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Rev. Thomas J. Euteneuer was born in Detroit, Michigan in 1962, the fourth of seven children born to Joseph and Marian Euteneuer. He has a Bachelor's degree in Philosophy from the University of Notre Dame in Indiana as well as a Licentiate degree in Biblical Theology from the Pontifical Gregorian University in Rome, Italy. He is fluent in Spanish.


Gay Marriage and the End of Christian Civilization

While we respect all people as they are, we don't have to respect such a wholesale assault on everything that is sacred to us and good for our society; no, in fact, we must fight against it with our very lives.

Date posted: 2010-08-28

The Dawn of Demonic Deception

Marshall McLuhan, the late, great expert on the media, who converted to Catholicism before he died said, "The major media are engaged in a Luciferian conspiracy against the truth." How true! Ms Beck's column is a prime example of this conspiracy, including such blatant lies and misrepresentations as:

Date posted: 2010-04-24

The Despicable "Family Guy" Hate Piece

The "Family Guy" defamation is a piece of satanic cultural trash, and it needs to be called what it is. Any producer, artist, sponsor, advertiser, public relations agent or salesman who has or had anything to do with it should be utterly ashamed of their connection to this piece of filth.

Date posted: 2010-03-29

The Great Absolution of Racist Reid

The United States Senate Majority Leader, Harry Reid, has recently been exposed as having made some rather viciously racist comments. Poor guy; he got caught so red-handed that he didn't fall back on what he was taught to do in Liberal Politics 101: deny, deny, deny, at least until the news cycle runs its course.

Date posted: 2010-01-15

The Mother of Life

Advent is a season that is full of life and there is a very good reason for that - namely, Mary, the one who brings us Life Himself!

Date posted: 2009-12-18

The Audacity of Risking All for Christ

John the Baptist challenges us to greater zeal for Christ in this Advent season. We must be willing to take up the mantle of prophet to our nation and confront the total corruption of our culture.

Date posted: 2009-12-05

No Deal, Fr. Rosica

Fr. Thomas Rosica, director of the Salt and Light Catholic Television Network in Canada, recently wrote a shameless condemnation of pro-life people who objected to the August 28th Canonization in Boston, more commonly known as the funeral of Senator Edward Kennedy. Fr. Rosica had a problem with good Catholics being scandalized by the public funeral of a man who lived his life utterly rejecting the Church's core principles.

Date posted: 2009-09-20

Vicious, Venal and Violent

This is really the only title that adequately describes the murderous movement known as "pro-choice" or "pro-abortion." It is now frightening, thought not at all surprising, how absolutely hardened and inhumane our culture has become because of this satanic force that has grown strong through 36 years of wholesale murder of God's precious innocents.

Date posted: 2009-09-15

Human Life International's Statement on the Passing of Senator Edward Kennedy

Senator Kennedy needs to be sent to the afterlife with a private, family-only funeral and the prayers of the Church for the salvation of his immortal soul.

Date posted: 2009-08-29

Pro-Life Dos and Don'ts for 2009

Our country needs serious conversion of heart. Don't get me wrong; I am glad people are standing up to ridiculous legislation proposed by professional liars, but I am not in favor of selective indignation when the destruction of innocent life right in our own neighborhoods is so catastrophic for our country. This economic crisis is only the beginning of the long-term effects of the loss of so much precious life. Let's pray intensely for that deep national conversion of heart that is really the only thing that will save our country from destruction - terrorism, healthcare and the economy all take a back seat to this utterly urgent priority.

Date posted: 2009-08-22

From Family Planning to Death Planning

According to this wicked bill, HR 3200, there are generous provisions setting the stage to weed out the weak, infirm and unfit and make room for the fit, all at the government's discretion. The list of chilling dictates that will affect all seniors and ill persons is just frightening.

Date posted: 2009-08-15

Cash for Clunkers

Since "we the people" are their bosses, we technically "own" their services, and therefore, if we just told them that their services were no longer needed and traded them in for cash, we may finally be able to get some value out of them or get new ones that actually function properly. It works for deadbeat and inefficient cars, why not for congressmen - and congresswomen of course?

