Hanley, Matthew
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Matthew Hanley is the author, with Jokin D. Irala, of "Affirming Love, Avoiding AIDS: What Africa Can Teach the West"


New! Covid-19 responses have been consistently callous

Science decided that love means staying away, masking up and awaiting the vaccine.

Date posted: 2021-05-03

The gates open to a Nobel Prize

The Gates Foundation has been awarded one of the world's most prestigious awards for public health. Does it deserve it?

Date posted: 2013-09-21

AIDS and medical ethics: a great betrayal

The science of ethics, which implies universally binding principles, loses its capacity to console when it becomes merely an ethic of science - a vehicle to administer whatever the physical sciences can deliver. This only brings us back to square one; it gets us no closer to the Socratic counsel to "know thyself".

Date posted: 2012-10-09

Autism, traffic, and unstudied vaccine components

An astounding one out of every 88 American children (and one in 54 boys) now has autism - a 78 percent increase in just the last decade - according to the latest CDC estimate just released last month. By contrast, that figure stood at less than five per 10,000 children in 1980. In the UK, the prevalence rate has reached one out of every 64 children. This sharp rise over the past couple decades is all the more terrifying since so much about its causes remains shrouded in mystery. Even if some share of the increase might be attributable to changing diagnostic criteria, we are still dealing with an alarming epidemic. Only the full force of science - properly deployed and free from ideological shackles - can meet the pressing need for answers to this devastating condition.

Date posted: 2012-04-21

In the pink

Even the NFL supports Breast Cancer Awareness Month. But why is everyone ignoring some of the biggest risk factors?

Date posted: 2011-10-26