Boulding, Jamie
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Jamie Boulding is Associate Director of Programs and Development at the Witherspoon Institute, Contributing Editor for Special Projects at Public Discourse, and author of The Multiverse and Participatory Metaphysics: A Theological Exploration (Routledge, 2021)


New! The Entanglements of Science and Religion

Nicholas Spencer's new book is an important resource for anyone who wishes to understand the scientific and religious entanglements that have shaped, and continue to frame, our views of God, humanity, and the cosmos.

Date posted: 2023-10-05

The Peace of Parenthood

Parenting is peaceful in the deepest meaning of the term, which is when we understand, embrace, love, and find joy in one another as gift. By emphasizing the peace of parenthood, we might provide a useful corrective to the prevailing cultural narrative that views the enterprise with such ambivalence. While familiar notions of parenting as happy, rewarding, stressful, or intense tell us something, they don't quite capture the whole story.

Date posted: 2023-07-11