Date posted: 2009-08-07

Article by Vatican Official Needs Prompt Clarification

The incident in question involves - unbelievably - the head of the Pontifical Academy for Life, Archbishop Rino Fisichella, who issued a statement on March 15th criticizing a bishop in Brazil for properly declaring to be excommunicated the doctors who performed an abortion on a nine-year-old girl who was pregnant from rape.

Date posted: 2009-03-29

Journalists and now Governments are rabidly defending condoms and attacking the Holy Father

Pope Benedict XVI embarked on his first missionary journey to Africa, and had not yet touched down in Cameroon when headlines flashed around the world screaming; "Pope says condoms won't solve AIDS." Quickly, the pundits and commentators went to work vilifying the Holy Father.

Date posted: 2009-03-29

Of Lent and Life

Be faithful to Lent. It is a deep training program in life, divine Life that is. Let's not lose the opportunity to become deeply spiritual men and women this Lent, and God will then make us a channel of His Life to others.

Date posted: 2009-02-27

Dignitas Personae and the Right to Life (Part II)

As we saw last week, the primary purpose of the new Vatican instruction on bioethics, Dignitas Personae, is to clarify Church teachings on biotechnologies that have become prominent since Donum Vitae was published in 1987. Dignitas Personae draws a bright line between scientific activities that treat human beings as a commodity to be produced - or as God's greatest gift.

Date posted: 2009-01-09

Dignitas Personae and the Right to Life (Part I)

There are two causes of most of the human misery that afflicts the world today. The first is lack of respect for the transmission of life within the marital union, which leads to destructive practices such as contraception, sterilization, abortion, homosexual adoption and "gay marriage." The second is a lack of respect for the born human person, which has given us murder, genocide, racism, slavery, rape and many other evils.

Date posted: 2009-01-09

A New Vaccine Research Initiative That Needs the Support of the Whole Pro-Life Community

How many world religions have as one of their most central images a tender scene of a mother and child? I only know of one: Catholicism. It is a sign that Catholicism is a faith that occurs where we most intensely live, and where we are vulnerable, and values tenderness. The universal image of mother and child is something all people may relate to. Any person of good will can see this icon and feel joy and warmth. It is also an image the enemies of God hate: specifically, those in the demonic realm and those under their influence on earth.

Date posted: 2008-12-26

A New Vaccine Research Initiative That Needs the Support of the Whole Pro-Life Community

It is not ironic that in this season of preparation for the coming of the Christ Child, Human Life International has been asked to support a new pro-life vaccine research company that is challenging, to the core, the practice of pumping unethical vaccines into the bodies of our children.

Date posted: 2008-12-19

Commending the Bishops

Faithful Catholics in the US have been both stunned and gratified by the recent show of episcopal strength in dealing with the heretical nonsense of "Catholics" in public life who clearly misrepresent the Church's teaching on vital issues.

Date posted: 2008-11-02

This Will Kill Us

There real issues upon which our future as a nation depends are the life issues! To that effect, euthanasia, euphemistically called "physician-assisted suicide," is on the ballot in Washington State, and if we don't support those who are valiantly fighting this pernicious movement, this new virus of the culture of death could kill us all.

Date posted: 2008-10-09

The Rosary Batters the Gates of Hell

Mary's Rosary is a powerful spiritual weapon for three main reasons: it is biblical, humble and repetitive.

Date posted: 2008-10-05

Oprah and All Her Works and All Her Empty Promises

What can we do about all the deceptive cultural garbage clamoring to fill our vulnerable souls? Well, the Church has always had the answer and never ceases to instruct us in the discipline that will bring our souls down that "narrow way" of Christ.

Date posted: 2008-09-18

Montezuma's Abortion Revenge

Men like Pancho Villa and Emiliano Zapata may be remembered as some of the worst criminals of Mexican history, but yesterday's vote of the Mexican Supreme Court will make Villa's and Zapata's killings seem like so much child's play. Reminiscent of the US Supreme Court decision in 1973, eight (out of eleven) Supreme Court justices of Mexico legalized abortion yesterday, August 27th, and consigned themselves to the annals of history as the worst of their country's killers. They gave Mexico the disreputable distinction of being the first country in Latin America to legalize abortion on demand, and in fact, if the likely "domino effect" of abortion legalization in the Hispanic world follows, they will be guilty of the innocent blood of a whole continent.

