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Kurt Mahlburg is a writer and author, and an emerging Australian voice on culture and the Christian faith. He has a passion for both the philosophical and the personal, drawing on his background as a graduate architect, a primary school teacher, a missionary, and a young adults pastor. Since 2018, Kurt has been the Research and Features Editor at the Canberra Declaration. He is also a freelance writer, and a regular contributor at the Spectator Australia, MercatorNet, Caldron Pool and The Good Sauce. Kurt is fluent in several South-East Asian languages, has degrees in Design, Education and Divinity, and is an avid traveller and surfer. Having grown up in the Adelaide Hills, he now resides in Sydney's northern beaches with his wife Angie. Together, they are preparing to volunteer long-term in South-East Asia. Kurt is the author of Cross and Culture: Can Jesus Save the West? (2020). He is also the co-editor and a contributing author of The Blessing of Almighty God (2020).


New! Has Biden weaponised the Justice Department to pursue a morally bankrupt agenda?

It is a understatement to observe that the Biden administration's moral compass is broken beyond repair.

Date posted: 2024-07-03

Even Stonehenge isn't sacred to the woke climate cult

Ancient pagan sites have become the latest vandalism target for modern pagan cults.

Date posted: 2024-06-22

Kansas City Chiefs' kicker Harrison Butker takes on the warriors of woke

There is nothing about being an NFL player, however, that prevents players from having other passions in life. And Butker has made it quite clear over the years that his faith and his family rank as higher priorities for him than football. It was the themes of faith and family that landed Butker in hot water for the commencement address he gave at Benedictine College, a private Catholic liberal arts college an hour out of Kansas City.

Date posted: 2024-06-02

UNC Chapel Hill the latest college to defund DEI

Every month, we are reducing the perceived risk of abolishing DEI departments. By the end of the year, most red states will have abolished DEI in their public universities. Then we will move on to the next campaign.

Date posted: 2024-05-28

'Boy Scouts of America' is rebranding. Now it's gender-neutral

Boy Scouts of America's gender-neutral rebrand is just the latest move in a decade of woke policy posturing by the organisation. Here's a thought. Maybe the last decade's worth of hyper-inclusion explains why Boy Scouts of America's membership is at historic lows. Though never a scout, I was a boy once. I remember the difference between playing in mixed company and adventuring just with other boys. Both have their place, but they are qualitatively different. As an all-male organisation, BSA had an edge on most competition - an edge they have since abandoned in their giddy pursuit of woke brownie points.

Date posted: 2024-05-19

Planned Parenthood's abortion imperialism goes global

Planned Parenthood made use of $699 million in United States taxpayer funds to perform over 390,000 abortions last year, according to the organisation's recent annual report. The number represents a 5 percent increase from the previous year.

Date posted: 2024-05-07

Most gender-confused kids 'grow out of it', according to landmark study

Two-thirds of children experiencing gender confusion in early adolescence grow out of those feelings by their mid-20s, according to a landmark, multi-decade study published in February.

Date posted: 2024-04-19

Puberty blockers canned: is the downfall of the trans industry imminent?

Earlier in March, NHS England made the bombshell announcement that puberty blockers - controversial drugs that are also used to chemically castrate criminals - will mercifully no longer be prescribed to children at gender identity clinics across the country.

Date posted: 2024-04-01

Thanks to one woman's vision, the world's biggest porn site is a shell of its former self

For over a decade she has been involved in anti-sex trafficking advocacy. But it was the "Traffickinghub" campaign she launched in February 2020 that has really made a mark on the world.

Date posted: 2024-03-09

Drag Queen Story Hour: its subversive origins and hideous agenda

When Western nations legalised same-sex marriage in the mid-2010s, few people were expecting a deluge of drag queens to follow - but somehow, that is what we got. Now drag queens are everywhere: in city libraries, at K-12 schools, in parades, and just in case you can't escape them elsewhere, on airlines. If you criticise this bizarre modern ritual, watch out - you might be fired, as happened to one unsuspecting UK university lecturer.

Date posted: 2024-02-17

Does the downfall of Harvard's president mark the death throes of woke?

The data points are all around us - whether seen in a growing awareness of the futility of transgender surgery, the hypocrisy of elite climate panic peddlers, falling support for same-sex relationships, or the dawning realisation that the cult's high priests would sooner support Hamas terrorists than the babies they murder.

Date posted: 2024-02-15

Seven questions for Covid-19 'expert' Francis Collins

A resurfaced video of former National Institutes of Health Director Francis Collins has been making the rounds on social media this week, providing a stark reminder that 'the experts' are still due their reckoning for the reckless Covid-era policies they long foisted on the rest of us.

