Pope Francis Condemns Abortion: "Unborn Children are Sacrificed on the Altar of Profit"

Steven Ertelt

Pope Francis condemned abortion on Wednesday when he told the world that "unborn children" are "sacrificed on the altar of profit."

"Each day children, born and unborn, migrants and elderly persons, are discarded. Many brothers and sisters die sacrificed on the altar of profit, amid indifference," the leader of the Catholic Church tweeted this morning. "Yet every human being is sacred. It is the task of religions to remind the world of this!"

The comments follow on those Pope Francis made this summer, when he criticized Joe Biden, saying it's "incoherent" for Biden to claim he is a "faithful" Catholic but support killing babies in abortions.

The pontiff's comments about the financial inactivation of abortion are timely given the recent annual report from Planned Parenthood, the nation's largest abortion business.

It was another record year for the abortion giant Planned Parenthood. Although Planned Parenthood bills itself as a woman's health organization, in reality, it is little more than an abortion business.

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