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Jane Robbins, a graduate of Clemson University and the Harvard Law School, is an attorney and writer in Georgia.


Revisiting the Impossibility of Informed Consent for Transgender Interventions

The ideology glorified by "Pride" month has overtaken much of the medical profession. Burgeoning numbers of trans-identifying individuals demand euphemistically labeled "gender affirming treatment," or GAT (puberty-blocking drugs, cross-sex hormones, surgeries), and clinicians in the thriving trans industry are often happy to provide it.

Date posted: 2022-08-01

The Impossibility of Informed Consent for Transgender Interventions: The Risks (Part II)

Dr. Stephen Levine highlights biological, social, and psychological (mental health) risks in medically "transitioning." Without explaining these risks and determining that the patient fully understands them, a medical practitioner has failed to obtain informed consent - if such consent is even possible. The second of two essays.

Date posted: 2020-05-01

The Impossibility of Informed Consent for Transgender Interventions: The Paradigm (Part I)

Assisting a gender dysphoric patient in "transitioning" without laying out the full panoply of medical, psychological, and social consequences violates the physician's ethical obligation to obtain truly informed consent. The first of two essays.

Date posted: 2020-05-01

Against the "Feminine Essence"

Why do transgender activists so strongly reject the concept of autogynephilia, in which a man wants to be a woman because of an erotic attachment to the idea of himself as a woman? Shutting down scientific inquiry via political pressure impedes the objective advancement of science. Further, denying the validity of the autogynephilia theory can harm gender-dysphoric patients by denying them access to therapies that could help them overcome their specific problems.

Date posted: 2019-11-16

The Cracks in the Edifice of Transgender Totalitarianism

The transgender castle that radicals have constructed by sheer force of will is built on shifting sand without supports of any kind. The wave that will sweep it away is gaining strength. May the time come soon when we will all say, with observers of past hysterias, "How could we have believed that?"

Date posted: 2019-07-28