Gender ideologues are still running amok in schools

Jo Bartosch

Equalities minister Kemi Badenoch is determined to kick trans zealots and the dangerous ideology they peddle out of England's schools. Last month, she launched the long-awaited Department for Education (DfE) draft guidance for gender-questioning children. This makes it clear that schools are under no obligation to accept a child's desire to socially transition, or to swap single-sex toilets and changing rooms with gender-neutral ones. It also insists that parents should be informed if their child wants to transition, apart from in 'exceptionally rare' circumstances where this might put the child at 'significant risk'.

Yet despite this new guidance, the industry that has coagulated around 'LGBTQ+' education remains stubbornly ingrained. In fact, it seems as if trans-evangelist groups in schools and colleges are more belligerent and emboldened than ever.

One such militant enterprise is Pop'n'Olly, which describes itself as 'the UK's leading LGBT+ resource for children, parents, carers and teachers'. Its 'edutainment' videos teach trans-activist talking points to children. Kids are told that there are more than two sexes and that everyone has a 'gender identity' that might be different from their birth sex. This messaging is totally at odds with the new DfE guidance, which emphasises the importance of biological sex as well as the potential pitfalls of allowing kids to adopt new names, pronouns and uniforms.

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