Date posted: 2024-01-24

An Ireland so inclusive the Irish aren't welcome

Tensions have been running hot in Ireland after a 49-year-old Algerian-Irish man stabbed five people, three of them children, sending a woman and a young child to hospital in a serious condition.

Date posted: 2023-12-16

Meet Luka Hein, the fifth American detransitioner to sue over rushed treatment

After just two medical appointments, Luka Hein underwent a double mastectomy at age 16.

Date posted: 2023-10-22

Canada's mass graves scandal is looking more like a modern-day blood libel

The barely-whispered fine print in each of these announcements - and in most corporate press reporting on the subject - was that no graves had been physically located or unearthed at all. Rather, radar had detected anomalies and disturbances in the soil, which were assumed to be the graves of children. Such an assumption was not entirely unfounded: research conducted in 2015 suggested historically high rates of child deaths at residential schools due to disease.

Date posted: 2023-10-03

Drag queens defeated Down Under

That death throes of a dying civilisation otherwise known as 'Drag Queen Story Hour' have suffered a landmark legal defeat in Australia.

Date posted: 2023-09-02

How refreshing: an actual debate on transgenderism on Capitol Hill

Like any good debate, both sides of the issue had a chance to present their views. The result was a reminder of why such debates are rarely allowed in public anymore - namely, because the side of sanity effortlessly presented the best case.

Date posted: 2023-08-12

Does the '+' in LGBT+ stand for 'pedophile'?

There are questions that puzzle even the most astute philosophers. If the LGBT movement is just about what consenting adults do behind closed doors, why do we keep seeing footage of adults depicting sex acts at family parades?

Date posted: 2023-07-13

Meet GARM, the World Economic Forum's Swiss army knife for woke-ifying Planet Earth

Meet GARM, the World Economic Forum's Swiss army knife for woke-ifying Planet Earth.

Date posted: 2023-06-08

Transracial, transgender internet influencer Oli London finds Christian transformation

Since London has spoken out about his story on social media and in interviews, he said he's received "thousands and thousands of messages from Christians and Catholics" praying for him and sending encouragement. He urged Catholics to reach out to those with gender dysphoria, especially children, and invite them to church. He has even written a book, to be released in August, about the harm of gender ideology.

Date posted: 2023-06-03

Six-year old transgender 'Stefonknee Wolscht': where is he now?

"Where are the limits to self-definition?

Date posted: 2023-05-23

Disney's obsession with woke sexuality has cost it quarter of a billion dollars at the box office

Does Disney really believe that families enjoy LGBTQ+-affirmative lecturing in films?

Date posted: 2023-05-02

Woke Oxford City Council to sell off 'inappropriate' artworks?

Are we supposed to junk great works of art because they offend contemporary sensibilities?

Date posted: 2023-04-22

Is 'woke' just a slur to describe 'stuff I don't like'?

Woke' is hotly contested by progressives and conservatives.

Date posted: 2023-04-05

Happy International Women's Day, bigots!

Some men are discovering new ways to advance women's rights.

Date posted: 2023-03-25

Covid-19 was created in a Wuhan lab - and now you're allowed to say so

For nearly three years, journalists in the world media have behaved like activists.

Date posted: 2023-03-08

In a pro-abortion speech, Kamala Harris omits 'life' and 'Creator' from the Declaration of Independence

How well does she know her American history?

Date posted: 2023-02-15

Why is ethics guru Peter Singer defending woke museum vandals?

Activists are defacing famous works of art to protest inaction on climate change.

Date posted: 2023-02-07

Cambridge Dictionary goes woke and redefines 'woman'

Adding to what Orwell wrote in 1984: war is peace; freedom is slavery; Ignorance is strength -- 'man is woman'.

Date posted: 2023-01-28

Cancel culture irony: thousands boycott PayPal for threatening users with $2500 'misinformation' fine

Cancel culture is so out of control that its worst purveyors are now cancelling themselves.

Date posted: 2022-10-28

Christians need not apply: on the woke ousting of Essendon's CEO

Believing that homosexual acts are sinful and that abortion is murder will get you sacked in today's Australia.

Date posted: 2022-10-10

Go woke, go... to an early grave? Inside the Ambulance Victoria crisis

Insane: choosing to hire expensive "inclusivity monitors" instead of funding life-saving personnel.

Date posted: 2022-09-19

Junk science alert: Scientific American claims that male/female is a myth invented by Enlightenment bigots

Is binary sexuality really a way of subjugating women?

Date posted: 2022-09-13

Drag queens wear 'womanface' like minstrels wore 'blackface' - but you'll be sacked if you say so

On a Zoom call in November 2020, Cathy Boardman showed her cultural studies class two pictures: one of a white performer appearing in "blackface"; the other of a drag queen, with a caption asking, "What about 'womanface'?"

