Catholic Priest Gets Three Months in Jail for Going Inside Abortion Clinic to Save Babies

Micaiah Bilger

For trying to save unborn babies inside a New York abortion facility, a Catholic priest will spend three months in jail.

The New York Post reports Franciscan Friar Fidelis Moscinski, of the Bronx, and two other pro-life advocates were sentenced to 90 days in jail and fined $500 on Tuesday for entering an abortion facility and refusing to leave.

"Isaiah said woe to those who call good evil and evil good. Woe to those who call abortion a right," Moscinski said in the courtroom, according to the Red Rose Rescue. Addressing the judge, he continued, "You disallowed the justification defense and that injustice was compounded by the jury and also by the sentencing you have given, I plead the blood of Jesus on this court room."

On Nov. 27, Moscinski, Will Goodman and Matthew Connolly participated in a Red Rose Rescue at All Women's Medical, an abortion facility in White Plains, New York.

The Red Rose Rescue involves pro-life advocates peacefully entering an abortion facility and offering information and encouragement to the women inside. Some pro-life advocates refuse to leave the facility until forced to do so by law enforcement. They believe that refusing to leave is an act of solidarity with the unborn babies who are scheduled to be killed by abortionists.

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