Pope: The Dignity Of The Patient Comes Before Sickness And Profit

Robin Gomes

Pope Francis on Monday urged Catholic healthcare operators to be outgoing and extrovert in order to testify in action that there are no lives that are unworthy to be discarded, and which is not prey to the demands of profit. “Every health care facility, especially those of Christian inspiration, should be a place where care for the person is practiced and where it can be said: ‘Here you do not see only doctors and patients, but people who welcome and help each other: here you can experience the therapy of human dignity’.” He made the remark to a delegation from the Campus Bio-Medico University Hospital of Rome.

Founded in 1993, the Catholic institution was inspired by Blessed Alvaro del Portillo, a Spanish bishop of the Opus Dei prelature. The Pope noted that Blessed del Portillo had encouraged them to put the patient before the disease, which, he said, is essential in every field of medicine and is fundamental for a treatment that is truly comprehensive and human.

Science and research
Pope Francis also underscored the importance of science and research in medicine, saying “care without science is vain, just as science without care is sterile”. Science and research together, he said, make medicine an art, that involves the head and heart, combining knowledge and compassion, professionalism and pity, competence and empathy.

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