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How to Have Happy Teen

What do happy teenagers do? Perhaps the easiest way to answer that question is to ID what they don't do!

Date posted: 2018-10-28

The Church's Abuse Problem

Sexual abuse in the church is not just a Catholic problem. I'll tell you about a very sobering report from WORLD magazine.

Date posted: 2018-10-23

Protect Mode

Male and Female God created us. That means He created masculinity and femininity as well. Lose one or the other, and bad things happen.

Date posted: 2018-09-12

Pet Clones

Male and Female God created us. That means He created masculinity and femininity as well. Lose one or the other, and bad things happen.

Date posted: 2018-09-12

Save the Persecuted Christians

You've been asked to save the whales, the elephants, and the redwoods, but how about the persecuted Christians?

Date posted: 2018-06-17

The Pandemic of Loneliness

Do you feel lonely? Join the crowd. Loneliness has reached pandemic levels - but there is hope.

Date posted: 2018-06-17

Forgetting the Holocaust

In the 1930s and 40s, six million Jews perished at the hands of the Nazis. But amazingly, this would be news to many among us.

Date posted: 2018-05-20

Too Few Women

The gender imbalance in China and Asia is wreaking social chaos. And the Washington Post's worldview won't let it admit the real cause of the problem.

Date posted: 2018-05-19

One Book You Have to Read

It's a sign of the times when a major magazine can tell its readers it's okay to ignore the Bible.

Date posted: 2018-05-05

Second Chance Month 2018

Believers and non-believers, the right and the left, can agree on this: Men and women who've done their time deserve a second chance.

Date posted: 2018-04-21

NARAL's Tell-Tale Heart

So how's the pro-life movement doing these days? Gauging by the hysteria of one pro-abortion group, I'd say pretty well.

Date posted: 2018-02-26

Euthanasia and Its Victims

Ideas have consequences. Bad ideas have victims. More proof that euthanasia is a bad idea.

Date posted: 2018-02-26

Scientists and Christianity

To paraphrase Mark Twain, reports of the rift between science and Christianity have been greatly exaggerated.

Date posted: 2018-02-10

Your Desires Don't Define You

When someone states that he or she was "born this way," maybe the most biblical response is, "me too."

Date posted: 2018-01-28

What's in a (Transgender) Pronoun?

If a transgender person asks you to use a pronoun or name in line with his or her preferred gender, what do you do? It's no longer a hypothetical question.

Date posted: 2017-12-24

Eugenics and Its Victims

2017 is a year of milestone anniversaries for events that shaped our world: the Reformation, the Russian Revolution, and one horrible Supreme Court decision.

Date posted: 2017-11-19

Why Mommies Matter

What would you do to enhance your baby's mental and emotional well-being?

Date posted: 2017-11-19

Gender, Language and Ideology

The words we use affect the way we think. And the proponents of gender-neutral language know it.

Date posted: 2017-11-19

Let's Talk About the Talk

There's a battle raging right now over sex education, and our kids are in the line of fire.

Date posted: 2017-11-19

Many Atheists Aren't So Sure

Sometimes, holding on to faith in God can be hard. But then again, so can holding on to faith in no God.

Date posted: 2017-09-30

The Invisible Christians of North Korea

If you think North Korea's dictators are bad for the world, just imagine what it's like to be a Christian there.

Date posted: 2017-09-27

The Importance of Good News

It's been a summer of rough news for America. Racism, riots, and political violence. Is the world a better place today?

Date posted: 2017-09-26

Minimally Conscious, not Minimally Human

"What gives human life value? How we answer that question will determine who lives and who dies.

Date posted: 2017-09-23

A Biblical Case against Racism

We're called to speak the good news into every area of human life, including the dark corners of racism.

Date posted: 2017-09-17

Rescuing iGen

Imagine the best memories of your youth. Now imagine all of them replaced by a screen. Unless we can outsmart phones, this will be reality for a generation.

Date posted: 2017-09-17

The Western Baby Bust

European leaders are begging their fellow citizens to have children. But it seems like a "Do as we say, not as we do," kind of message.

Date posted: 2017-08-15

Continental Suicide

What happens when a civilization forgets - or rejects - its roots? We're seeing it right now.

