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The New York Times flies the flag for 'open' marriage

But no matter what you call adultery, it still kills marriages.

Date posted: 2017-06-02

Teens disconnected from family are more addicted to the web

We are not all equally vulnerable.

Date posted: 2017-05-23

Missing fathers, swelling waistlines

An EU study on childhood obesity misses a vital point about the family.

Date posted: 2017-02-21

The untold story behind the childhood obesity epidemic

Family meals, and someone there to cook them, make a difference.

Date posted: 2016-07-11

Marital status and suicide

The supportive environment of marriage can help prevent individuals from extreme emotional distress.

Date posted: 2016-06-07

Losing a parent to death or divorce - which is worse?

Research shows that "Parental separation was significantly associated with almost all disorders."

Date posted: 2016-04-20

Enduring marriages mean less child poverty

The empirical evidence implicating family disintegration as a cause of child poverty continues to grow, regardless of whether progressives wish to acknowledge it.

Date posted: 2016-03-20

The children of divorce: anything but resilient

Recognizing that one particular form of social disadvantage entails particularly pronounced long-term health risks, the researchers emphasize that "stability in the family environment is critical to setting children on a healthy trajectory early in life."

Date posted: 2016-03-01

Later-in-life divorce becoming more common

Divorce is never easy for any couple," begins an ABC local affiliate's story, "but it becomes more complicated among older adults who have been together for decades.

Date posted: 2016-02-27

Normalizing abortion won't make it hurt less

22 January 2016 marked the 43rd anniversary of Roe v. Wade, and also the closest the U.S. has perhaps ever come to federal defunding of Planned Parenthood. But new efforts are fighting such pro-life victories.

Date posted: 2016-02-06

Nothing happy about divorce season

The first Monday after January 1 is aptly named "Divorce Day"; - calls to family attorneys go up significantly, as couples who have tried to get through one last holiday season together finally decide to call it quits.

Date posted: 2016-01-30

Depressed daddy-less daughters

Who has benefitted from the war radical feminists have waged against marriage? Certainly not young women. A very large new Canadian study concludes that one of the strongest predictors of depression among young women is the loss of a biological parent. And it is the easy divorces that feminists have pushed for that have typically occasioned such a loss.

Date posted: 2015-12-11

Do children of single parents become criminals?

Ben Carson came under fire recently for daring to suggest that the natural family is still the best family form for the upraising of children.

Date posted: 2015-11-14

Teen sex linked to dating violence

While students settle into their dorms, university administrators worry about their sex lives.

Date posted: 2015-10-18

Let's not pretend that abortion doesn't hurt

For more than 40 years, feminist activists have been congratulating themselves on having won for American women a nearly unfettered right to abortion. That these activists ignore the unborn lives snuffed out has deeply troubled many Americans. But new research is raising troubling questions even for Americans willing to focus exclusively on the well-being of the women who seek abortions.

Date posted: 2015-09-23

Life is short. Don't have an affai

With advertisements bearing the slogan, "Life is Short. Have an Affair," AshleyMadison makes no attempt to hide what it is - a dating website for adulterous spouses. But plenty of research reveals that, clever marketing gimmicks aside, cheating is still a serious offense ending in divorce for many, many couples.

Date posted: 2015-05-11

Fatherless and fat

As rates of childhood obesity continue to soar, health professionals scramble to recommend policies that would address this serious health issue.

Date posted: 2015-04-28

The difference between married and "partnered" mothers

The population has declined each year for the last eight years and is expected to continue to do so into the foreseeable future. This has the Japanese Government worried.

Date posted: 2015-04-21

Are men and women interchangeable?

"More than 4,100 officer and enlisted 'men only' positions in special operations units of the Regular Army, National Guard and Army Reserve will be opened to women," reports the Army Times.

Date posted: 2015-04-07

Contraception and cancer

Feminists consistently urge legislators to continue making access to contraception universal and free. The more women on the pill, the better "liberated" we all are. But a new study out of Denmark should make policymakers pause before jumping on the "free birth control for all" bandwagon.

