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Kimberly Ells is the author of, The Invincible Family: Why the Global Campaign to Crush Motherhood and Fatherhood Can’t Win, and is a policy advisor for Family Watch International where she works to protect children from early sexualization, defend parental rights, and promote the family as the fundamental unit of society. Kimberly is an avid researcher and writer on family issues and has authored policy briefs for international distribution. She graduated from Brigham Young University with a degree in English. She is married and is the mother of five children. Contact her at kimberlyells@hotmail.com and InvincibleFamily.com.

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Yes, your child is being targeted by online predators

For many parents, the day they find out their child is being approached, targeted, educated, and manipulated by strangers on his or her digital devices is the day they finally take seriously all the warnings and admonitions about phone and digital device use they have heard for years. By that time, often great damage has been done.

Date posted: 2024-05-07

Is the way to eliminate poverty to eliminate motherhood?

To be an "unpaid care worker" - especially if you're a woman - was seen as an afront to human decency at the UN. And because on average women worldwide do more labour in the home than men, people in UN circles call this "gender inequality," "gender injustice," and even "gender-based violence."

Date posted: 2024-04-19

Will this Mrs American beauty queen with eight kids make big families normal again?

In case you haven't heard, Hannah and Daniel Neeleman are the genesis of the Instagram sensation "Ballerina Farm." What makes Ballerina Farm so appealing that it has amassed nearly 9 million followers? Well, there's lots to like: A Julliard ballerina marries a businessman, and they buy a gorgeous plot of land in a little mountain valley to raise pigs on. They bake sourdough bread in an antique stove named Agnes and share videos of milking cows, making lasagna noodles from scratch, riding horses, dancing, going to church, sorting fresh eggs, making more food, and giving birth at home - to eight children.

Date posted: 2024-02-17

Dystopia begins here: parents would need a licence to raise children to screen out homophobes, transphobes and racists

A handful of philosophers through the years have trotted out the idea that parents should be required to get a license to raise their own children. After all, doctors and plumbers get licenses. Why not license the most important job of all: Parents. But Connor Kianpour, a doctoral candidate at the University of Colorado Boulder, has just taken the idea a bold step further.

Date posted: 2023-12-01

If pedophiles ruled the world

With the sobering and inspiring film Sound of Freedom hitting theatres this week, we are faced with the reality that there is a huge appetite for child sex throughout the world. While Operation Underground Railroad is fighting the child sex movement, there is an international effort pushing it forward in the name of "children's rights".

Date posted: 2023-07-28

The bitter global harvest of outlawing motherhood

Parenthood is sublime. It is the greatest and most transcendent of human achievements.

Date posted: 2022-12-08

'Motherhood' in the crosshairs

If the law is confused about what a woman is, can it protect mothers?

Date posted: 2022-07-12

Family love is the foundation of civilization

The notion that biological relationships mean nothing must be rejected.

Date posted: 2021-09-19

The endgame of transgender ideology is to dismantle the family

The stage is being set for the legal marginalization of mothers, fathers, and families by force of law.

Date posted: 2021-01-13