Catholic High School Fires Teachers After They Allowed Pro-Abortion Article In Student Newspaper

Micaiah Bilger

An Aurora, Colorado Catholic high school allegedly fired two teachers this winter for allowing a pro-abortion opinion piece to be published in the student magazine.

The Colorado Sentinel reports the student opinion piece upset parents after it appeared in the winter edition of the Regis Jesuit High School student magazine “Elevate” in December. The column advocates for the killing of unborn babies in abortions in contradiction to Catholic Church teachings.

In a letter published Dec. 17, principal Jimmy Tricco said they retracted the magazine issue because of the “deeply troubling and unacceptable” opinion piece.

“An opinion piece that presented a stance on abortion clearly in opposition to Church teaching was included that we found both deeply troubling and unacceptable,” Tricco wrote with school president David Card. “We believe that protection of life at [conception] represents the foundational requirement of respecting the dignity of human life at every stage.”

They said school leaders are examining the editorial process of the magazine to ensure that it represents the school’s Catholic mission.

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