The Social Contagion of Transgenderism Is Harming the Most Vulnerable Children

Zachary Faria

The social contagion of transgenderism is now disproportionately affecting young women and girls, who we already knew were the most vulnerable to social media-fueled body dysmorphia.

According to a study in the International Journal of Transgender Health, female adolescents are beginning gender transitions 2.5-7.1 times more frequently than male adolescents. Gender transition clinics in the U.S. have told Reuters that around two-thirds of their patients are female and that Europe, Canada, and Australia have seen similar trends.

Gender dysmorphia used to be more common in men, but with the rise in the promotion of transgenderism and gender transitions on social media, unsurprisingly young women and girls have fallen down the rabbit hole. We have already seen the harm caused to them in the form of eating disorders and other body image issues developed through social media apps such as Instagram. Is it any surprise that pushing double mastectomies as a way to solve their unhappiness would have such a result?

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