Remembering Roe: What 50 years of abortion propaganda did to American culture

Nancy Flanders

Fifty-one years ago, the Supreme Court of the United States forced every state to legalize abortion through at least the arbitrary age of 'viability' for any reason, and up until birth for so-called "health" reasons. Abortion was supposed to be "legal but rare." But through decades of propaganda, Americans were slowly convinced that what was originally marketed as a necessary evil had become a right to be celebrated.

Preborn children have been so dehumanized by euphemisms that women now joke about killing their babies. Women have become so convinced that their children are barriers to their success, that motherhood has become an inferior status in society. Women believe they cannot succeed in their education or careers without abortion. This propaganda is now frequently featured in television and film storylines (at the behest of the abortion industry, no less) continuing the onslaught of pro-abortion lies upon a new generation.

Social media has given society a glimpse into what young people think of abortion, and it's startling. To many of them, abortion is a joke. Two young women posted a disturbing video of a trip to Planned Parenthood where one of them would be undergoing an abortion. The video showed them laughing and celebrating, and it ended with a clip of the ultrasound with a tiny baby bouncing around -- presumably about to be killed.

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