How euthanasia has revived the death penalty

Kevin Yuill

Now Belgium and Canada are euthanising prisoners. This is chilling.

The Belgian state has once again authorised the killing of a prisoner, 105 years after its last peacetime execution.

Genevieve Lhermitte was an infamous murderer. She killed her son and four daughters, aged between three and 14, in Nivelles, Belgium on 28 February 2007. On 28 February 2023, she was euthanised, after she successfully invoked her 'right to die'.

Lhermitte's crimes were horrifying. On that dreadful day 16 years ago, she locked the door to their home and slit the throat of each of her children. At her trial in 2008, Lhermitte explained how she invited her daughter, Myriam, into her office, telling her to put a blindfold on for a 'surprise'. Lhermitte then hit her over the head with a marble plaque, knocking her out before killing her with a knife. She murdered all five of her children that night.

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