Date posted: 2015-03-17

Divorced parents, increased drug use

A special investigative report by CBS Los Angeles revealed that it isn't just sick adults who have access to medical marijuana.

Date posted: 2015-03-17

Wedlock as crime-stopper

In Florida, it is still technically illegal for an unmarried man and woman to live together, but that might be about to change.

Date posted: 2015-03-17

Marriage protects from heart disease

CNN reported this week on a new study out of the Journal of the American College of Cardiology on the "six simple things" that go a long way in promoting a healthier heart, particularly for women. What are these magical steps?

Date posted: 2015-02-28

Less college sex, better studies

Fox News was the only major American news outlet that picked up a story out of California this week that should have made national headlines. In Acalanes Union High School in LaFayette, parents have been demanding for months to know more about a sex education course operated by Planned Parenthood.

Date posted: 2015-02-23

Child care and problem behaviour

Why does Obama want to help families pay for child care? Because it's insanely expensive

Date posted: 2015-02-02

Moving in, breaking up

A story in the Washington Post offers some advice to couples considering moving in together.

Date posted: 2015-02-01

Is life after divorce better?

January 5 was this year's "divorce day" - the first Monday after the holidays, when the number of people seeking a divorce jumps one-third.

Date posted: 2015-02-01

More marriage, more healthy habits

As they struggle to contain spiralling health-care costs, both government officials and medical experts are finding new reasons to encourage Americans to practice healthy personal habits. But in two new studies, researchers adduce evidence that - official preachments notwithstanding - only the country's married couples are likely to adopt such habits.

Date posted: 2015-02-01

Problems of the heart

Epidemiologists have known for some time that marriage shields men from lethal heart attacks. Now a new study concludes that wedlock affords women similar protection.

Date posted: 2014-12-24

Marriage helps beat breast cancer

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and news sources have been abuzz with prevention tips, ongoing research, and celebrity fundraising events.

Date posted: 2014-10-25

The link between divorce and mortality

An upstate New York hotel famous for its lavish weddings is about to get into a new side of the marriage business - divorce.

Date posted: 2014-09-14

Married parents vs cohabiting parents

A new study by the National Center for Health Statistics reveals "a baby frenzy happening among unmarried couples who live together." According to the report, 58% of all unmarried births now occur to cohabiting couples, compared to 41% in 2002.

Date posted: 2014-08-31

Premature death linked to divorce

An ABC News story this week highlighted the top 7 "worst" states for divorce, as indicated by the filing fee, length of minimum separation period, residency requirements, and length of processing period. "Divorce can take an emotional toll on a family," says ABC, "but the filing and legal process can add another headache in these seven states.

Date posted: 2014-08-25

Husbands or birth control: which pulls women out of poverty?

Marriage promotion has failed to stem poverty among single moms.

Date posted: 2014-08-16

Gender gaps in college linked to divorce rates

While research has told us that the prevalence of divorce in our society can account for the gender gap within higher education, a recent article in The Huffington Post sheds more light on what the exact causal relation might be. It may not just be the possibility of divorce, itself, that has such an impact on both female and male adolescents, but rather the lack of father involvement in the lives of male children.

Date posted: 2014-07-27

Greater mental health risks for IVF babies

While IVF has helped more than 5,000,000 babies to be born, it is not without risks and complications for both the baby and mother. A recent study has shown that babies born from IVF have an increased risk of developing psychiatric disorders, such as autism and schizophrenia, both in childhood and adulthood.

Date posted: 2014-07-27

Children of divorce more reliant on psychiatric help

Divorce-alternate week arrangement damages children, experts say.

Date posted: 2014-07-13

The growth of homeschooling

Recent repeal of the Common Core educational standards in Oklahoma was largely backed by support from homeschool advocates. An ABCNews article explains how the Common Core requires standardised testing in math and English, aimed to better prepare students for college and future careers.

