Transgender Medicine Has Failed Us, Say Detransitioners

Rachael Wong

If you haven’t heard the name Keira Bell by now, you should have.

As a teenager, Keira was diagnosed with gender dysphoria and referred to the Tavistock Clinic, which runs the UK’s only youth Gender Identity Development Service. She was prescribed puberty blockers at age 16 and a year later was receiving testosterone shots. At age 20 she had a double mastectomy.

The clinic operates under the “gender affirmative care” model which affirms its young patients’ desires to transition, often without delving deeper into the complex problems that may have contributed to their gender dysphoria in the first place, such as trauma, a history of sexual abuse and other psychological issues.

Keira, who had a troubled upbringing (including family dysfunction and mental health issues), came to regret her “transition” to male, realising that her “gender dysphoria was a symptom of [her] overall misery, not its cause.” She says:

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