Former Abortionist Confirms "Vast Majority" of Late-Term Abortions Done on Healthy Moms and Babies

Steven Ertelt

To hear it from abortion activists, late-term abortions are almost never done and are only necessary because of dire medical conditions for mother or baby.

According to former abortionist Dr. Kathi Aultman, neither of those claims is true.

Dr. Aultman performed 1st trimester suction D&C abortions and received special training in 2nd trimester D&E's. She also served as the medical director for Planned Parenthood of Jacksonville from 1981 to 1983. She has since become pro-life.

About the number of late-term abortions, Aultman confirms it a pretty high figure every year.

"The data is incomplete, because not all states are required to report abortions or their complications, but we know from the CDC Abortion Surveillance Report that 1.3 % of abortions performed in 2015 were done after 20 weeks. That sounds like a small number, but 1.3% of 638,169 abortions represents 8,296 late term abortions," she said.

Aultman says that the claim about why late-term abortions are done is false.

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