Date posted: 2014-07-09

Porn addiction is as serious as drug addiction

A recent article in The Telegraph reports that a former lawyer, Chris Sevier, recently sought a marriage license to marry his Mac-book computer. In trying to argue his case, Sevier explained that he had become addicted to pornography via his computer, and so, "over time, [he] began preferring sex with [his] computer over sex with real women."

Date posted: 2014-06-30

Homemakers are happier

Sorry, feminists - stay-at-home mums are on the rise, and they're loving it.

Date posted: 2014-06-25

Infidelity is the key to a stable marriage?

While progressives and liberals argue that homosexual "marriages" or unions are no less stable than heterosexual marriages, even if they are right, the monogamy of such relationships might nonetheless differ. Recent research indicates that homosexual couples are more likely to be permissive of infidelity and open relationships.

Date posted: 2014-06-11

Do we even need marriage anymore?

Recent suggested changes in Britain's divorce legislation have one Telegraph writer pondering why we would ever bother getting married in the first place.

Date posted: 2014-05-25

Child abuse and mental illness

The researchers lament that "children presented to child welfare agencies [through allegations of child abuse] have high rates of social, emotional, developmental, health, and academic problems, the majority of which go unidentified and untreated."

Date posted: 2014-05-08

Women are choosing dogs over motherhood

If you think you've noticed an upsurge of tiny, furry friends being carried around in women's purses lately, you're right. It appears that more and more young women are foregoing marriage and motherhood, instead opting for pups as companions.

Date posted: 2014-04-28

Breastfeeding saves lives

News sources this week highlighted a new study demonstrating that were women to make healthier lifestyle choices and even take preventive drugs, "fully half of breast cancers in the U.S. might be avoided."

Date posted: 2014-04-22

The importance of Mum-time

In a happy piece of news, a study by the Pew Research Center reveals that more moms are staying at home to care for their children.

Date posted: 2014-04-22

The link between family structure and poverty

The New York Times recently highlighted a study that seems to show promising results for a specialized-care program for children born into poverty.

Date posted: 2014-04-22

The link between student debt and divorced parents

With graduation around the corner for the class of 2014, many students are beginning to ponder what kind of job will pay off their mountain of debt.

Date posted: 2014-03-22

Simple things make a happy marriage

A recent survey of 1,000 Americans on what makes for a happy marriage yielded some fairly predictable results.

Date posted: 2014-02-25

Getting married young? It's good for your mental health

In an effort to discover why red states have higher divorce rates than many blue states, researchers from the University of Texas and the University of Iowa compared select county divorce statistics against information on Protestant congregations in those counties.

Date posted: 2014-02-24

How family structure impacts college attendance

No doubt, policymakers will continue to tinker with interest rates on student loans. But this new study makes clear that, regardless of where those rates end up, students are likely to struggle to meet college costs if their parents have parted.

Date posted: 2014-02-24

Millenials choose demanding jobs over having kids

In a New York Times blog post this week, Katrina Alcorn highlights an alarming new study revealing that fewer than half of millennials are planning on having children.

Date posted: 2014-01-19

The economic benefits of childbearing

Why almost record-low rates of pregnancy in the USA is problematic for the economy.

Date posted: 2013-12-21

The untold story behind child obesity

A new study from Pediatrics reveals that teen obesity may be an even stronger predictor of adult health problems than previously thought.

Date posted: 2013-12-04

Family breakdown linked to obesity

A Pediatrics study released online Monday reveals that girls are becoming women faster than ever before. Reports Reuters, "Girls are developing breasts at younger and younger ages, a new study confirms. And upward trends in childhood obesity seem to be playing a major role."

Date posted: 2013-11-25

Norway rethinks its acceptance of divorce

At least one of the Nordic countries - that paradise of social progressivism - seems to be rethinking its earlier disregard for the institution of marriage.

Date posted: 2013-11-09