The Abortion Pill is NOT Safer Than Viagra, Penicillin, or Tylenol. Here's the Facts

Randall O?Bannon

Every time abortion pills are back in the news, you can count on some hot shot reporter taking the bait offered by the abortion industry and repeating carefully crafted but factually suspect claims that "mifepristone is safer than..." What it is allegedly safer than will include whatever popular, common drug that millions of Americans use every year without any significant concern for safety.

A while ago, it was Tylenol. We will review that claim momentarily, but we and others have answered that here. Now they are using penicillin and Viagra for comparisons. The claim is that mifepristone is four times safer than penicillin or ten times safer than Viagra

Of course, any discussion of this sort ignores the most obvious and serious safety issue with mifepristone: that someone dies every time the abortion drug is used successfully - the innocent unborn child who is the target of this "medication."

Count these deaths and you've easily got the deadliest drug on record. Compared to healing, helping drugs like Tylenol, penicillin, and Viagra, the numbers aren't even close.

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