Faust, Katy
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Katy Faust is the founder and director of the children's rights organization, Them Before Us. She is the Washington State leader for CanaVox and currently appears in a video series called Dear Katy.


Artificial Wombs Will Compound the Harm Reproductive Tech Inflicts on Children

What should be at the forefront of everyone's mind is the question, "How does all this technological tinkering affect the kids?" We are only beginning to be able to answer that question.

Date posted: 2024-04-19

Putting Children at the Center of Family Policy

Our culture has shifted drastically, but children haven't changed. In fact, they continue to be victimized by practices and policies that prioritize adult desires above children's rights. It's past time to start putting them at the center of our national conversation. That begins with clearly and courageously defending children's rights by shaping culture, reforming law, and rethinking our approach to technology.

Date posted: 2023-04-11