Santoro, Vincenzina
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Vincenzina Santoro is the Chief United Nations representative of the American Family Association of New York.


Please come home! Portugal wants its émigrés to return

Portugal has had an exceptional experience with emigration and immigration for several hundred years.

Date posted: 2019-09-16

New York governor lights up the town for abortion

Often at the United Nations and elsewhere one hears references to the need for abolishing the death penalty. What worst death penalty can there be than the deliberate termination of the preborn who are innocent, voiceless and defenseless?

Date posted: 2019-02-02

'Travel agents of death'

Italy is being swamped by African migrants sent on their way by criminal gangs.

Date posted: 2017-07-31

Women do have power in the world of work, UN please note

Many women have advanced beyond 'equality' in their professions.

Date posted: 2017-03-21

Working in strange lands, relieving poverty at home

Migrant workers contribute more to home economies than foreign aid.

Date posted: 2017-02-05

How Warren Buffett's philanthropy secretly funded contraception

Contraceptive market sales in the United States alone were estimated to be US$6 billion in 2013.

Date posted: 2015-11-19

Downing tools

Doctors who are willing to do abortions are becoming scarcer and scarcer in Italy.

Date posted: 2013-12-04

Modern martyrs in the Syrian heartland of early Christianity

History repeats itself as invaders give a choice of conversion or death.

Date posted: 2013-09-21

Constantine and the birth of religious tolerance

It is exactly 1700 years since the Emperor Constantine gave official recognition to Christianity.

Date posted: 2013-03-16

Working abroad, supporting the family at home

The Philippines, one of Asia's rising economic stars, is one of many countries that rely on exporting people and importing their earnings. In numerous families household consumption is boosted by the money received from those family members who have emigrated in search of work and decent earnings and sent home a part of their wages and salaries.

Date posted: 2013-03-10

Italy's conscientious doctors

Up to 85 percent of gynecologists in some regions refuse to perform abortions.

Date posted: 2012-10-16

Let's make the UN Secretary-General keep his word

The United Nations must be the "defender of the defenceless", says Ban Ki-moon. Why not begin with the unborn?

Date posted: 2012-03-02

UN spurns family values in fight against AIDS

Thirty years have passed since AIDS was first identified. Why can't the United Nations stop spouting cliches and get to the heart of the problem?

Date posted: 2011-07-27

Europe for Families, Families for Europe

The most recent figures show an uptick in European birth rates. Is this a sign of renewed vitality in the Old World?

Date posted: 2011-04-24

Why can't the UN be consistent?

The right to life, abolition of the death penalty, children in armed conflict, elimination of all violence against women, the empowerment of women and women's rights are all causes discussed, analyzed and embraced at the United Nations. Although they never are, all of these should apply to the earliest stages of life.

Date posted: 2011-04-20

The age of ageing

This strong statement comes from the Population Division of the United Nations, the global authority on population data and policies. In a little-noted document entitled World Population Ageing 2009 the report also stressed that population ageing is "pervasive, profound and enduring." All countries are experiencing the same phenomenon.

Date posted: 2011-03-05

Promoting compulsory sexual education at the UN

In most people's minds, the United Nations is associated with promoting peace, fostering development, feeding the hungry, providing peacekeeping troops, and defending human rights. But there are many other activities in the realm of social engineering at the UN that most people never hear about.

Date posted: 2010-11-08

A nation turns away from abortion

It's not true that abortion statistics are irreversible. Italy proves it.

Date posted: 2010-09-20

Positive signs from the UN

Korea has the lowest fertility rate among the 30 OECD (most developed) nations: 1.19 in 2008, its population has started to decline and the population is aging rapidly. This has to be put into perspective. The Korean Government has had a very strong "family planning" policy since 1962. Now they are concerned about the consequences they have wrought. One of the officials, in his opening remarks stated outright that the current population situation "is not sustainable"...

Date posted: 2010-02-25