Parker, James
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James Parker was a gay rights' activist. He now facilitates True Identity, an informal network that supports those struggling with sexuality & gender identity issues.


'Leave them kids alone', sang Pink Floyd in 1979. Now it's: 'we'll convert your children'

Parents need to wake up to the possibility of LGBTQ+ indoctrinationg.

Date posted: 2023-03-07

LGBTQI+ advocates are stifling debate about conversion therapy

A prominent British Anglican is visiting Australia to persuade her church to ban prayerful counselling.

Date posted: 2023-03-06

Is 'Pride' a veil covering deep inner trauma?

Australians need to take a closer look at the festivities of WorldPride 2023.

Date posted: 2023-03-05

Tasmania should reject a proposed ban on 'conversion therapy'

In fact, this could harm, not help, LGBT people.

Date posted: 2022-08-01

Are there 'ex-gays'? Milo Yiannopoulos says 'Yes' and he should know

The flamboyant gay activist speaks out in favour of 'conversion therapy'.

Date posted: 2021-04-08

Victoria's 'conversion therapy' bill is a violation of human rights

Hilton and Hennessy simply have not done their homework. How can they propose a law banning therapy and prayer based on a 21-page consultative report which features a mere four undated and anonymous "survivor" stories, all of which involve Christians with same-sex attraction, none with gender identity issues, and with no reference to a single story where therapy or prayer has proven to be highly successful?

Date posted: 2021-02-05

Truth-telling is a revolutionary act. Especially about transgenderism

Basil Zempilas, Western Australian media presenter and newly elected Lord Mayor of Perth, has expressed a personal opinion on his breakfast radio show about the transgender community.

Date posted: 2020-11-02

Have LGGBDTTTIQQAAPP rights had their day?

There are signs that the movement is imploding.

Date posted: 2019-11-17