Baby Born at 25 Weeks Heads Home for Christmas After Miracle Recovery

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A baby, born weighing just 750g, who had to spend 102 days in hospital is now big enough and strong enough to spend her first Christmas at home with her family.

Baby Marley Hayes was born in April this year, at just 25 weeks gestation, only one week after the abortion limit in the UK. Doctors at the Doncaster Hospital did everything they could to delay her birth for as long as possible but her mother, Sophie Louise James, a primary school teacher, gave birth to baby Marley just four days after she was admitted into hospital.

Because Marley was so premature, she could not breastfeed and immediately had to be taken to the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit. She had a brain bleed and renal failure. At just two days old, Marley was found to have hypercalcaemia. This meant that the calcium level in her blood was too high and if it was not reduced, could result in death.

Her mother, Sophie, explained "Doctors were stumped about why it was happening. In the end she was taken off calcium completely".

"So that meant she was taken off my breast milk and was living on bags of vitamins. She barely grew in four weeks".

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