Date posted: 2017-08-12

The Continuing Triumph of Faith

Ever hear the old saw that religious people are on the wrong side of history? It isn't true. Turns out, we're on the right side of the future as well.

Date posted: 2017-07-07

Turning Children into Jewelry?

An Australian company has brought back the idea in a frankly bizarre and repulsive way: They are turning fertilized human embryos - that is, children at the embryonic stage - into jewelry.

Date posted: 2017-07-05

France and Down Syndrome

One of the great men of French history had a daughter with a disability. His faith saw him - and her - through.

Date posted: 2017-06-02

The Assisted Suicide Freight Train Hits the Brakes

A funny thing happened on the way to our supposed brave new world of assisted suicide.

Date posted: 2017-06-01

The Infinite Value of Every Life

When we save just one life from abortion, we're saving the future. I'll explain with a beautiful story.

Date posted: 2017-03-30

Take a Stand for Marriage

They say Rome wasn't built in a day, but you can do something to help rebuild marriage in just one week!

Date posted: 2017-03-30

Heroin Hell

The statistics are frightening. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, every day in the United States, an average of 78 people die of an opiate overdose, including 29 from heroin. Every year, the CDC reports, opiate overdoses kill more than 28,000 people, and heroin kills more than 10,500. That's more than all those killed on U.S. highways.

Date posted: 2017-01-03

Men Not at Work

Demographers and economists say American men are facing an epidemic of epic proportions: joblessness.

Date posted: 2016-11-17

Not Buying 'Death with Dignity'

From Colorado to the District of Columbia, death is on the march. But many African Americans are ready to resist.

Date posted: 2016-11-16

Christians and Hong Kong's Umbrella Movement

Why is China trying to rein in democracy in Hong Kong? Maybe Hong Kong being a hotbed of Christianity has something to do with it.

Date posted: 2016-11-15

Progressively Regressive Sexuality

Sexual progressives claim to be ushering in a "brave new world" of freedom. But their "new" morality is as old as the hills.

Date posted: 2016-10-13

The Sexual Revolution and Cultural Marxism

So, it's OK to warn people about the dangers of drinking too much soda, but not about risky sexual behavior? Welcome to the strange world of cultural Marxism.

Date posted: 2016-10-13

Scientism Out of Hand

The scientific community needs to get a grip on its bias. Thankfully, the Creator gave them wonderfully-designed hands.

Date posted: 2016-04-30

The Most Dangerous Book in the Worldy

Every year, the American Library Association "receives reports from libraries, schools, and the media on attempts to ban books in communities across the country." The Association says it then will "compile lists[s] of challenged books in order to inform the public about censorship efforts that affect libraries and schools."

Date posted: 2016-04-27

The Planned Parenthood Video

How can anyone defend Planned Parenthood after the sickening video that came to light this week? I'll tell you how.

Date posted: 2015-08-01

Forget the First Amendment

Adding tyranny to injustice, an Oregon official not only fined Christian bakers for refusing to bake a cake for a gay wedding, he has ordered them not to speak about it.

Date posted: 2015-08-01

The Ol' Bait and Switch

Was marriage "equality" the real goal of the gay marriage movement? Or was it something else?

Date posted: 2015-08-01

Defying ISIS

ISIS must be stopped. And author Johnnie Moore wants the Western Church to wake up before it's too late.

Date posted: 2015-06-03

Reversing the Abortion Pill

Do you think that it's impossible to reverse an abortion? Well, praise God, think again

Date posted: 2015-05-31

Gray Hair and Gray Matter

As we age, we slow down mentally and have trouble keeping up with younger minds, right? Well, new research suggests it's time we retire this understanding of the aging brain.

Date posted: 2015-05-31

Always Care, Never Kill

It starts under the pretense of alleviating suffering, but it ends up killing the most vulnerable among us. I'm talking about physician-assisted suicide.

Date posted: 2015-05-27

The Other Side of the Abortion Story

To get to the truth of a matter, you need to hear both sides of the story. And that's especially true with abortion.

Date posted: 2015-02-28

The Radical Demands of the Gospel

Must Christians choose between pursuing social justice and promoting moral clarity? Only if we want to undermine the radical claims of the Gospel.

