Coleman, Priscilla K.
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Priscilla K. Coleman is a Professor of Human Development and Family Studies at Bowling Green State University in Ohio. Dr coleman has nearly 50 peer-reviewed journal articles published, including 33 on abortion and mental health. In recognition of her strong publication record, she has been called to serve as an expert in several state and civil court cases, has spoken at the UN, and in 2007 she testified before U.S. Congress. Dr. Coleman is currently on the editorial boards for five international psychology and medical journals.


The Turnaway Study: A Case of Self-Correction in Science Upended by Political Motivation and Unvetted Findings

My article offers an extensive critical analysis of the bias, poor methodology, and the pro-choice culture of professional organizations that enables and publicizes such detrimental work in the name of science. I also offer an overview of the best work on the abortion and mental health link published to date.

Date posted: 2022-06-21

The continuing saga of efforts to deny the heartache of abortion

Our culture is in a worrisome state when major medical journals ignore the foundation and methods of science in service to a political end.

Date posted: 2017-01-17

The psychological burden of infant loss

Recognition for the effects of stillbirth highlights refusal to admit abortion harm.

Date posted: 2016-02-06

Teasing out the facts in the latest abortion report

US rates have hit a 40-year low -- but not because of restrictive laws, says the Guttmacher Institute. Does that make sense?

Date posted: 2014-02-25

It's babies lost, not born, that tend to shorten a mother's life

The study was undertaken to provide reliable data pertaining to the relative risk of death associated with distinct reproductive history patterns over many years. Acquiring and disseminating accurate data pertaining to maternal mortality have been longstanding global concerns. Inconsistent definitions regarding what constitutes a maternal death and incomplete data confined to very brief time periods have left society largely in the dark regarding true mortality risks associated with pregnancy generally and with particular outcomes, both immediately after pregnancy resolution and across the years that follow.

Date posted: 2012-10-06

Abortion and mental health: science vs politics

In September you had a study published in the British Journal of Psychiatry showing an association between induced abortion and mental health problems. What were your main findings and how significant is this study?

Date posted: 2011-12-20