Medical Care For The Teeniest Patients Keeps Getting Better Despite The Left's Abortion Obsession

Chuck Donovan

A recent front page of The Hartford Courant had an interesting juxtaposition. The headline under the masthead read, "Abortion Joins Top Election Issues," a reference to developments after the Supreme Court Dobbs ruling on June 24 reversing Roe v. Wade. Immediately below this headline appeared another article, "Cutting-edge care for the tiniest patients," an account of the new fetal surgery center opening at Connecticut Children's Hospital in Hartford.

Now, the front-page editor at The Courant might be clueless -- or more likely just have a wry sense of irony. The two stories on page one could not be more dissonant. One tells how the choice to end human life in the womb may once again be a political football. The other sets forth how the most dramatic developments in medicine are leading to the recognition that children in the womb are candidates for care -- including lifesaving surgery -- that was unthinkable a few short decades ago. In fact, these developments are so rapid that children's hospitals across the nation have been opening separate fetal surgery units.

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