Date posted: 2015-02-28

Self-Esteem, Entitlement, and Violence

What happens when an entire generation grows up believing that they're so special they deserve nothing but the best in life? Well, disappointment. And worse.

Date posted: 2015-02-28

Surviving Roe v. Wade

On this dark anniversary of Roe v. Wade we'll hear from some of the voices that abortion could not silence

Date posted: 2015-02-28

Christians to the Closet

Gay-rights activists have mocked the idea that gay marriage threatens religious liberty. But what they mean by religious liberty is no such thing.

Date posted: 2015-02-28

On Behalf of the Poor, the Sick, the Persecuted

One of my favorite scripture verses is Luke 12:48: "To whom much is given, of them much is required." And one of the people I admire most has lived that verse to the fullest.

Date posted: 2014-12-24

Our Compromised Witness

One evangelical leader has called for a revitalized Christian outreach to homosexuals.

Date posted: 2014-12-24

Euthanasia and the Slippery Slope

News flash: Assisted suicide in the Netherlands is not as bad as the critics had feared. Actually, it's worse.

Date posted: 2014-10-26

Supreme Inaction on Gay Marriage

Sometimes actions speak louder than words. And when it comes to gay marriage and the Supreme Court, so does inaction.

Date posted: 2014-10-26

No Disposable Peopl

It's easy to forget that every human being is made in God's image -- even those behind bars.

Date posted: 2014-10-08

Are We the Baddies?'

Martin Luther said, "To go against conscience is neither right nor safe."

Date posted: 2014-10-08

No Disposable People

It's easy to forget that every human being is made in God's image - even those behind bars.

Date posted: 2014-09-23

Eugenics and Not-So Ancient History

We should applaud the newest memorial in Germany. And maybe we need one of our own.

Date posted: 2014-09-23

Mum's the Word on Divorce

We evangelicals are so silent on this crucial topic, we might as well call it the "D-word."

Date posted: 2014-09-23

Getting Between Us and Our Kids

Do you take your parental responsibilities seriously enough to stand out in a crowd?

Date posted: 2014-09-23

Bringing Humans to Market

If we treat soybeans, microchips, and human beings all the same -- that is, as products to bring to market -- then we've lost our humanity

Date posted: 2014-09-23

How We Treat the Disabled Among Us

Recent revelations about the abuse of disabled workers has me thinking: Do we fear God?

Date posted: 2014-03-22

Tinkering with Frankenkinder

Some things are better left untried. Like trying to create children with three genetic parents.

Date posted: 2014-03-22

Global Poverty and Violence

Name a root cause of poverty in the developing world. Corruption? Poor education? There's something else you probably haven't thought of.

Date posted: 2014-03-22

Marriage, Pride and Prejudice

Getting marital advice from a 19th century English fiction writer would be a "novel" idea, but it might be a good one.

Date posted: 2014-02-23

Restricting Abortion, Spanish Style

The Spanish government wants to enact new restrictions on abortion. Why should we care?

Date posted: 2014-02-19

Glowing Green Mice

Might the latest scientific breakthrough end the controversy over embryonic stem cells?

Date posted: 2014-02-13


Increasingly, infertile couples are turning to surrogate pregnancy. And it's become a big business -- with winners and losers.

Date posted: 2014-02-11

Faith Rising in East, Setting in West?

The Christian sun is rising in the east. Eastern Europe, that is. And the Western media just doesn't get it.

Date posted: 2014-01-29

The Truth about Marriage and Poverty

One of the best ways you and your church can fight poverty is to work for healthy marriages.

Date posted: 2014-01-24

Raw Emotions Make Bad Law

Emotional, angry outbursts have become the acceptable parlance of public discourse. One case in point, and why it's so dangerous.

Date posted: 2014-01-17

Personhood for Primates?

The last thing we need to be doing is monkeying around with the legal concept of personhood.

Date posted: 2013-12-22

Immutable Ideology

Why would a state ban parents from getting help for their child with an unwanted same-sex attraction? It's a question of ideology.

Date posted: 2013-12-04

Bad Boy Does Good

The development of a baby in the womb is a miracle. And as a newly unveiled series of sculptures show, good art can portray the miracle powerfully.

Date posted: 2013-10-20

Of Mice and Men

A new medical discovery might pose ethical challenges we've never faced before.