Date posted: 2008-08-29

Internet Blasphemy

As if we needed more evidence of the growing rejection of God in our modern world, in July, a college professor in Minnesota, Paul Myers, publicly vowed to desecrate the Eucharist to make a point about his sick atheistic beliefs.

Date posted: 2008-08-09

Prayer and Fasting to Repair the Damage of Dissent

Humanae vitae, the papal encyclical "on the transmission of life," stands as a solid bulwark against the constant degradation of marriage and family in our modern age. Like Jesus, this teaching is indeed a "sign of contradiction" and even a reproach to those who wish to give human selfishness unbridled permission to wreak havoc on these divine institutions.

Date posted: 2008-07-24

Maternal Deaths Down In Nicaragua Once Abortion Is Eliminated

Unsuspecting pro-life cultures are regularly assaulted by the "logic" of the international abortion promoters who push their anti-life agenda into every culture that will cave in to the pressure.

Date posted: 2008-06-07

Brazil's Pro-Life Movement Stops Abortion Legalization

With great joy we received the news at Vida Humana Internacional, HLI's Hispanic Division in Miami, that a piece of legislation (bill 1135/91) which would have legalized abortion on demand throughout Brazil, did not make it out of the Safety and Family Commission.

Date posted: 2008-05-29


An astonishing 100,000 IVF pregnancy attempts are made annually in the United States alone, usually involving more than one embryo. The vast majority of such babies do not survive the unnatural thawing and implantation procedure. Currently in the USA 500,000 tiny children are in freezers awaiting eventual use, and 50,000 more join them each year. In Croatia, HLI's Dr. Antun Lisec claims that more babies die from the "fertility industry" than by surgical abortion.

Date posted: 2008-05-15

Bankrupt Souls

The future belongs to those families that are full of children and to those souls that are full of life!

Date posted: 2008-05-09

Preparing for Pentecost

Let us make the nine days between Ascension Thursday and Pentecost Sunday an extremely fruitful time of prayer. There are three ways to bring fruitfulness out of this novena:

Date posted: 2008-05-02

The March for Life and the Religion of Abortion

St. Paul reminds us in Ephesians 6 that our battle is not against flesh and blood. It is against the principalities and powers of this world of darkness. The darkness is spreading, but the Light of Christ shines forth in all those wonderful kids and their parents that showed the world that life will win in the end.

Date posted: 2008-01-25

Ten Challenges for the Pro-Life Movement in 2008

If we really wish to beat the abortion culture we have to mature as a movement. Thirty-five years of the same strategies and ideas have not gained us the victory we seek because the fight against the most pervasive spiritual evil that has ever entered the world can only be won on God's terms. The pro-life movement has invested more in political and cultural change than in spiritual change. Let us not be afraid to fight Goliath's weapons of mass destruction with the faith of David who came against the giant "in the name of the Lord of Hosts." (1 Sam 17:45)

Date posted: 2008-01-18

King Herod Revisited

The Church gives us this disturbing feast of the martyrdom of the innocent children of Bethlehem and its surrounding region, only three days after Christmas.

Date posted: 2007-12-28

Green Martyrdom

Modern martyrs will manifest their heroic courage economically; that is, we will be called to pay dearly for our principles, not necessarily at the cost of lives, but at the cost of dollars.

Date posted: 2007-11-30

Advent Challenge

We soon begin the great and holy season of Advent, a yearly time of renewal and focus of our faith. I will not bother you with another sermon about the dangers of materialism in the lead-up to Christmas, but if you really need to be reminded about the true spirit of Christmas, the following thoughts may help you to find that balance of living in the world but not of the world.

Date posted: 2007-11-29

HLI Fights Abortion in Mozambique and Uruguay

Although the abortion-on-demand chapter did not receive enough votes to pass, it only barely scraped by, with a 15-15 tie and one abstention. A similar vote in 2003 was 17-13 in favor of life. The legislators, however, voted unanimously for the sex education, birth control, homosexuality provision under the false presumption that all of this would somehow reduce the need for abortion.

