All Adrian Wanted Was A Family. Transgender Doctors Left Him Despairing And Sterile

Walt Heyer

Where once was a man with the great hope of fathering and raising a child, surgeons left a faux woman lacking any capacity to procreate.

Three hundred emails and more than 50 phone calls in just eight weeks: either I had been targeted by a spam factory, or someone desperately needed my help.

It was a cry for help, from a young man who is too much like me. I fell for one of the biggest medical frauds in history in April 1983 when I agreed to what they call “sex change” surgery.

This young man was in his mid-20s and, in the spring of 2021, concluded that he had one great hope in life: to be a husband and father with a family of his own. For him — let’s call him Adrian — that conclusion was not easily reached. Sexually abused as a child, diagnosed with schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, and assailed with relentless post-traumatic stress disorder, his life has been hard.

His mother recently passed; his father rejected him after his forays into drugs, homelessness, and gender-confused behaviors; his older brother died only months ago. Adrian’s life had been in deep despair for some time.

The Trans Agenda Majorly Failed Adrian

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