Gender Clinics Face Scrutiny of Science at Last

Janice Turner

Dr Hilary Cass prefaced her statement on the future of child gender services with a quote from the American statistician W Edwards Deming: "Without data, you're just another person with an opinion." To anyone who has followed the grim practices of the Tavistock clinic, now thankfully to be closed down, this marks a quiet, careful but profoundly radical shift.

Writing on this topic, I've often encountered facts so dangerous and beliefs so bizarre, so beyond science or reason, it's been hard to convey their existence.

Listen, you say, British doctors are prescribing a drug used to chemically castrate rapists to halt puberty in children as young as 11. The drug isn't even approved for child gender dysphoria. It reduces growth and bone density, sterilises and kills future libido. And, get this, we don't know what it does to teenagers' developing brains, or even if it works and they become happy, fulfilled trans adults. Because there's no data, no long-term research.

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