Catholic Bishops Call for Day of Prayer to Save Babies From Abortion

Steven Ertelt

The Catholic bishops in Poland are calling for citizens of the eastern European country to set aside a day of prayer to save babies from abortion. While the call is for the EU nation to rally in prayer, there's no reason why Christians across the globe can't join in to pray for unborn children to be spared from the terrible tragedy of abortion.

"I warmly encourage you to make the coming Sunday a day of special prayer in defense of the unborn," Archbishop Tadeusz Wojda, the chair of the Polish Episcopal Conference, said in a statement. "I ask that in all churches in Poland, at every holy Mass, we pray for this intention."

"Life is a gift of God and as such is an inalienable right of every human being; therefore, it must be protected and supported at every stage of its development," the archbishop said. "Respect for life, which belongs to the most important values, is one of the fundamental duties of every human being."

As CNA reports, the call for prayer comes as Poland is dealing with radical pro-abortion bills.

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