Why Are We Bullying, Shaming And Demonising Vaccine-hesitant Australians?

Nick Cater

Joe Biden’s path to presidential irrelevance is paved with bad intentions, like his decree mandating Covid-19 vaccines in every workplace with 100 or more employees.

“We’ve been patient,” the President lectured the unvaccinated in September. “But our patience is wearing thin.”

Biden’s patience would be wearing even thinner after a federal appeal court delivered a scathing 22-page opinion on Friday confirming a freeze on the workplace vaccine mandate.

It described the measure as “staggeringly over-broad … a one-size-fits-all sledgehammer” that lacked legal force or logic. How could an employee with 99 or more co-workers be in “grave danger” when no attempt was being made to shield those with 98 or fewer co-workers from the very same threat?

The practical reality of living with Covid-19 is slow to dawn on the laptop class, the professional elite whose sentiments Biden instinctively appeases. Living with Covid-19 means living with the unvaccinated, unless we are to live permanently with the kind of segregation decent Americans would find intolerable in any other circumstance.

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