Woke Activists Put Feelings Before Facts — And The Public Pays

Mirko Bagaric

The ability of humans to overcome our feelings (including rage, fear and lust) and make evidence-based decisions is the single most important reason for our progress. The woke command to placate the feelings of select groups and fanatically pursue trendy causes while rejecting empirically grounded knowledge will only set back the flourishing of society.

This is already happening. However, we are affluent in both social and financial terms. It is only when this wealth is seriously depleted that the pursuit of knowledge will once again become the principal aim of society. Until then, get ready for some suffering.

The damage done by making feelings more important than facts is unfolding in real time in the cradle of wokeism: the US.

In response to the abhorrent killing of an African-American, George Floyd, by a white police officer, lobby groups (such as Black Lives Matter) called for the disestablishment of police forces. Rather than urging for Floyd’s killer to be appropriately punished and for police to be better trained, these activists actually felt it would be a good idea to defund the police.

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