Date posted: 2013-10-08

More than Voles

For decades, even centuries, we've been warned that overpopulation will lead to mass starvation. But the cataclysm has yet to come. Why is that?

Date posted: 2013-10-08

Love Into Light

Too often, opinions about how the Church should respond to homosexuality fall into two diametrically opposed camps: one side urges us to cast aside, or at least downplay, what the scriptures and the Church have taught for two thousand years in the hope of "saving the brand."

Date posted: 2013-09-21

Wringing Good out of Evil

While God did bring good out of this horrific evil, the events of September 15th left its scars on survivors like Carolyn Maull. But God brought good from the evil that visited her as well.

Date posted: 2013-09-19

Contract Killing

So, how has the sexual revolution worked out for women? Just ask one who was urged to sign an abortion contract. That's right, an abortion contract.

Date posted: 2013-09-08

A Poor Substitute for Marriage

It seems so logical: live together, see if it works, and then get married. Except things just don't work out that way.

Date posted: 2013-09-08

Our "Godless Constitution"

One Fourth of July ad would have you believe that the Founding Fathers sought to shield our nation's government from Christianity. Clever, but not true. 

Date posted: 2013-09-08

Three Generations of Eugenics

Improve the human race by eliminating the weak. That's a key tenet of eugenics - a philosophy that is alive and well right here in the good ol' U.S. of A.

Date posted: 2013-09-08

Juvenile Justice and Jesus

Jesus cared passionately about prisoners. Throw in what he said about little ones and millstones, and we'd better care about juvenile offenders.

Date posted: 2013-07-13

The Supremes and Marriage

Okay, you've seen the news, you've listened to the talking heads: But what exactly did the Supreme Court's rulings mean for marriage?

Date posted: 2013-07-07

Time to Reverse a Trend

Marriage rates are heading downhill, and they'll continue to do so until we Christians can show others the value of marriage.

Date posted: 2013-07-07

The False Narrative of Gay Marriage

You've heard it over and over: Gay "marriage" is inevitable. Well, at least that's what its supporters want you to believe.

Date posted: 2013-07-06

Coming to a Vending Machine near You?

Last week, the President threw America's parents and their daughters under a bus. And I'm hopping mad about it - and not just because I have a young daughter of my own.

Date posted: 2013-07-06

Learning from Young Atheists

Have you ever asked a young atheist why he or she doesn't believe? Well, one researcher did. And the answers may surprise you.

Date posted: 2013-07-06

Speak Truth, Show Compassion

An article in the latest issue of the Atlantic Monthly describes how churches affiliated with Unitarian/Universalist and Episcopal denominations have embraced same-sex relationships.

Date posted: 2013-06-22

Men in Black Robes

The secular powers that be are putting pressure on pastors to limit their practice of the Christian faith to just the four walls of the local church.

Date posted: 2013-06-22

Not that There's Anything Wrong with That

Cultural views on homosexuality are changing so rapidly, it's hard to keep track of what is or isn't homophobic anymore.

Date posted: 2013-06-22

Wanting a Mom and a Dad

The Supreme Court is deciding whether or not to redefine marriage - and we're hearing a lot of claims about how well children do when they're reared by homosexual couples. Sad to say, some of those claims are being made to the Supremes - and they are completely false.

Date posted: 2013-06-22

All About Babies

If I say the word "culture" to you, what other words come to mind? Art? Morals? Perhaps politics in its broadest sense? Here's a word that probably doesn't come to mind: babies. Yet, as the recipient of the 2013 Wilberforce Award, Archbishop Timothy Cardinal Dolan of New York, argued, it's probably the first word that should come to mind.

Date posted: 2013-05-18

Seeing is Believing

Do you remember the great movie "Amazing Grace," about William Wilberforce, the Christian Parliamentarian who led the charge to abolish the British slave trade? One scene sticks in my mind right now, especially given all the horrors being revealed in the murder trial of abortionist Kermit Gosnell in Philadelphia.

Date posted: 2013-05-18

How Roe vs. Wade Gave Us Gosnell

The testimony coming out of the trial of abortionist Kermit Gosnell paints an indelible picture of human depravity. Gosnell is charged with killing a 41-year-old woman patient as well as seven babies who'd been born alive after their abortions failed.

Date posted: 2013-05-05