'Gender Affirmation' For Minors Is Child Abuse, Not Treatment

Samantha Stephenson

On June 1, the Ohio House of Representatives followed Arkansas's lead in passing a bill that blocks medical gender transition for minors, protects parental rights, and prevents biological males from competing in women's sports. While critics of House Bill 454 claim its passage will "threaten" the mental health of Ohio's youth, there is reason to doubt these "experts" are considering all the facts.

Ohio's vote preceded the release of the "Let Kids Be Kids" report issued by Gov. Ron DeSantis and Florida's Agency for Healthcare Administration on June 2. The report summarizes the scientific research about the effectiveness of treatment for gender dysphoria in children, or rather, lack thereof, and has been met with heavy criticism from transgender activists who argue the report is motivated by bigotry.

The explosive growth of the population of young people who identify as transgender in recent years is unprecedented, as is the use of "gender affirmation" therapy and gender transition surgery. These continue to be experimental methods for treating a relatively new problem. Advocates of these "treatments" speak adamantly about their necessity, but the fact is that we simply don't know enough to make those claims just yet. And as a new documentary by political commentator Matt Walsh reveals, dissenting voices are simply being silenced.

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