Here's why biological men don't belong in women's sports: Oberlin coach

Kim Russell

In March 2022, Kim Russell, the coach of women's lacrosse at the ultra-progressive Oberlin college in Ohio, shared a video to her own social media account after University of Virginia swimmer Emma Weyant lost an NCAA race to trans athlete Lia Thomas. The video, first posted by another user, said: "Congratulations to Emma Weyant, the real woman who won the NCAA 500-yard freestyle event." This kicked off a firestorm at the school and well beyond. Here, Russell tells her side of the story.

A male -- no matter how they self-identify -- should not be allowed to compete in a women's sporting event.

This is my opinion, based on biological truth that I'm well aware of as a former D1 two-sport athlete turned college lacrosse coach with over 27 years of coaching experience.

I have been inducted into three halls of fame for coaching and contributing to the growth of lacrosse.

But I was "burned at the stake" by Oberlin College for expressing that belief.

I have always considered myself pro-woman.

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