Date posted: 2007-10-11

Plan A: Keep "Plan B" Out of Catholic Hospitals

On September 28th the Connecticut bishops issued an unfortunate statement allowing the Plan B abortion-causing drug to be used in cases of rape in Catholic hospitals. I have written respectfully and urgently to the Connecticut Catholic Conference (CCC) and to each bishop individually to ask them to withdraw this potentially precedent-setting statement, and I pray that they do so. I am extremely concerned that this statement will begin to have a domino effect on other Catholic hospitals and healthcare institutions, and I write to you today to ask your ongoing partnership in this concern.

Date posted: 2007-10-07

Who Is Like Unto God?

We need a powerful and glorious angel to teach us to defend the rights of God again. St. Michael has been doing this since before time began and is eminently equipped to teach us to make sure that God remains as the absolute center of our lives and our society.

Date posted: 2007-10-07

The Vindication of Terri Schiavo

Since the election of Pope Benedict, the Church has been renewed by an abundance of blessings flowing from the Vatican. In case you did not hear, the Pope's Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith (CDF) has just released its answer to the question of providing nutrition and hydration (i.e., food and water) to persons in so-called vegetative states.

Date posted: 2007-10-07

The "Sacrament" of Abortion

Let us never pretend that abortion is just a social or political phenomenon that has to be voted out of office to be defeated.

Date posted: 2007-08-10

Amnesty International: What Part of Murder Don't You Understand?

Abortion is murder. It is not a human right. An unwanted pregnancy for an unmarried woman, especially as a result of rape or incest or in a war zone, is a very difficult thing, but with enough love, care and effort it can be turned into a beautiful thing, no matter what the circumstances. Abortion can never be turned into a good thing. The pro-life movement says, "Why not love them both?", but all efforts are taken to drown out the voice of reason. Abortion sweeps the problem under the rug and makes the situation "easier" for everyone involved except the woman who must live with the aftermath, and of course, the child who is murdered. Human rights organizations have a mission to provide love, care and effort to help bring about the best possible outcome. Why else do they exist but to bring justice to terrible situations? Abortion is a grotesque injustice.

Date posted: 2007-06-22

Death By Sex and Stealth

The ideologically-motivated fanatics in control of Congressional committees have done it again: in the face of clear evidence that abstinence is the only - I repeat - the only way to successfully beat the HIV/AIDS epidemic in the Third World, they have zeroed out all funding for abstinence in the 2008 budget.

Date posted: 2007-06-15

Report from China

Certain people in every culture stand out as icons of the goodness and heroism of their people, and China certainly has many of these.

Date posted: 2007-06-10

The Heart of the World

June is the month dedicated to the Sacred Heart of Jesus. Perhaps no other devotion can be said to be as central to our Christian faith as this devotion because it is rooted entirely in the central mystery of our faith, the death and resurrection of Jesus.

Date posted: 2007-06-01

The Advocate vs. The Accuser

On this weekend where our Church celebrates Pentecost, the great Feast of the Holy Spirit, I offer an excerpt from this upcoming book to highlight the influence of the Holy Spirit in defending our cause against the accusing spirit of the devil.

Date posted: 2007-05-25

Is the World Overpopulated?

This third installment of the mini-series on contraception addresses the whole question of overpopulation - truly one of the most misunderstood issues of our day. My extensive international travels have taught me a thing or two about the issue and I think you will find the HLI perspective enlightening.

Date posted: 2007-04-27

An Urgent Plea for Mexico

The leftist government in Mexico City has now proposed legislation that would legalize abortion up to 12 weeks on demand. This is one of the largest cities in the world, and if the capital of this pivotal Catholic country permits open season on its precious babies then the domino effect will continue throughout Latin America.

Date posted: 2007-04-21

Hannity Lessons Learned

It is clearly time to get beyond the Sean Hannity controversy, but in doing so I also recognize that my March 9th interview with him tapped into a few currents of righteous indignation about issues relevant to our Catholic identity such as birth control and public dissenters, the silence of the clergy on fundamental matters and our deep love for the one, holy, Catholic and apostolic Church.

