Democrats Push For Late Term Abortion Laws To Increase Profits Of Abortion Industry's Baby Parts Business

Governor Murphy of New Jersey has relentlessly pushed to have the Reproductive Freedom Act into state law. In June he stated he wanted it signed and on his desk by the end of June. That didn't happen. Now lobbyists are pouring into New Jersey, not for education, infrastructure, crime, or tax relief, but to employ legislators to get the Reproductive Freedom Act to the governor's desk. In a state with the most liberal abortion laws in America, that allows abortions during the last trimester of pregnancy, Democrats have now written laws to codify abortion eternally for New Jersey and reinstate barbaric procedures such as partial birth abortion and eliminate protection from children who are born alive after a botched abortion. The Reproductive Freedom Act lowers the standard of care for women by allowing non-physicians to perform abortions. African American women will suffer the most due to the statistical data which shows a disproportionate amount of the women effected by this will be African American.

According to the most recent Marist Poll (Jan 2021) 7-10 Americans, including nearly half who identify as pro-choice, want significant restrictions on abortion. Moreover, 58% of all Americans oppose using tax dollars for abortion, 55%want to ban abortions after 20 weeks, 70% of Americans oppose abortion if a child is born with Down's Syndrome, 80% of Americans believe that laws can protect both a pregnant woman and the life of her unborn child. This bill would profoundly ignore the will of the people, even those who are pro-choice.

Nationally, Democrats lead by Nancy Pelosi, are introducing even more radical abortion laws than Roe vs Wade. The Women's Health Protection Act would expressly prohibit existing laws that regulate abortion and the abortion industry. The bill bans informed consent requirements, reflection periods, and provisions which give women the opportunity to view an image of their unborn child, or listen to the child's heartbeat. The proposed federal policy would also preempt policies like the Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act, which currently protects women and their unborn children in more than a dozen states from inhumane late-term abortions performed after 20 weeks. The scientific evidence suggests that a baby can feel excruciating pain during an abortion procedure performed after 20 weeks.

Who benefits from all this?

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