Catchers in the Rye: Lessons, Tears, and Triumphs of Talking Women Out of Abortion

Monica Miller

Something completely unprecedented in the history of the human race has taken place within the last fifty years. People stand outside of certain buildings and try to persuade women not to kill their own children. The 1973 Roe v. Wade decision created the absurdity, as almost overnight abortion centers spread across the landscape. Since these exact localities openly advertised their "services," those opposed to the killing of unborn children became aware of the actual places and the exact days when such killing was about to occur.

The idea arose that, knowing where and when the killing of the innocent, protected by law, was actually taking place, perhaps it would be possible to talk to abortion center clients before they crossed the thresholds of such centers, reach out to them and actually save unborn children from their scheduled extermination. Thus, a phenomenon was born and came to be called "sidewalk counseling."

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