Date posted: 2007-03-23

The Church Will Not Be Hannitized

In light of this hope, I have to say that the "Hannitization" of the Church will not prevail! "Hannitization" is the stance that Mr. Hannity displayed on Friday night in his attitude toward infallible Church teaching. It is the curious fantasy of people who consider themselves devout Catholics in every way yet see no incompatibility between contraception and Communion. In this, he is just an icon of a whole sector of "Catholics" who live out of that template in public and private. Forty years of vigorous internal dissent against clearly-defined teachings on contraception have ceded the battlefield to the default cultural mindset that says contraception is not only morally justified, it is actually "a good thing," as Mr. Hannity has stated.

Date posted: 2007-03-16

Hannity the Liberal

In the face of modern challenges to the Faith, Catholics who have a high profile in media, culture and government have a very grave responsibility to witness it correctly; otherwise, they will be held accountable in heaven for their anti-witness which affects the faith of millions.

Date posted: 2007-03-13

Sean Hannity's Gospel

In the face of modern challenges to the Faith, Catholics who have a high profile in media, culture and government have a very grave responsibility to witness it correctly; otherwise, they will be held accountable in heaven for their anti-witness which affects the faith of millions.

Date posted: 2007-03-13

Conversion Through Prayer, Fasting and Almsgiving

The truly magnanimous souls of our Church's history were those saints who knew the need for discipline in all these areas and practiced them heroically. Such a soul is not given at birth; it is cultivated through a deliberate striving for that inner integrity that we all desire.

Date posted: 2007-02-23

Lessons from Portugal

The ink was hardly dry on the ballots when radical pro-abortion Prime Minister Jose Socrates declared that the people had spoken and wanted abortion. Hello? No, there were not enough votes to actually legalize it, but that did not matter to Socrates or his fanatical socialist party,

Date posted: 2007-02-17

The Dictatorship of Choice

Merck's lucrative HPV vaccine is now being proposed as mandatory by twelve states for girls 11 years old and above. Yes, the word is mandatory. Remember that the culture of death is not a benign dictator: it becomes a tyrant as soon as it is able to enforce its will.

Date posted: 2007-01-25

Pro-Choice Violence and American Culture

There is just no way to stop "pro-choice" violence because it is the infallible outgrowth of an unchained evil like abortion.

Date posted: 2007-01-19

Pro Choice Violence and Big Pharmaceutical

Conspiracy theorists are sometimes right, but in the face of this massive coordinated assault on life let's not lose hope! Our response to this or any evil is always the same: together with principled action, we pray and fast. The Lord said that these are the only things that drive out such deeply-rooted demons, and so we must call all men of good will to unite in offering our prayers and sacrifices for the protection of life from the evils that threaten it from all sides.

Date posted: 2007-01-12

Pro-Choice Violence, Big Media and Big Abortion

The media has a certain pathological denial of basic truths when it comes to abortion. Newspaper editorial policies systematically refuse to mention "pro-life" unless it can be used in the most derogatory way to undermine our cause.

Date posted: 2007-01-07

The Magnificent "O" Antiphons

At a time when the Baby Jesus is being increasingly banished from the public forum and reduced to a vain competition with menorahs, Kwaanza candles and - gad - Santa Claus, there is reason for great hope!

Date posted: 2006-12-21

Standing Strong in the Face of Death

Latin America never ceases to amaze me. In particular it is Central America with tiny countries smaller than the size of most of our states which is shining a light to the rest of the world right now. Despite our own disappointments, weeks after significant pro-life defeats (such as in Missouri and SD), we can rejoice that our neighbors in Nicaragua have succeeded in outlawing abortion in all circumstances!

Date posted: 2006-12-02

King of Kings and Lord of Lords

The devil certainly has his armies, and their rampage through the twentieth century was violent and bitter.

Date posted: 2006-11-24

Spiritual Gratitude

As we approach the great American holiday of Thanksgiving, let us not just give thanks for material prosperity. That is indeed a blessing, but it could give us a wrong notion of the true nature of gratitude.