Date posted: 2022-09-04

Sydney to host 'WorldPride 2023' in the middle of a monkeypox emergency. And our fearless media are MIA.

Shouldn't Sydneysiders have a conversation about the wisdom of holding an international gay pride event in the middle of a monkeypox epidemic?

Date posted: 2022-08-19

Has the White House awakened from its indifference to pro-abortion violence?

The Biden administration labelled parents as 'domestic terrorists'. Why did it ignore terrorist threats to SCOTUS judges?

Date posted: 2022-07-05

Peak woke: are we there yet?

No balloon can stay aloft for ever. The other day I suggested to a friend that we may be close to reaching "peak woke". He sagely responded that the notion of peak woke is like housing prices in Sydney: ever promising to stop climbing but never relenting.

Date posted: 2022-06-22

Black lives matter, unless they are Nigerian Christians

A massacre of Nigerian Catholics last Sunday has gone without comment from BLM. Women and children were among the slain at St Francis Catholic Church in the town of Owo. Many more were injured during the shooting.

Date posted: 2022-06-20

Ricky Gervais howled down for announcing that grass is green

The comedian dares a takedown of transgenderism. British comedian Ricky Gervais won global infamy for his merciless opening speech at the 2020 Golden Globes. The dry eight-minute routine decried woke hypocrisy, confronted Hollywood's pedophilia problem, and ridiculed the notion of elites passing each other awards. It is a skit that hasn't aged a day.

Date posted: 2022-06-19

The right to bear arms is "child sacrifice" - and abortion is not?

If every gun in America were confiscated tomorrow, the endemic mass killing of abortion would, if many of the Uvalde mourners had their way, remain.

Date posted: 2022-06-06

A coercive and controlling government moves to outlaw 'coercive control'

The Queensland government wants men to stop abusing their wives. Fair enough. but how about abuse of its own citizens?

Date posted: 2022-05-21


Locker rooms are 'definitely awkward'. One teammate who spoke to the Daily Mail said that she and other female athletes feel uncomfortable sharing a locker room with Thomas. "It's definitely awkward because Lia still has male body parts and is still attracted to women," the teammate said.

Date posted: 2022-04-11

Trans, fully vaxxed, Black, Ukrainian Lives Matter!

Woke warriors are fighting the good fight in Ukraine.

Date posted: 2022-04-11

On wokeness, weakness and war

The post-Cold War world has been easy on us. What comes next?

Date posted: 2022-03-21

Labelling dissenters as domestic terrorists endangers democracy in Canada and the US

Two organisers of Canada's peaceful Freedom Convoy, Chris Barber and Tamara Lich, were arrested today, after the Trudeau government earlier this week invoked the Emergencies Act, formerly the War Measures Act.

Date posted: 2022-02-24

Everything woke goes nuts: M&Ms get an 'inclusive' rebrand

Ever looked at a bag of M&Ms and thought, 'I feel excluded'? Are you unable to enjoy that delicious candy-covered chocolate because you don't see yourself represented in its mascots?

Date posted: 2022-02-17

An Italian murdered in New York proves woke racism is as cruel as the racism it replaced

The New York Times has dropped the ball again. Why is it so difficult for American journalists to simply tell the truth?

Date posted: 2021-12-27

Is Salvation Army USA marching to the beat of Critical Race Theory?

Wokeism has infected one of the best-loved religious institutions.

Date posted: 2021-12-11

Honour the slain: tell the truth about the Waukesha Christmas massacre

President Biden said very little about the attack and has planned no visit to the families of the victims.

Date posted: 2021-12-11

The Trans Wars of 2021: when 'words are violence' and real violence goes unreported

Why are parents being persecuted for protecting their children against trans indoctrination?

Date posted: 2021-11-03

Batman vs. Superman: who wins the Woke Wars?

Earlier this month, DC Comics revealed that the Man of Steel is in fact bisexual.

Date posted: 2021-11-03

Forgotten freedoms fade fast

From social media censorship to mandatory medical treatments, it seems that Westerners have lost sight of the unique freedoms that once made our nations the envy of the world.

Date posted: 2021-09-19

I despair of accurate polling in the Age of Emocracy

Pollsters sat under a cloud of emotionally-charged cognitive bias in the lead-up to last November's election. According to a recent Hill-HarrisX poll, one third of American voters identify as "woke". Depending on your definition of "woke", that might be very good or very bad news.

Date posted: 2021-08-03

The 'kill whites' psychiatrist and the high price of wokeness in medicine

What happens when critical race theory invades your doctor's office?

Date posted: 2021-06-22

Woke Inc. celebrates Pride Month - but not in the Middle East

Those rainbows are nothing more than virtue-signalling to their dangerously censorious customers.

