Ron DeSantis: "I Stand For a Culture of Life" and "Protection of Unborn Babies"

Steven Ertelt

Campaigning in New Hampshire for the Republican nomination for president, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis said he stands for a "culture of life" and that would be the pro-life position he would take into the White House if elected president.

"I stand for a culture of life and in Florida the protection for unborn babies starts when there is detectable heartbeat," he said. "And now there are exceptions for rape, incest life of the mother, victims of human trafficking and all that. And that was important to a lot of our legislators and people in Florida."

DeSantis said passing the Florida heartbeat law to legally protect unborn children "was something that was very, very important."

"Iowa has similar, but you know, this is something that is a bottom up movement," the governor added.

DeSantis said he understood the need to protect the Dobbs decision so states can protect unborn children from abortions.

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