Ireland Sees Huge 250% Increase in Abortions. 1 in 6 Babies are Now Killed in Abortion

The Department of Health this evening released the total number of notifications received last year for abortions carried out in Ireland. It shows there were 10,033 abortions in 2023 ? the highest number on record since the law changed in 2019. Commenting on the latest figures, Pro Life Campaign spokesperson Eil?s Mulroy said:

?The colossal 250% increase in abortions since the new law took effect is extremely troubling. The total lack of concern shown by the Government towards this tragedy and loss of life needs to end. Senior members of the current government who oversaw the introduction of the new abortion regime promised that abortions would be ?rare? if people voted in the referendum six years ago to allow it. When questioned, these same members of government run for cover or make glib and cavalier remarks whenever Ireland?s spiralling abortion rate is raised. They have a responsibility to take ownership for what they created. The Government?s decision to release the latest figures after 7pm on a Friday evening shows how much the Government wants to hide from a debate on the appalling situation they have created.

?Given how indifferent the Government are to the horror of what is happening, realistically, I don?t see any meaningful steps being taken to reduce the abortion rate until more TDs are elected to the D?il who believe in the pro-life position. The results of the recent local elections were very encouraging in this regard. We have to ensure that as many of today?s pro-life councillors as possible become the TDs and Senators of tomorrow.?

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