Sorry, Washington Post, But Parents Have Every Right To Shape Their Kids’ Curriculum

Kerry McDonald

We shouldn’t be too surprised that the ongoing exodus from public schools is leading those loyal to government-run schooling to go on the offensive. A new Washington Post Op-Ed is leading the charge, boldly declaring in its headline: “Parents claim they have the right to shape their kids’ school curriculum. They don’t.”

The two authors, Jack Schneider and Jennifer Berkshire, clearly fear the collapse of public schooling if parents gain access to more education choices. So, they’re attacking parents for having the audacity to think they could actually make such choices.

The authors sneer at parents for challenging “experts” like them who clearly know more about raising and educating children than any parent. Indeed, they scoff at political campaigns that tout “parental rights” and slogans that suggest “parents matter.” The writers further allude to the ignorance of parents who might have misgivings about their children being taught such things as critical race theory in schools.

“In framing our public schools as extremist organizations that undermine the prerogatives of families, conservatives are bringing napalm to the fight,” the Post authors write.

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