highlights the beauty of life-long married love, something we need to see and hear more often.

Date posted: 2013-10-20

Worse Than Fiction

Or, as Wesley J. Smith summed it up, "One set of doctors killed the patient, stepped out of the room, and another set of doctors entered for the harvest." The Belgian doctors' hope is that "More euthanasia donors are to be expected with more public awareness."

Date posted: 2013-09-21

Abortion and Media Bias

More than 70 percent of Americans oppose abortion after the first trimester. If your only news is from the mainstream media, you'd never know this. Instead, we continue to hear that Americans are split down the middle on abortion, even though we really aren't.

Date posted: 2013-09-09

Breadwinner Moms

Marshall reminds us that, "We live in an era in which traditional life scripts have broken down, especially when it comes to sex, marriage and childbearing. Feminists portray this as liberating, but for many, the outcomes are anything but liberating."

Date posted: 2013-09-09

I Have a Dream

If you have children who are learning about the "I Have a Dream" speech today, make sure they understand what motivated Martin Luther King, Jr. It was his faith in the God who authored justice. Because of this, as King reminded us fifty years ago today, when it comes to civil rights, we should not be satisfied with America's progress until "justice rolls down like waters, and righteousness like a mighty stream."

Date posted: 2013-09-09

A-Rod and the Culture of Narcissism

After a year of baseball bans, basketball whiners, sprinting scandals, and a football murder, an athlete putting others first sounds, well, odd.

Date posted: 2013-09-09

Quit While You're a Head

These days, breathtaking medical breakthroughs are the stuff of daily headlines. What used to belong in the realm of science fiction has become commonplace. But every now and then something so bizarre pops up it should remind us that what is medically possible is not always morally permissible.

Date posted: 2013-09-04

The Sewer and the Dropbox

The images and video broadcast around the world triggered shock and disgust: a team of Chinese firefighters sawed open a narrow sewage pipe and removed a screaming newborn baby. The tiny boy, whose only name was "59," after the number of his hospital incubator, miraculously survived after being flushed or dropped - we're still not sure - into a public sewer, where he became lodged.

Date posted: 2013-06-22

Creating Life to Destroy It?

Earlier this month, a group of scientists at Oregon Health Sciences University surprised many of their colleagues when they announced that they had obtained embryonic stem cells from cloned embryos.

Date posted: 2013-06-22

Yes, Christian, There is a Devil

Daniel Patrick Moynihan coined the phrase "defining deviancy down" to describe the process by which we accept outrageous acts that we would never have tolerated a generation ago.

Date posted: 2013-06-22

Gosnell and the Abortion License

In the midst of government scandal, the Gosnell abortion verdict came and went. But the questions it raised will be debated for years.

Date posted: 2013-05-18

There's Courage, Then There's Courage

Unless you've been completely unplugged recently, you likely saw the flood of news stories concerning Jason Collins, the NBA player who recently announced his homosexuality. Collins was called "brave" and "courageous" for the step he took, as the first active male player in a major sport to come out as homosexual.

Date posted: 2013-05-18

The Overblown War between Faith and Science

During the second weekend in April, the Vatican hosted what the Wall Street Journal called an "unusual conference." At this "unusual conference," scientists, including a Nobel Laureate, theologians, and entrepreneurs came together to discuss one of the most contentious issues of our time: stem cell research.

Date posted: 2013-05-05