‘I Suffer From Parental Dysphoria’

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Parental Dysphoria is a new condition, growing in frequency as the transgender trend that is indoctrinating our children picks up steam. Specifically, it’s the discomfort with your sense of self and view of reality that results from your child’s sudden announcement that he or she is transgender.

Parental Dysphoria commonly results from the immense societal pressure to unquestioningly support your child’s “gender journey”, up to and including social transition to the opposite gender (or non-binary), wrong-sex hormones, and surgeries.

Parental dysphoria involves the extended state of having to stay silent about something that you know will lead to tragedy, to avoid losing your child, your friends, your extended family, and your marriage—everything you’ve worked to build. You do this to preserve some small chance of having an impact, to keep your child close enough to eventually help them find their way out of this delusion. It’s living with fear—fear of loss, fear of estrangement, fear of losing your own mind, of losing your integrity by denying your own instincts.

Those who suffer from this condition, myself included, know this to be the most awful feeling you’ve ever experienced in your life.

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