Date posted: 2006-11-18

Adamant in Our Support of the Pope

Decent people are fed up with fanaticism in whatever form it takes, and I am glad to hear more people speaking out about this now. It's time for all of us to stand up and tell the Catholic-haters of the world that we are not taking this any more.

Date posted: 2006-09-21

Enough is Enough!

I have to admit frankly that the recent blessing given by President Bush to the interim FDA commissioner on the Plan B pill is a mystery to me. Apparently he is blind to the holocaust he has just unleashed.

Date posted: 2006-09-02

An Open Letter to Melinda Gates

Show us the evidence that condoms have worked, Mrs. Gates. You will have to contend with some heavy hitters like Kofi Annan who publicly admitted in June that the present approach to stopping AIDS (i.e., the condom solution) has been an abject failure. Last year there were more deaths and greater expansion of the pandemic than ever before, a fact which just fuels the criticism that maybe condoms are adding to the problem, not solving it.

Date posted: 2006-09-02

The Man Who Stepped Out of Line

As men, we could all learn a simple lesson from Maximilian Kolbe in a fundamental area of virtue: namely, chastity. Men today don't connect chastity with manliness because they are indoctrinated by a sexualized society against the sacrifice it requires. But chastity is the proof of a man's virtue, not its destruction.

Date posted: 2006-08-11

A Solution for the Mid-East Conflict

And that is precisely the point about the way the Church works in the world. The Church always goes to the root of things and addresses the conflicts in men's souls that lead to any worldly evil. As Christians we do not sit in churches and shrink from the problems of the world in which we live because it is our duty to evangelize the world and transform its evil into something good.

Date posted: 2006-07-29

Getting Behind the Bush Stem Cell Veto

The very first presidential veto this past Wednesday was just right: with it, President Bush stopped the congressional rampage to lavish more money on those who conduct immoral research on embryonic human beings. His veto told turn-coat politicians like Senator Frist, a sponsor of the immoral legislation, that American taxpayer money is not to be used to fund the destruction of any more human beings - period.

Date posted: 2006-07-22

HPV Vaccine - Hate To Say "I Told You So"

Months ago the adamantly totalitarian Center for Disease Control (CDC) unleashed its 15-member Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices to study this HPV vaccine, and last week said Advisory Committee voted to recommend that girls as young as nine-year-olds be given the HPV vaccine. Imagine that, nine-year-old girls getting shots to protect them from a sexually transmitted disease!

Date posted: 2006-07-07

HPV Vaccine - The Chemical Condom

Last week I began to address the problem of the HPV vaccine as a tool of the culture of death. This week we need to address the "mental culture" that the vaccine fosters. This vaccine perpetuates the mendacious "safe sex" culture that underscores the sexual revolution and has wrought such havoc on our kids. If we fall for this HPV vaccine and its false doctrine of "protection" we can expect the worst aspects of the sexual revolution to be with us for another generation at least.

Date posted: 2006-06-24

The Death Business Respects No Culture

My mission destinations in the Caribbean this month were Jamaica and Cuba, and what an eye-opener I had in each place. It is hard to think of two neighboring islands and societies more radically different than these in their cultures, languages, political systems and economies, yet the points of similarity with regard to the culture of death are monolithic.

Date posted: 2006-06-24

Another Deception of the Culture of Death

The big news recently is that the FDA has just approved a new vaccine supposedly to inoculate women against cervical cancer. Predictably, the media and health professionals are touting this as the greatest thing since the Salk vaccine, but they are also engaging in a propaganda campaign aimed at distorting the public's perception of it. I for one will stand against what I consider this newest marriage of the culture of death with junk science, and I believe we all should.

Date posted: 2006-06-16

The Triumph of Mary's Immaculate Heart

People sometimes ask me what they can do to counter the negative effects of our decadent society. My answer always comes down to two things: be truly Catholic and be Marian. This is the formula for transforming our world, and when these commitments are fully in place, everything else follows.

Date posted: 2006-06-09

The Church's First Novena

The poet Wordsworth spoke succinctly of our struggles with human weakness: "The world is too much with us," he said. We are supposed to live in the world but not of the world, but that is a difficult balance to maintain at times and we often fail to live up to our spiritual calling.

