The Problem Of Fatally Flawed Prenatal Testing

Anne Hendershott

For those of us in the pro-life advocacy community, it was encouraging to read the recent New York Times investigative report finally acknowledging the fact that much of what is promised as accurate prenatal testing for rare chromosomal disorders in unborn children is “usually wrong.” Regarding noninvasive prenatal testing using simple blood draws and prescribed by doctors in more than a third of the pregnant women in America, The Times analysis showed that “positive results on these tests are incorrect about 85 percent of the time.”

While the high percentage of false positives is news to all of us, most of us have known for more than a decade that prenatal testing has been fatally flawed and leads to many abortions. In fact, The Boston Globe’s New England Center for Investigative Reporting revealed much of this in a report issued on December 14, 2014, with the title: “Oversold prenatal tests spur some to choose abortions.”

In fact, Boston Globe reporters concluded that the new generation of unregulated prenatal screening tests, including MaterniT21 which exploded onto the market in 2011, are often a “false alarm.” But, in too many cases, women are terminating their pregnancies based on the blood screening tests alone.

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