Fighting the Fallout and Finding Forgiveness After Abortion

Jennifer Gerelds

The third-year medical resident looked Rob in the eyes. "As I said, I want her to make the best choice for her. Whatever she decides, I'll support." In saying this, however, he was dodging the real question related to his girlfriend whom he had come with.

But the Men's Services Director at Life Network, a pregnancy center in Colorado, didn't relent: "It's great to support her. But I want to know how you, in your heart of hearts, feel about her getting an abortion." Rob was probing for a chink in this medical student's stoic armor but the father allowed no entry inside his fortress walls, despite the great conversation that had preceded the question.

Fighting the Fallout

The couple had driven from Texas to Colorado determined to get an abortion but had providentially walked into a Christian pregnancy center instead. Now they were scheduled for a free ultrasound, and Rob was hopeful as the couple had a great conversation with the clinic nurse and clearly saw their baby, alive and active. At the end of his meeting with the young man, Rob reassured him. "No matter if you keep the baby or not, we are here for you." With that, he handed the young man his business card. As they walked away, the clinic staff prayed.

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