Doherty, John F.
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John Doherty is a member of the staff of The Witherspoon Institute.


In Search of the Self

Our culture's crisis of the self is a crisis of faith in our personhood; its cause is our ignorance of the God who best reveals what a person is.

Date posted: 2024-06-29

The Vocations of Woman: The Feminism of Edith Stein

If our society is to answer the question "What is a woman?" we will have to think more about how women can integrate their professions with their femininity, without stifling it, and about the value of the virtues that women on average exemplify better than men. Considering Edith Stein's thoughts on these questions is an excellent way to start.

Date posted: 2024-05-07

A Kingship Not of This World

Few instances in the life of Christianity's founder exemplify his rejection of the use of force, even against those who break faith, than his treatment of the greatest apostate from Christianity, Judas, whose betrayal Christians remember today.

Date posted: 2024-04-01

The Religion That Remade the World

Tom Holland raises many important questions about the connection between Christianity and contemporary Western civilization. All Westerners, be they Christian or not, would do well to consider his insights.

Date posted: 2024-02-20

Moral Education and the University

University education is only indirectly related to the moral life. We should seek moral formation, but if we expect universities to form our character directly, we will be disappointed. We will also undermine the university's ability to fulfill its proper mission: to form the intellect and, as John Henry Newman envisioned, to prepare students for the world.

Date posted: 2022-09-03

Freedom and Identity

The greatest enemy of our freedom, which we all must confront, whether we live under a totalitarian regime or in a free society, is our deep-seated tendency to create and cling to a simplistic, false notion of our identity.

Date posted: 2021-05-20

The Limit of Politics

Without a revelation from God to confirm that man's end transcends this world, politics will dominate our life and make hell on earth. But in its proper place, politics can do great good. As Fr. James Schall reminds us, the "abiding problem" of the "political enterprise" is to grasp this "limit of politics."

Date posted: 2021-03-31