Date posted: 2006-06-02

The Da Vinci Mess—Part III: Anti-Feminism

The book underscores the message that the pro-life movement has been asserting about the culture of death for decades: Pagan ideologies and politicized notions of women's dignity always trample on the authentic good of women and even end up destroying them with their cooperation.

Date posted: 2006-05-12

The Condom Anti-Pope

The condom savior is a false messiah. We have to "face facts fearlessly," as our founder Fr. Paul Marx used to say, and ask the hard questions that the condom-promoting abortion industry is unwilling to address: with the infusion of literally billions of condoms into AIDS-ridden Africa over the past twenty years, have condoms stopped or even slowed the AIDS epidemic?

Date posted: 2006-05-05

The Baby Company Funds The Anti-Baby Company

The perfect case of cultural schizophrenia is mega-conglomerate Johnson and Johnson, the baby company. The maker of baby shampoo and other child care products has been funding Planned Parenthood's murderous regime for as long as anyone can remember.

Date posted: 2006-04-28

High Profile Apostasy

Both Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes are former Catholics who have totally abandoned their Catholic faith, upbringing and education by joining Scientology which is hardly more than a weird New Age cult.

Date posted: 2006-04-21

Good Friday: The World's First Exorcism

St. Michael's exorcism of heaven is witnessed in the 12th chapter of the Book of Revelation where he forcefully casts out the ravenous dragon from God's realm, and his minions with him. The devil wanted to devour a new-born baby and deprive a woman of her motherhood - kind of like the abortion industry does today - but God would have nothing of it. Yet, Revelation also warns us of the consequences of that exorcism: "But woe to you, earth and sea, for the devil has come down upon you!" Woe, indeed.

Date posted: 2006-04-14

Victim Soul for the Cause of Life

On this first anniversary of the death of Terri Schiavo we remember with deepest love that dear young woman who became the victim soul for the cause of life in our country.

Date posted: 2006-03-31

Roe vs. Roa

There is a great irony going on in Latin America. Tomorrow, March 25th at least nine Latin American nations will be celebrating what has become for them an official holiday, the Day of the Unborn Child (celebrated in Paraguay, Peru, Dominican Republic, Argentina, Chile, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Guatemala, El Salvador).

Date posted: 2006-03-24

Nothing will be Denied Him

It is Joseph’s discerning strength that we need after all, isn’t it? We beg for an adequate mentor to overcome life’s innumerable challenges and temptations. We need a spiritual Rock of Gibraltar to shore up our flagging spirits. We are striving to make it to the very end of this journey through the valley of tears and we need a strong companion, one who is familiar with the role of protective guide on a long journey.

Date posted: 2006-03-17

The Da Vinci Mess—Part I: Sanatizing Satanism

What Dan Brown calls hieros gamos, an ancient pagan "sacred marriage" ceremony, is nothing other than a perverse mockery of holy matrimony depicted in living color in the pages of Brown's book. If this act was "sacred" it was only so to the devil.

Date posted: 2006-03-10

The Da Vinci Mess: Introduction

The anti-Catholic nastiness of this book is palpable; Brown expresses it through blatant revisionism of church history, perverse use of Catholic images and outright lies when necessary; our enemies, said Msgr. Ronald Knox, will use any stick to beat the Church with, and Brown deliberately plays on common misconceptions of Catholicism knowing that he will fuel divisions in the ranks of Christianity.

Date posted: 2006-03-04

A Lenten Challenge

The renunciation of selfishness is not an abstract concept or ideal. Selfishness is very concrete.

Date posted: 2006-02-24

Lust Illustrated

The sellers of SI are the new porn kings dressed in sports uniforms and undermining the decency of our men.

Date posted: 2006-02-17

Clerical Faith Abuse

We have been rightfully concerned and indignant about the clerical sex abuse scandal in the Church.

Date posted: 2006-02-10

On Love and War

While I really wish that Pope Benedict’s first encyclical would have been called Prostituta Babylonensis and issued with papal thunder and immensity against the abortion industry, I understand intuitively why he chose to write about love rather than judgment.

Date posted: 2006-02-03