Date posted: 2021-06-22

Joe Rogan warns the masses about straight white men being silenced - irony much?

Iconic podcaster and comedian Joe Rogan last week expressed concerns to his millions of listeners about straight white men being silenced. Irony much?

Date posted: 2021-06-22

'White guilt' is when you'd rather be called a paedophile than a racist

Americans have made amazing progress in race relations. Their challenge is to stay the course

Date posted: 2021-06-22

Say hello to the newest enemy of Woke, Inc.

Today, major corporations scramble over each other to sell us their woke credentials, in an apparent fading interest in the products they were originally known for. Now, it seems, these companies are more eager to advertise their opinions on voter laws, pronouns, green new deals and whatever else woke activists decide matters most this month.

Date posted: 2021-06-04

The transgender debate has become a propaganda war

As is increasingly typical of debates in the postmodern era, the question of transgender “rights” has morphed into an all-out propaganda war. It is a battle that will be won or lost in the realm of language—the definitions of words, and the ability of voices in the media to clarify or cloud the truth through journalistic framing devices.

Date posted: 2021-05-20

Friends, let's fix 'cancel culture'

Unless you've been living under a rock, you'll be familiar with the new craze sweeping the West as the 2020s unfold, known as "cancel culture". The more this phenomenon grows, the more the label risks being misapplied. Cancel culture isn't just anything, however: it follows a very recognisable pattern.

Date posted: 2021-04-25

If Critical Race Theory turns everything into race, isn't it racist?

An unpleasant incident at an elite US women's college shows the danger of trusting feelings over facts.

Date posted: 2021-03-09

Joe Biden's abortion imperialism

Over 80 percent of Americans don't believe that they should pay for abortions in developing countries.

Date posted: 2021-02-18

Big Tech doesn't censor conservatives and other myths

We've moved from 'conservatives should build their own platforms' to 'conservatives don't deserve their own platforms'.

Date posted: 2021-02-05

On genderless language in the U.S. Congress

In preparation for the upcoming 117th Congress, House Democrats from the Rules Committee have drafted a rules package that would eliminate all references to gender in the official rules of the nation's Lower House. Lockdowns are destroying our economy. Thousands of businesses have permanently closed. Millions of Americans are out of work. Yet @SpeakerPelosi and the Democrats are more worried about eliminating words like 'father' and 'mother'," tweeted Texas Congressman Lance Gooden.

Date posted: 2021-01-15

Is life getting harder or are we getting softer?

Since the 9/11 terrorist attacks, no story has so captured our attention as this year's coronavirus pandemic. Even as the year draws to a close, our newsfeeds and nightly bulletins continue to update us on the spread of the virus and the many efforts afoot to mitigate it.

Date posted: 2020-11-27

To beat Covid we need real science, not scientism

Science has a very trusted reputation - so much so that in recent years, "trust the science" and "the science is settled" have become fashionable phrases in policy making and public debate.

Date posted: 2020-11-02

'Mulan', Disney, communists, and the self-destruction of woke capitalism

Large corporations are exerting more and more political pressure and control over their employees' basic human freedoms in attempts at virtue-signalling. Yet, their own business interests may display blatant hypocrisy.

Date posted: 2020-09-26

Looting can be fun - when you are not the victim

Despite what some commentators are saying, 'proletarian shopping' can hurt some people.

Date posted: 2020-09-26

Family breakdown and the rise of identity politics

Lacking familial love and cohesion, today's young adults turn to groups based on race, sexuality or some other minority identity for belonging.

Date posted: 2020-09-16

Tell Pornhub and Planned Parenthood that Black Lives Matter

Activists are wasting their time tearing down old statues. Abuse is happening here and now.

Date posted: 2020-07-06

What coverage of Joe Biden's past reveals about America's media bias

Long-ago and lurid allegations. Joe Biden's are ignored; Brett Kavanaugh's spark a media frenzy. Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden has been accused of sexual assault by a former staffer named Tara Reade. Such a serious allegation against a presidential candidate would normally be a loud, leading, global story. Instead....

Date posted: 2020-05-24

Locked down, locked away, locked up: a time to treasure our freedoms

We must not get complacent about restrictions imposed during the crisis.

Date posted: 2020-05-17

Two years on, where has same-sex marriage taken Australia?

A couple years back during that postal plebiscite, 62 percent of Australians voted to legalise same-sex marriage. Today Public life is coarser and more sexualised.

Date posted: 2020-03-04

Pornography is a public health crisis

In an effort to normalise pornography, there are people who point out that porn has been around since ancient times. That might be true, but porn today is like nothing the world has ever seen.

Date posted: 2019-11-03